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The blood or the smell?
Kiwi works great for spit shine. Don't need to pay up 15-20 including shipping for a pair of ~100 shoes.Lower price range shoes usually have more layers of finishes and will be easier to shine.
How often do you see manufacturers send out pictures of the process to individual end customers? The will to disclose is transparency to me.Remedy or casausation are separate issues.
SPI estimate for this shoe? Seems easily 12+?
If more data is better, @DWFII, then wouldn't the argument be FOR 3D scanned models instead of simple tape measures?
Mad props to them for the transparency.
 Why not?  If you bespeak a pair of goodyear welted shoes, with your own exact measurement, laser cut using pattern you've bespoken, then why is it not bespoke? How do you know they are trained the same?!?!?  Bespoke shoemakers I talked to dont work with orthotics shoes as those are medical assistance devices.
 Bespoke doesnt mean its handmade.  Most bespoke shoe clickers/patternmakers will use machine to replicate the pattern you desire.  There's nothing wrong with machines. Orthotics shoemakers are trained differently than bespoke shoemakers.  They are licensed, certified, and trained differently.
 Orthotics shoemakers are a whole different trade than bespoke shoemakers. 
 I am surprised that you are willing to discredit, or refusing to acknowledge, such prestigious award for master artisans and their related work for your pursuit of intellectual orgasm.
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