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 No.  Same last, different pattern/lacing/knot, fit will be different. Plain toe fits easier than wing tip, which fits easier than cap toes.  seamless heel fits easier than heels with counter pieces.  Bluchers fit easier than oxfords.  Criss cross lacing fits easier than european bar lacings.  Granny knot fits easier than balanced knot, which fits easier than double knot.
 +1 I always laugh when people say GW welted shoes are water proof; they must never seen real rain.
 Does OEM count as rebranded?  They use outworkers for their bespoke shoes and you believe that they will have enough manpower to make RTW in house?   
 No, but you are asking for something that even bespoke cannot offer. This shit isnt exactly like Old Navy, and even if you tried on the shoes for hours in store, they will fit differently after breaking in.
 Exact same pattern, different color equals to different visual weight.
+1Or at least he/we hope that the solaro will turn out the same.Color and fabric should impact the overall visual silhouette in addition to the cutting.
FYI that's military combat uniform info, thus the leather used are likely thicker and/or more oil stuffed compare to fine smooth leathers used in dress shoes. But shouldn't be too far off from each other.
No preference. Both thicker than 5mm but doesn't form good footbeds, makes no sound when walked on, and dissolves by water. Poor choice of shoemaking material especially compare to their close cousin, the bread loafer.
I got a pair of their boots with rubber sole.Don't think it makes much sense to topy SC with their low resole service cost
VMEM, ATEN, ZU, ETSY, OOMA, etc.Lots of shitty issues shoved down with threat of allocation of big issues that never came.
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