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Goddamn, I want a sahara red in size 29 or 30 =(
Does anyone have a pair of wine chinos for sale? Edit: in size 29 or so
Some pics, post-wash. Worn about 2 times or so a week, for around 9 months.        
Shitfuck I want this so badly. Would kill a newborn child to get the money
I'll be applying with my first year grades from the Uni of London external programme. Only recently got my trial exam grades back, which I used to apply. Got all A's though.   I wanted Bath over Bristol too, but they don't accept 2nd year transfers apparently. :( 
Some scuffing, check out pictures! Retailed $286 (evidenced in pictures). Asking $150 130 shipped anywhere in the world + 4% paypal fees. Comes with box or without for $10...
Does anyone know if CM sells dinner jackets? Don't have access to a CM store anymore, can't pop in to check. :(
I'm an international student applying for 2nd year transfer lol, so I'm not holding my breath that much. Worth a shot though. Applied to LSE, Nottingham, UCL and Bristol IIRC.   Going for pure econs. What about you?
Let me know details + price!
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