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Japanesee magazines might be prone to imitate and praise everything European/American but they are definitely very conscientious regarding methodologies. I do not think shoemaking can be classified with merely drawings of 2D cross sections but they definitely did a great job trying to capture the nuances.
 'murica, fawk yeah!
 FIFY Been there, done that, still doing it.  :(
 StyFo Bro Mandate #49: always leave the last button undone, from 3-roll-2 soft shoulder jacket to paddock coat and casual shirts.
At $210 it's done at less than $50 OEM quality. So best to assume around AE but better than J&M or other very low budget shoes Lordpoint has dissected.qaa ~
 Definitely not Vass, they only do raised apron stitching afaik.
 And Google Glass on your head, Google contact lens on your eyes, and smart phones on your pants pocket. 
 Yes, but the problem is do you have a cobbler you trust? And WHY??? Dying the welt to a darker color will also make it look smaller, FYI. Heres two sample work done by a Japanese cobbler.  
 As I've stated before, I do not have a personalized last though in hindsight I should've requested one. I relasted an existing RTW pair to my MTO last adjustement spec, making it shorter and wider but the details would be a clusterfuck to generalize and describe.  True, and few realizes that different pattern and styles require different adjustments to shoe lasts.
My guess is Beckett & Robb.
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