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Good luck fitting your men's shoes in there. 8" exterior width probably means 7" interior width, which can only accommodate probably size 7 and down. They are designed for ladies shoes.
 I think it would be possible to wet and level the welt bend to eliminate what you described/saw, but there's really no point. I don't think the metal toe plates make that much sound or makes sheos slippery at all; my s.o. only notices it when I am driving my stick shift metal-pedal car...
You have seen metal toe taps new; here's a picture of a really used one (~7 yrz).   Blocked some as they really have nothing to add but trolling against one of the very few knowledgeable people on forum...  
Interesting.  0501 looks very different on luxire vs huddersfield/swatch i have. Luxire: Huddersfield (best representative to swatch irl)
How to determine the fresco fabrics on Luxire website correspond to which Minnis fresco fabric number?
 Unless you are uber poor, you do need at least one financial advisor if not more, for access to different financial products that you need. Besides, for those of us who are productive enough in their current position (or on styleforum), financial advisors/accountants/legal counsels are great time savers.
Maybe you have not received bonuses or options before but it's fairly easy to get mid 4-digit tax returns or payments in the right circumstances. You also forgot one thing in your analysis - the additional cash in your savings. In your example, instead of having $23,000 locked up in traditional DC accounts, you would have $8,500 in tax deferred accounts and around $7,000 in CASH savings depending on the tax bracket. Those CASH savings goes into your savings pile. Or 10...
 I think for those of us who don't have to deal with 3-5 months of snowy winter per annum, we would slip regardless of the type of soles.
 I can't help you much if you think these are poor financial decisions. 1) Getting as much cash on your paychecks without occurring underpayment tax penalties.2) Contribute to 401(k) *only* as much as your employer matching program; if they don't match, don't contribute.3) Convert all Traditional IRA to Roth IRA for tax free growth4) Free up Roth IRA for liquidity without taking any penalties
 I heard those Attolini jackets are lifetime investments.
New Posts  All Forums: