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 Or in my case, that's the only one I've seen.  I am just a shoe nerd and don't see that many pairs of shoes thus I rely on your experiences and @Nick V.'s to make proper judgment. 
 That's actually a good reason to use whip stitching/"French" style vs the "British" style. On the flip side decent shoemakers would avoid nailing onto the "British" style stitching.  Don't think there's much chance of puckering at least from the pictures shared by dozens of shoemakers online. The reason I asked is that for the inseaming space around the toe tip area is narrow/small/curved, not too dissimilar to the heel seat area. Both style can be done beautifully as...
[[SPOILER]]  I've only seen one pair of hand sewn welted shoes w/ flushed metal toe plates being open; there's no damage to the inseam.  But then you probably have seen 1000x more shoes with metal toe plates opened up than I did and @Nick V. 1000x than yours.
 Maybe strong is not the right word, but jmac said he likes the way the "British" heel seat stitching pulls the leather around the insole and you prefer using the "French" way.  My question is, why not use the "French" way of doing heel seat stitching for the whole inseaming?
 I don't have time to learn making shoes.  Maybe someday I will, just like one of @DWFII's retired surgeon(?)/VC(?) student. In the meanwhile you can enjoy me posting here and learn from the experts chime in regarding my questions.
 Conversely, why not inseam the welt the same way as you do heel seat stitching if you think its as strong? Just curious.
 Do you intend to quiz your future shoemakers on how  many pairs have they make themselves, not counting ones they made under other workshops for other shoemakers?  It might help you judging how much they know about making bespoke shoes!  
 #DIV! only shows up when you divide by zero.  Dividing by a negative number yields a negative quotient.
 John Lobb St James used nails to secure orthopedic/cork inserts/insoles.  There were discoloration around the protruding nails.  But the shoes/shoe insoles (not the insert) are far from falling apart or being damaged. Steel shanks discolor leathers around it as well. Discoloration doesn't equate incremental damage to what's originally been done.
 Scenario 1:"Do you peg or nail your heel seat/rand/split lift and heels?""No.""kthxbye." Scenario 2:"Can you peg heel seat/rand/split lift and heels for my order?""Do you go into other peoples bedroom and tell them how to make love to their other half?"
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