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I don't correct shoemakers terminology during conversations; I respect what they called their craft.Maybe you have a strategy and agenda in unifying all shoemaking terminologies, I don't.
Because people do need to pay huge respect for industrial shoemakers and it benefits everyone to understand the nuances in gy shoemaking. And despite DWF's effort to equating everything non leather inferior, different industrial shoemakers use very different insole, KP, liners, etc.And this thread is about shoemaking behind the veil, not bashing gy welts thread.Whatevers. DW can always exercises his DH status, write his own bible, and turn oblivious to the GYW...
Spending $1M printing big red book to "boost" employee moral, photo stand with her during extravagant year end party for a deadbeat company, and all those vogue and 7x7 publicity. She is literally the female Donald Trump.
She is a narcissist delusional executive that lives in her own bubble and receives free pass for more than she deserved only because she's female.
Just to add, professional shoemakers, bespoke, handmade, or industrial, all try to maximize profits. So your point of profit seeking degrading product quality is null.Unless you are making bespoke shoes, professionally, for charity.
In the real world there are more than one way to specify hand welted. Hand sewn welted being one of them.Respect the nuances in different languages. You might be the only DH shoemaker here but you ain't the only bespoke shoemaker around the world.
Check with your broker, they should have the most up to date info.Or, if it's allowed, it's more prudent to use futures to net out the long position avoid cap gain.
Yes. Hand welted. Hand sewn welted. Same thing, slightly different terminology.I am no master in the English language, but hand welted might allow interpretation room for machine stitched outsole while hand sewn, welted, doesn't.Not old enough to give a damn.
Need to upgrade his shotgun to James Purdey or Westley Richards to match that coat
Love your sketches. The color and pattern used in the sketches clothing is surreal!
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