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The number makes sense and sounds similar to other retail manufacturing operations. But it sounds like you are not a business or a numbers person. Besides, you must be smoking some putrid stuff if you believe EG is for the riches. Maybe visiting the EG thread for details. And EG is not Patek of the shoe world.
Chisel toes have less roomy IME. And gotta take into account how different toe patterns impacts the fit, e.g., cap toes most constraining, than wingtips, then plain toes without any additional toe leather pieces.
What's the difference between insole and outsole leathers?  Can those JR outsoles be used for insoles?
Making shoes and running a business are two different things. Maximizing current profit isn't always the goal for business owners. The trend right now is for bespoke makers to branch into RTW business to lever up their brand. See: Cleverthy, Corthay, Foster & Sons, Gaziano & Girling, and a few Japanese makers.
The business model could be flawed but every guy in the channel has to bear the inventory and store marketing risk and be compensated for it. Shoe manufacturers enjoys keeping their utilization high and book revenues on a sell-in basis. On the other hand, Internet distributed guys are booking sales on a sell-through basis and bearing the risk of factory utilization, demand generation, inventory, etc. All in all both business model are much similar in term of value...
 1. is comparing a high fixed cost low variable cost production vs. very low fixed cost and slightly higher variable cost production.  The high fixed cost of GY Welted is one of the important factors how many Italian workshops retained the tradition of making shoes by hand.  My guess is for low labor cost countries its cheaper to make a hand welted shoes. 2. It depends.  Machine made shoes should have much less manufacturing variability than hand welted shoes, where QA/QC...
Do you usually wet the whole upper so it's more pliable? What's the difference between reblocking and stretching?
 Its still nowhere close to El Nino in '98.  Even El Nino feels like nothing compare to monsoon seasons in some parts of the world.
 There's never been any torrential rain in California for the past two decades... 
 Really?  Goyser welt is less waterproof compare to veldtschoen welt?
New Posts  All Forums: