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Better use dark brown than black...   Besides, you can use dark brown cream to color your sole edges as well...
 That's not as bad as nuclear waste dumped by Japan.  But I am an optimist.  We will somehow clean up our own mess.  Like how London fixed its air pollution in the 50s or LA in the 70s. Or so I hope. 
Here's a video of a company making bespoke shoes with tech assisted lasts and patterns, made using GYW manufacturing.  
I am just a peasant that shine my own shoes, iron my own shirt, and sew my own loose shirt buttons.  And I learned a great deal and tricks from the experts such as @DWFII, @Nick V., @RIDER over the years.   I don't recommend without firsthand experience.
 With every advance of tools comes another wave of new craftsmen/workers that utilize a different set of skills. Maybe in your world it takes no skill or accountability to operate those impersonal machines, be it goodyear welting machine or weather predicting data analytics algorithm.  And then blame e-books for the decline of print shops, print shops for the decline of bookbinders, knife factories for the decline of blacksmiths, or key copying kiosk for the decline of...
Computerized paper/fabric/etc printing is mass customization, print your own books/papers/shirts instead of hand scribing.So is 3D printing. Or automated fulfillment center.Mass manufacturing has been a blessing to the world. And mass customization will further improve the benefits.
Before and after coloring. Chrome, Veg, or retan?
Willie Wonka @ Pitti
Okay. We get it. You don't like better tools. And FYI not all tools are catered towards standardization. They are made for mass customization as well.
The blood or the smell?
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