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I was satisfied with the fitting process. The result was much less than satisfactory. Perhaps it's because of that I felt I should have gone with my initial decision of making trial shoes and personal last despite Mr Cars suggestion of not doing so.Spending a lot of money to buy a pair of shoes that hurts my feet isn't the most thrilling experience.
Good. Now we know you have money to spend and loves the brand. Now spent some time to learn about the craft.
I would go for a larger lapel width than what you have now and add a little belly to the label as well. The jackets front chest area looks rather empty at the moment.
IMO he looks pretty good with the monochrome shade on shade combination; the muted color and contrast accentuates his face.
 Gotta remember Cowboy boots are long pegged at the waist long before SC was founded...  And I suspect DWFII has been making boots longer than SC as well abide much smaller quantity.
It's probably gonna stay at Kevin Seah bespoke.
Just saying. Can't blame the customer when their feet hurting from last adjusted shoes. Not hurting customers feet is and should be the common deniminator for proper shoe fit.
Keeping the spirit of this threak alive, here's an industrialized and computerized last making machine, similar to what Mr Hayafuji have access to:       And here's a Japanese last maker using Japanese woodworking tools:
Not saying which one is better than which.  Just curious if he has access to industrialized and computerized last making machine.  That's all.
 Thank you for not posting more pictures of your bang up feet injuries!! I grew up wearing a lot of barefoot and have no problems with my bespokes shoes or gemmed shoes.  The mind just expect shoes cause no pain on feet.  Nothing much.  Especially shoes fitted by the experts.
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