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Depends on how much you prefer heat form plastic toe box and heel counters. If you don't want man made materials inside the guts of your shoes then you should go for Vass.
I find the last several posts very disturbing. Someone please post some brand whoring comments and sponsors pictures.
Bespoke isn't always expensive unless you talking to either the top makers or the top luxury brands.For example, Trickers charges £1,500, Vass charges €600, many Eastern European makers charges around €1,000, and some Italian makers charges less than €1,500. And some upstart Japanese makers have prices notably lower than the west end firms.Not all bespoke work is done at JL, JLP, Berluti type prices.
Made to order? Thought that's been around for a long time along with semi bespoke and full bespoke. I think lasbar has some Gomez shoes. Or it's rjman. Or some other French forum members. If you are truly interested, just talk to the maker directly; you won't find much info on the forum.
That's why they visit SF for proper guidance. Don't wear tan shoes with Navy for business. Do it for #menswear.
"Hello flood pants in khaki, this is your super short Air Force blue jacket calling. How are you?"
Air Force blue x light khaki? Fresco 0520 probably is the same color
The leather shirt coat?
Anyone who lip reads care to detail the conversation in the computer room between Lou and Cutler?
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