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Does anyone have a +j suit for sale? Or barring that, just a regular Uniqlo line.
Used it a couple of times when I first got it but eventually stopped once I bought an iPhone + a new lens for my DSLR. Found it at the back of a drawer today, charged up the battery and everything seems to be working fine. Don't really need it, so I'm selling it to fund some purchases.   Price includes shipping from Malaysia.   15mm thick, 10.1MP, 4 x optical zoom, touch screen, image editing etc.
  I'll probably get the cotton jersey 'lazy suit' from Sifr when it comes out next year but until then, I want something to tide me over. Let me know what you have for sale + details and pics, and we can discuss a price.   Not (too) picky about quality, as long as it fits right. Will even consider stuff from Topman.   As stated in the title, I typically wear jackets of 36R or 36S and pants should fit a 29 waist.   Thanks!
Oooh, this actually sounds pretty interesting. Got pictures / direct links? Also, I'd probably need a proxy.
  Did you size down for the WG's in the first place?
Does anyone have Petite Standards in 28 for sale? Or New Standards in, I guess, 27.   Send me a PM if you do.
From one of the earlier seasons. Beautiful texture. Comes with replacement buttons for each button. I've worn it a dozen times at most, always with a shirt / t-shirt underneath.    
Heya. I have a pair of broken twills in Skinny Guy (size 29) that I'm looking to sell. Worn it for about a week in total, hardly any fades. Bit of creasing in the back is all.   Let me know if any of you are interested! Thanks.
I have a +j flannel blazer in XS up for sale, if anyone's interested. 
Selling a TOJ Varsity (one of the older versions) in a cream/black colorway.    
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