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Love the cross between almond round and classic round.  Would love to explore working with Bestetti remotely for semi-bespoke.  After I received all my other current orders... :(
How do you burnish leather in a shoemaker sense? Wax and heated iron? Or wax with high speed polishing wheel?
U last is very narrow. Standard F width is okay for me except instep girth need more room at 43F. But for U last, it's still very narrow after I size up half and go wide, 43.5G.
B&R unstructured fit very stuff compared to those unstructured washed fabrics from Boglioli.
Beautiful pair of shoes from semi-bespoke line.  Did you work with him remotely or did you have the chance to visit his workshop?
Awesome stuff!!
Resole is different than recrafting.  Recrafting is for a pair of shoes to go into the original factory and inject through the same manufacturing line using the original last and everything else.   Resoling on the other hand is the replacement of the outsole.    A pair of AE can survive recrafts 2 to 3 times maximum
I don't think typical cobblers even replaces the cork fillings or fix the gemming slipping.  Usually its just grind or rip half of the sole off, glue then stitch on the new half sole.  Not to say there's no good ones, but I believe its very rare.  Better send shoes back to original factory to rejoin the manufacturing process, or to find a reputable cobbler shop like B Nelson. The cobbler with best reputation around my area cannot even replace eyelets with speed hooks...
 I like chicken feet; tender, juicy and full of jelly. 
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