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Perfect pitch is not required to hear harmonic chords. Colorblind is not an impediment to making the right color combinations.
It's not the last; it's the double leather sole. Also, more holes could be added on the strap to tighten it a bit more across the instep.
It would not be wise to seek Fukuda's style from Suzuki.  They have very distinct style and heritage from each other.  Its akin to visit a Florentine tailor for an Savile Row silhouette.   I personally find Suzuki's style meh.
 That would be one of the many losing investment you could buy if you believe forum myth and hypes. Cold feet in the rain?!?!?  Why not try some of those fur lined boots.  Or Uggs. You gotta be smoking something awesome if you believe shell cordovan is water resistant. 
 Double leather sole requires more time to 'break-in' as the outsoles are thicker and bends much less easily, which could create heel slip.
 Are you suggesting SF common myth of shell being great inclement weather material is wrong?!?!? David Copeland & Sons' inquisition starts now!
 leather looking good, much better than their crusts.  has SC ever fix their toe cap creasing problems??
This thread needs more Dave Copelands.
 How many pairs of shell shoes have you owned and for how long?  No gentry would know about shoe care products; they are handled by valets.  Are you a good valet?
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