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Any alteration tailor you recommend around the area?
They are really ugly.
Velocity of repricing for these momentum tech stock can be a bitch, especially when their market price is so far detached from their fundamental valuation.On AAPL, it was the risk statement about their cash; its bound to be many billions less if their Ireland tax scheme got busted or they repatriate.
Don't be a math nazi. Be a measuring Asian.
+1. Looks rather easy to fit and easy to look great type of figure.Don't like the silhouettes as well.Pretty cool for Belvine to do these artsy campaigns including their previous wooden box video.
7's Jeans. True Religion is too SoCal
Black. Captoe. Not Oxford.
It's also used for the decorative punch holes on the facing. e.g., Edward Green Berkeley.
Berluti and John Lobb Paris both have bespoke makers visiting SouthCoast from Paris.John Lobb St James visits Beverley Hill. Cleverly probably visits SoCal as well.
New Posts  All Forums: