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 No I am not a shoemaker.  Are you a licensed podiatrist or licensed orthitics/pedorthitics maker?  Are you basing your arguments on shoemaking experiences, of which "repetition does not make truth"? You are not reading what I said.  I was *not* talking about toe wear, but toe tip wear, which metal or rubber toe plates prevents.  Two different things. Running shoes have curved/curled toe tips for a good reason.  Here's a picture to help you understand the difference...
 The noisy kind of toe plate or the not noisy kind of flushed metal toe plates? 
[[SPOILER]]  I have said it before and I will say it again, toe spring has little to do with toe tip wear, for toe spring is there for the weight transfer from ball to toe, but toe tip wear come *AFTER* that weight transfer and bears a fraction of whole body weight. It is the toe tip edge that gets compressed, deformed, and worn.  Not the toe tip as a whole. Two completely different things.
You need to pay more attention to details.Granted, his shoes are more on the dressy side, but large variety nonetheless with many leathers.
Nah. Nowhere close.
2mm. Nothing visible from afar.
 Honestly, go to the EG/G&G/Carmina thread; the average SF shoes are now more ostentatious than the classic Berluti...
Missed out on a pair of the same shoes from some liquidation sales.   The best thing about SC is many of its distributors went out of business and there's liquidations every other year.
Is that you, Nobita?
@Cleav criss cross lacing will be better for your Dover
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