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 Educate us on what make quality shoes?  Or who make quality shoes?  Or show us some of the shoes you see quality in them? There are plenty of people owning dozens of Vass, EG, or G&G shoes on this forum...  Last time that I checked, people topy their shoe soles so it could last longer between resoles.  But seems like you believe that leather soles wears longer than topy or other plastic/rubber soles.  The shitstorm began when people ruined their brand new shoes following...
My RM Williams upper started to crack after 5 years and was under almost weekly Renovateur/Lexol and worn about once per week. My old Prada ultra corrected grain shoes did not crack at all, without much conditioning over the years.Heavily conditioned leather might breakdown faster due to moisture saturation.YMMV.
Welcome to styleforum, where many owns more than 10 pairs of good shoes.Oh, and low quality plastic shoes will last longer than leather. Ugly tho.
Or maybe Sean Parker. Before his Facebook investment.Cuban isn't exactly a Silicon Valley guy.One notable Mclauren owner in the valley is Elon Musk, but he doesn't speak like a douchebag
It's such a documentary. With the Jew vs Nazi incident that actually happened last year or the year before. And that snapchat valuation talk.
 YMMV, for office workers or suburban warriors that sounds excessive. The only sure way to prolong shoes useful life is to have a lot of them.
That was an interesting exchange of WASP family feud. Campbell's vs McDonalds.
In addition, it's always best to have a trial pair of shoes to narrow down the fit.I was talked out within trial shoes/last by Philips and just did last adjustment instead. The resulting fit is rather unimpressive.Oh, and don't expect the lasted trees from SC to be closely lasted either.
By that logic, there's no need of conditioning in places like Singapore due to the extreme humidity...It just take a few days for natural material to settle into a environment. Don't need to do anything special or extra.
Interesting. Makers like Lisa Sorrell charges starting $5k.
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