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Mate if you have an issue with my listings, feel free to PM me. No idea what you're on about.
No idea what this loon above is talking about, but I'm bumping this
Damn. A size smaller and I'd be all on this
Sweet price, wish this was an S
Ah goddamn it. Slightly bigger and this would be absolutely perfect
Price includes free shipping   Pristine condition, wore less than a half dozen times. Dry cleaned once then kept aside in closet.    Fabric: super 120s wool, subtlest pinstripe possible. navy.              Red stripes are more subdued irl:   Measurements: Jacket: s2s 16" p2p 16" length from boc 27.5" sleeve from armpit: 16"   pants: waist 14.5" front rise 10" thigh 11" length from crotch 25" hem 8"
Can anyone proxy to Malaysia?
FAQ:   How much for shipping etc? Shipping prices are included in the listed price   Do I get discounts if I buy more than one item? Yep! Drop me a message and we'll discuss it   How do I pay? Through Paypal only please.       Lanvin x Acne jeans, tagged 29       Other images: https://fbcdn-sphoto...112995802_n.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...284423704_n.jpg     Measurements: Waist - 14.5", Thigh - 9.5", Front rise - 9", Length from crotch - 34", Hem -...
N&F shirts are sexy as shit. The sleeves are a tad too small for me though, so I haven't been wearing them much lately. Hope yours fits!
Lol this is insane. Can't believe W+H actually produced this!
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