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Danite isn't an option for many makers unless its MTO.And I do resole many used shoes with danite for use in inclement weathers.
Anyone who's against rubber sole or topy has not been in tropical weathers; any leather sole will get irreversible water damage under those conditions with water sipped from the sole all the way into insole and upper. None of those storm welt or Norwegian construction will help.
Your white suit will turn ivory in a minute and become pale gray/cream within days.It's best not to wear white suit unless you want to look like yakuza.
DWF, thanks for the detailed explanation. Your foot looks good, no damage or callus.
Why does the big toe and the outside edge of the feet sits out of the sole area?  Just wondering.
 About 3 months.  Recommended half sole by SC.  Just wanted to compare experiences.
just a repeat of the CBD vs OCBD discussion several years ago. 
 Avoid those advice like plague. At least wait dry the first coat to let the cream absorb by leather.  Follow on creams you can buff directly.  People who grew up wearing feet constraining device will most probably have deformed feet. 
A new sole job by Saint Crispin.   Close up.  A new sole turns out to be half sole, and its pegged instead of nailed.
 Here's my simple CBD check: does it attract attention? does it deviate from the norm?  If it does, its not CBD. And here's a simple Italian CBD check: have you seen any Italian aristocrats wearing them?  If not, its not Italian CBD. But then if you have a badly fractured and deformed foot and need to wear a foot brace like Agnelli, powers to you.  Wear your foot brace proudly instead of a balmoral boot. And you probably know that riding/dress boots are CBD before and...
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