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White Incans at Pitti looking for their llmmas  
Would be pretty hard to mess up black on black on black, especially comparing to peacocking Frankenstein customizations.
Fuck off. Do not get my better half start on moobs.
Would be interested to know as well. Leffot trunk show?At SC's price point it better be perfection.
Mean or even ill spirited jokes are as insulent and indecent as morally righteous crusades.
I feel sorry for anyone suffering from any disease. But joking on others misfortune is what makes us human. p.s., I tried google women with penises but got to the wrong parts of the Internet. Lol
We are all sensitive. In different ways.
Unfortunately that is against SF common shoe fit wisdoms.
Maybe. But then Manton wrote a book which was used as a free gift by NMWA. yfyf bought Drakes and founded The Armoury. And now Maomao is preparing to open Brio Beijing.Maybe average internet browsers or reddit generation don't know their life on SF well, but we should do better.
Pretty sure there are enough old money in SF who generates enough traffic to support G&G, Cleverley, John Lobb bespoke shoes.Besides, Parker, Matt, LabelKing are all from SF.
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