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Price includes free shipping   Pristine condition, wore less than a half dozen times. Dry cleaned once then kept aside in closet.    Fabric: super 120s wool, subtlest pinstripe possible. navy.              Red stripes are more subdued irl:   Measurements: Jacket: s2s 16" p2p 16" length from boc 27.5" sleeve from armpit: 16"   pants: waist 14.5" front rise 10" thigh 11" length from crotch 25" hem 8"
Can anyone proxy to Malaysia?
FAQ:   How much for shipping etc? Shipping prices are included in the listed price   Do I get discounts if I buy more than one item? Yep! Drop me a message and we'll discuss it   How do I pay? Through Paypal only please.       Lanvin x Acne jeans, tagged 29       Other images: https://fbcdn-sphoto...112995802_n.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...284423704_n.jpg     Measurements: Waist - 14.5", Thigh - 9.5", Front rise - 9", Length...
N&F shirts are sexy as shit. The sleeves are a tad too small for me though, so I haven't been wearing them much lately. Hope yours fits!
Lol this is insane. Can't believe W+H actually produced this!
Sure!     S2S - 17" S2S - 18.5" BOC - 25.5" Sleeve - 22.5"
You're charging more than retail? Good luck, bro
8 or 9/10, I'd say. No tears/rips etc. Worn for less than a dozen times in air-conditioned malls over the span of 6 months or so. Just washed it a week ago, 1st wash.
They're $55 on the site
Hey. Would anyone happen to have the wine chinos for sale? Drop me a PM if so. Thanks.
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