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Good luck finding cordovan supplies. #igentproblems
Judging from the style of other multi millionaires, Beckham is definitely way up there at the sartorial nirvana. But he's not a member here; no awkward robo pose, no selfie.
He looks better than most of the SF posters.
Bespoke shoes do not usually appreciate beyond the typical high end shoes price inflation... Maybe if you die with some historic importance...
I've tried to soak and submerge the whole pair of shoes in water overnight and change the water twice in the interim. Dried at an indoor, airy, but no sunlight area. No cigar. Once the dye and impurities sets in, they are set in for good. Maybe dark colored shoes could be salvaged but definitely not light colored ones.
Water stain CANNOT be removed on light colored leathers. Best save is to conceal using dark shoe creams. Or paint the shoe darker. I've tried renomat, acetone, dye preparer, deglazing liquid, and even diluted bleach. None of them made water stain on a pair of very light brown shoes go away.
That's a cute outfit. For teenage girls.
Blue shoes are so 2012. Let's get some neon orange MTO triple monks going.
Looks more like dissecting than recrafting to me...
I have 6 brushes; 3 stiff ones for cleaning, 3 soft ones for buffing. One set for black, one set for mid to dark brown, one set for very light to mid brown.
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