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 I alternate between birthday suit and emperor's new clothes.
I based my guesstimate from your EG sizing of 8.5E, not on your Brannock measurement.  Based on Brannock, your EG size should be 9.5E UK and your JL should be 9E UK.  Based on your US 9.5, its 9E EG and 8.5E JL. EG/G&G usually lists two size indicators inside their shoes; first one being UK, second one being JL, e.g., 9.5/10 means 9.5E UK, 10D US.
JL is usually half size smaller than EG/G&G. 9795 is roomier than the sleek 7000 last as it's designed for country shoes/dub monk. I would suggest UK8E. Best to try them in person.
Not sure what kind of distressed waxy shoes are you talking about so I used a picture of $$$$ Guidi street wear boots.If you spent that much money for those boots, it would be a waste and a sin to try to straighten out with trees or over care for them.
The problem is SC puts too much polish on the toe cap. You can either strip off polish at the toe or add color to the rest of the shoes. Shoe cream polish works way better if you want to achieve similar color v
 Thesis haven't changed at all.  Cell phone replacement cycle lengthen from 2 years to 3+ years from subsidies going away. Largan's Q1 results reaffirmed the thesis, down 22% Y/Y, and Q2 guidance down 20%+ as well. But AAPL is (was) a hard short; crowd favorite, central bank darling. Hard to fight Swiss National Bank!
 Why would you give shape to those distressed finished shoes like this? If they are designed to look like shit, keep them like shit. 
Go for bespoke. Don't blow all your load at once with 5 suits. Spread the $7.5k across 3 suits. 2 navy single breasted and one gray single breasted. Should get you covered for a quarter or two before you know what suits your works environments better.
Globex 2061.   Quite a few not so good news from Asian companies on the Tech side as well.  Got good time arbitrage opportunities this quarter as US companies for this quarter is reporting a week later than the Asian dudes.
 I thought u would say LB James.
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