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 Ah okay.  Thanks for clearing it up. That's probably some marketing machine to mislead a French blogger to associate Eidos with Napoli, as witnessed on thread title.
 I value craftsmanship and, of course, price of acquisition. Maybe instead of resorting to ad hominem attacks, you could please stay on topic and express your opinion on if Eidos an Italian or American brand.
 Provenance, even till now, still affects people's conception of product quality on or off this forum. Media and marketing machines has been implanting the superior quality of Made in England shoes and Made in Italian suits.  Or only recently, Made in America superiority for the 'Murica crowd. On the other hand, if its conceptualized, designed, and distributed in America for the American market, the brand should be American in nature regardless of where their owners are...
Valuation of equity market is way richer than the bond market and would take another ~40%ish down to get into shape. SPY vs HYG.That said, theres not yet much news on financial contagions so we are still a long way from 2008 or 2001 type of event.
in other words, we are only half way before a bear market. And bottom is not in until people stop trying to catch falling knifes or fed starts to print.
Gap filled and more. No liquidity.
It just means real. Even if my Italian acquaintances calling costco pizza not real Pizza.
I think he's investing for the long term. And in the long term we are all dead. My intuition tell me that buying prime burial ground and top coffin woods probably produced better return than Buffett over the past decade.
Ahhhhh okay. Thanks for the correction. My apologies for not remembering neapolitan insults.
I like the Italian food at Costco. Their pizza is truly authentic.
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