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Too too heavy for my liking.Double sole and square waist will make it look more masculine. Or even HAF sole could balance out the busy shaft pattern.
Watching the series from season 1 again. Man the actors were so young back in those days. And Arya gained so much girth. How was Ned Starks father and brother executed by the Mad King?
Ever heard of mammoth?
If that's true next episode have a good chance to be a sleeper like last seasons finale.Maybe they will show Danny having another orgasm.
Next thing you know you will be using tampons and pads to shine your shoes.
Another very good episode. The conversation between Jon and Sam and Meister and Sam at the beginning reminded me of many similar men talks. Sam became much more of a man in this episode. Very sad that they killed Igritte. The way Jon looked at her when she pointed her arrow at him. Cliche but still dramatic. Not sure what they gonna serve for the last episode. I hope no more Danny;
 FYI, it was not a standard model for SC until PC made his order. But you are right, that shoe style isn't anything special but common place amongst different makers...
#menswear, not creepy.
Can you take off the shoes with the shoelaces tied?
You sure its second hand not factory seconds?  Shoes with this defect should've never left the factory...
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