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Neutral cream is just cream without pigments. Same with neutral wax. You can always raise a shine with wax.Vintage oak is a marketing term for EG color, not actual vintage.
The lighter color cream you use the more color you lose from not supplementing the pigments. Patina.To retain the original color (improbable and undesirable), use a shade lighter than the stock color.
Man. Either the import duty is crazy or someone's price gauging the shit out of the product.
Side elastic shoes.
So there is a less crazy side of Pitti. Still very Pitti though.
Purdey shooting boots.
That's a bad handmade. Handmade isnt always perfect. And inseaming of the first pair in the day will be better than the last pair as hands are still fresh.
That's fucked. Hope Vass will replace or repair for you.
No bespoke footwear was required to have perfectly functional feet or to avoid any of your proposed problems. Just need some loosely fitted footwear instead of wearing foot corset or rubbet stilts.
Can Veldtscheon construction be hand made? What are the most waterproofing construction methods?
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