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Why not croc?
Man you carrying some automatics? That's a lot of target for a trigger lol
PCK, how much arch support do those test shoes have? And how far do heel stiffeners extend forward?
You can always wear tweeds to big bear to take styfo selfies. It does snow up there.
There's none.
As long as NMWA sponsors. But you might have to sign Pitti as the home court.
Styleforum iGents.
 Correction: John Lobb only produce bespoke shoes in Paris; their RTW is made in the old EG factory.  SC is nowhere close to John Lobb bespoke in terms of both quality and construction. Just curious, are you willing to pay the same premium price for a pair of shoes thats made in China, Vietnam, or Bangalore at the same standard as SC?
What's wrong with teenagers in bikini?
Shoe online retailing is a tough business to operate. Better to brand via fashion blogs than actual expert reviews. ps at $400-$500 price point leather quality can be easily fixed. And yes it appears to be low quality leather with the cuts and the surface separating from hide. At the very least cut those poorer leathers for heels not toe caps or vamp. Or use a less complicated pattern for higher yield rate.
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