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  Did you size down for the WG's in the first place?
Does anyone have Petite Standards in 28 for sale? Or New Standards in, I guess, 27.   Send me a PM if you do.
From one of the earlier seasons. Beautiful texture. Comes with replacement buttons for each button. I've worn it a dozen times at most, always with a shirt / t-shirt underneath.    
Heya. I have a pair of broken twills in Skinny Guy (size 29) that I'm looking to sell. Worn it for about a week in total, hardly any fades. Bit of creasing in the back is all.   Let me know if any of you are interested! Thanks.
I have a +j flannel blazer in XS up for sale, if anyone's interested. 
Selling a TOJ Varsity (one of the older versions) in a cream/black colorway.    
Absolutely gorgeous blazer made from 100% cotton. Very smooth - feels almost silk-like. Great for spring and summer, or over a sweater for the chillier seasons.   Bought it from an SF user some time ago who apparently has only used it a couple of times. I've personally only worn it out once to an event and got it steam cleaned after. Basically, it's in a really good condition.   Hidden buttons, patch pockets, surgeon's cuffs.   Dropped price! Now...
Anyone have a pair of Petites that'll (eventually) fit a 29 waist?
Anyone have a pair for sale that'll fit a 29" waist? Not too bothered about which cut.
Great price, shame it hasn't been grabbed yet. W+H hoodies for $100 and below used to disappear really quickly when I was searching for one on B&S just last year
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