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Robo advisors is basically target date fund's algorithm extracted and apply for different accounts and implement using ETF or index funds. Shame really, since it offers an scapegoat for bad portfolio performance, an excuse for improper allocation, and an easy way to outsource portfolio management. I wouldn't pay a % fee for robo advisors since it came free of charge at the bigger firms.
You can still have separate managed accounts employing asset allocation strats. Some strats are more sophisticated than just different flavors of equity and bonds such as cta, reit, etc assets. For typical needs, Schwab, Vanguard, Fidelity's in house robo advisors are top notch and less expensive than those fintech 'startups' like betterment, wealth front, and their peers. Better liquidity, service, etc across the board.
FA has to register as an IAR if he's getting paid for financial advises.  And I hope he is certified to manage ERISA plans.   Gen Y are just getting into the stage where they have enough income/savings for investments.  With the unidirectional movement of market, they mostly fixated on low fees or momentum stocks which works wonders if you only want to get beta.  When beta costs next to nothing and market only melts up, the demand for alpha fell dramatically, so its a...
 underneath @patrickBOOTH's black Saint Crispin shoes.
If hes only doing allocation and charges 1.3%, it's quite high. Just go Schwab or Fidelity or vanguard for their in house Toni advisor. Cheap, low cost, mind numbing and care free. Won't get you any downside protection and its 100% beta picks. But if he's picking stocks, then it's reasonable but you need to be mindful of his performance.
the stay stitches on the side seems to be gone so the quarters are not properly sewn to the front vamp/facing piece?
Maybe I don't own enough footwear to afford expressing my opinion and to be classified into the special group of "Plenty of folks with lots of footwear would argue very differently".   IMO, its post '08 successes especially in Japan and inroad into the fashion world with fashion forward price tags are mostly results of marketing by its affiliates and collabs brands.
Firsthand experience. Just saving you the trouble of arguing since you tried to debase my opinion and questioned the number of shoes i've owned.      
Viberg boots is one of the best boots. Happy now?
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