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Breaking Bad and the Wire are great. 24? meh. Might as well watch the Kardashians; equally entertaining and brand dead.
Don't think anyone is panicking yet in the US. People are still conditioned with BTFD and BTFATH mentality and the newly minted tech and biotech IPO lottery winners have not been through a downturn with money before. Closed one short position today in my PA for a profit. Some pure momentum stocks are still sky high but need the BTFD guys to wan a bit before shorting them to the ground.
With these many people still talking about buying, we are still a long way from a market bottom in the case of a market correction or bear market.
Welcome to efficient market. Anyone believing market efficiency has never traded or invested over the past 7 years.
Just buy stocks you think are undervalued and sell those that are overvalued.PBOC can say whatever the fuck they want but capital flight from China is still ongoing.
my trading account was so fucking green that I had to close my shorts. Too bad my NFLX put didn't get exercised last Fri.
Remember the Monday after S&P downgraded US credit rating?  -500 +500 every day for a week.  Then QE3 happened after two months.   p.s., never do market orders, its never going to hit for anyone other than HFT quote jamming machines.
Flash crash was in 2010. A year before the August Monday in 2011.
Wait what? You were there even in August 2011?
Don't worry. China is bouncing from -9% to almost -7% now. All is safe. Did any kids remember seeing dead cats bouncing?
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