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Same here. I have most problems at my little toe and toe box area fits due to the orientation of my feet; they fan outwards and most lasts are shaped inwards due to aesthetics. U last is beautiful but very inorganic.
I am measured 9.5G by Tony. I am 9EE JL, 8.5 wide SC with extra width. And 43 wide in F last.I have a pair of 43.5 wide in U last. Loafer. Width at ball is fine. Length too long. But the toe box is crushing my toes. Had to stretch it at the toe box and it's still tight.U last toe box tapering is ridiculous for wide feet.
42.5, wide fitting, F last. Don't other with U or K; they won't fit you at all even if you get extra width and size up.
Holy shit. It's blind welter at the waist too...
Why did you share the info that was black listed...
 I have the exact same problem on 522B; creasing on toe cap.  It seems their toe stiffeners arent extended enough.
Do you eat oatmeals with hot iron rod tho?
Are there gemming failures shown in this film?  
WTF? Are you saying that some people's sweat have so much acidity that it disintegrates shoes??? What's this? Prequel to some Marvel super hero story..Sweat does differ between individuals but it's still sweat. And the only reason that the variance can be detected is due to the advent of modern day high precision instruments.And even if what you said is true about all those acidity, shoe cream won't save you; better douse some baking soda to soak up the acidity.
 ... :S
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