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What's the point of midnight blue morning coat when black, charcoal, or mid gray all look better?
I feel 4k for bespoke SC is expensive exactly because other bespoke maker are not far from the mark and produces better shoes.
 They were a bespoke shop before they branch out to RTW/MTO, ya? And its RTW/MTO.  Their bespoke offering is much higher at $4000s AFAIK, and at that price theres no way I would use them.
Eh, why compare SC to other lower prices bespoke makers that's not readily available or accessible??? Even Vass does last modification personal lasts at half of SC's price. But what's the point? SC charges those prices because they can and they need to. p.s., SC was a bespoke only operation initially before RTW and later on added MTO.
It's the Vass sprezz; order ten pairs of the same shoes and you will receive ten different sizes.
Black shoes.
They make awesome shoes.
Of course. There's no John Lobb outlets at suburban America hell.
F looks way better than U. Biggest concern is the instep girth.Now if anyone has doubt about F last having a lower instep...
Factory reject discount is not impressive outside of the factory sale days. Even then, good luck fighting against guys like Susan, George, or Kyle; they are professional eBay sellers. And they even earn enough to fund G&G and bespoke England.
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