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Yeah I wouldn't OD on that suede spray. I use once per year; I own more than 20 pairs of shoes tho.Brass brush raise the nap better than crepe. Crepe feels more like cleaning/brushing the top layer of suede and brass gets deep into the leather.
Fading at the creases is normal.  Suede also loses color from suede shampoos.  Otherwise, use very stiff bristle brush or brass brush to raise the naps.  Suede spray helps as well.
 Neapolitan fantasy.
Didn't know SC or JF invented button boots.   p.s., why are people trying to dress for historical reenactment?
 The motive is for both top line growth and bottom line expansion.  Fast fashion and consumerization!  It can be easily observed on this forum.  "Hey, I like Edward Green shoes because they last forever!  So let me instakop 50 pairs of them from GTMO and Sales!!" Berluti also outsource their shoe manufacturing to Italy and maintained its brand reputation well.  Nike, UnderArmour, Lululemon, while not exactly luxury brands, all outsource to Taiwan, Vietnam, and China for...
Specifications issued by and quality control of the company is way more important than the country of manufacturing. Companies offshoring also need to spend significant amount of time for due diligence on their manufacturers. Unfortunately that's not usually the case and they usually pays a sourcing firm and emphasize on cost cutting. Thus the result of articles made in foreign countries being of lower quality standard. The truth is the companies placing orders...
Wait there are far lefts still in SF? Weren't them all driven and priced out by gentrification? Like, kick this Chinese out, rebuild that black neighborhood building, kick the Mexican out?
 What good is a shoemaker if he cannot make a pair of shoes exactly as the client requested and ordered?  What about the communication between client and maker?  What about fulfilling the discerning requests and demands coming from the clients?  All of the above are part of the service. For show or for status, it takes a great patron to identify, to select, and at the very least to sponsor the creation of a great shoemaker.
Those inline ads from the gaming companies and bonobos and the like are sure annoying. But nothing is worse than buzzfeed spam.
Buy-side spend according to their ad budget. Platforms stuff shit down the channel and sometimes have robo clicks to boost impressions. Sell-side always taint how good their platform is.When your boss breath down your neck asking for social media ad buying, you buy. Especially if you are one of those micro transaction or subscription companies.Facebook is just trying to increase usage so they could have more impressions to sell.IMO sponsored posts on forums, social media...
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