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 I was quoted 7400 starting last year and saw an upcharge to 8500s due to the special pattern I've requested.
   Don't need to repost pictures from Fedora Lounge.
its the jizz in my mouth sprezzzzz
That's the pricing from 2012, no?
Stop trolling. Do not speak on my behalf.Yes they did advise against using any conditioners besides shoe cream.It's okay to reject others opinion but making baseless slander is rude and unnecessary.
Renovateur is a cleaner and conditioner combined. Shines up nicely if there're existing wax and finishes but leaves a slightly dry surface compare to bick4 or Lexol. I now mainly uses it to clean water stains and maintain mirror shine toe caps, both of which it does well as a mild cleaner. YMMV.I've heard recommendations from respected shoemakers to use only shoe cream for maintenance and wax for shine. Their recommendations are in conflict with both forum groupthink or...
Please let us know how the toe caps look after a few wears...
 I have experimented with both stripping away shoes finish, dying shoes, and creating patina.  All of which requires strong deglazing agents.  None of them were used for 'shoe care'. The only exaggerated and outlandish recommendation is to use such strong deglazing agents on a regular basis or even on a brand new pair of shoes to 'care' for them.
Fabric is nice. But the whole custume is clownish.
 I have owned and used the following: acetone, rubbing alcohol, leather deglazer, dye preparer, and Renomat.  In terms of smell and effectiveness, renomate is more abrasive than all except deglazer and equally as strong as dye preparer.
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