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 I have FUN.  It is very unique but I realize my preference John Lobb black box calf (Annonay?) after this deterrence.
Formosa ready-to-wear on No Man Walks Alone.
 They have different calf leather selection for black; one crust and one aniline.  They do not have different aniline finished black calf when I place my order. And IME, go for aniline not crust.
 Shark skin is common place; besides sometimes sharkskin is attached to the meat when served either smoked or grilled. Haven't seen dolphin skin before. Sea turtle skin was in abundance until it was banned.
any whale leather shoes from Japan?
 Actually, SC has arch support built in.  One conjecture could be that your feet is not used to the arch support and has pronation.  The arch support forced your feet to stand in a neutral position thus some of the discomfort.  But this doesnt explain how your toes are been pressed by the upper.  Maybe visiting an SC trunk show when Mr. Car is present could resolve this issue. p.s., the leather stiffener is built all around except the vamp to help stabilizing lateral...
I was satisfied with the fitting process. The result was much less than satisfactory. Perhaps it's because of that I felt I should have gone with my initial decision of making trial shoes and personal last despite Mr Cars suggestion of not doing so.Spending a lot of money to buy a pair of shoes that hurts my feet isn't the most thrilling experience.
Good. Now we know you have money to spend and loves the brand. Now spent some time to learn about the craft.
I would go for a larger lapel width than what you have now and add a little belly to the label as well. The jackets front chest area looks rather empty at the moment.
IMO he looks pretty good with the monochrome shade on shade combination; the muted color and contrast accentuates his face.
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