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That style is all the rage nowadays.
Menswear accessory shop in Taipei, Taiwan. One of the nicest shop I've been to, with a shoe shine bar inside. They carry Fox umbrella, Ettinger, etc, on top of EG, Carmina, G&G, and hosts trunk shows for shoemakers.
Yup they jack up their prices in GBP...
Shhhh. You ain't DH, FM, or forum sponsor.
Wait. Did G&G jack up their bespoke pricing or that's the price for Justin's pair? Cos that price is getting JLdiculous.£4,500 more expensive than JL St James (shoes + trees), and JL SJ charges like £700 for trees. And that is about JLP prices.
That's unfortunate. The best casual shoes and boots are made bespoke. Have you tried John Lobb ST. James? They travel to a lot of cities in the US.
That's enough for 3-4 pairs of bespoke deposit. Quality > quantity.
Lies. Hearsay. People buy the same size for dress shoes and country boots. And size down on work boots too.
Why not directly order from vass or use one of the forum proxies or venders? Ascot prices is quite exorbitant even after VAT deduction.
Interesting stylistic choice. MTO or bespoke? The golash back, how are they closed? Curved up into a dog tail heel? Or two layers of dog tail? Or?
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