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My AE wears different than my JL. So there's definitely a difference in terms of wear or construction for RTW shoes.Same for my handwelts vs bespokes. Both HW, both wear differently. Different makers make shoes and fit shoes differently.Since you don't buy shoes, your comment about how to buy shoes makes you, in your own logic and words, inauthentic, posing, and belligerent.
On the other hand, you don't have a C.Ped. or OPM, thus your expertise as a fitter or judging how shoes should be constructed to fit, however great it is, might not be right Or worthwhile.
 I am 9.5F EG82 but in-between 9E and 9EE JL 7000/8000.
 Because they can. What quizzes or exams do your customer have to go through to buy shoes from you? A comprehensive exam about how much they understand shoemaking?
 Interesting.  I think its very narrow niche to cross Podiatrist w/ Orthopedics, or Optometrist w/ Ophthalmologist, or DDS w/ MD, as those are quite different degrees! Pass, my hands are full.
Interesting. I thought DPM and orthopedic surgery MD are different fields.I couldn't find any trace of client reviews on the French forums either. Delos, in the other hand, got quite a few client reviews across different forums before he became "famous" online.Good shoemakers and good businessmen are two separate ideas.
What this thread needs is client reviews like the Delos or other shoemakers thread. But unfortunately most pictures are just PR shoots.
He is in nedical research for foot AFAIK, but not podiatrist/DPM. That's all.
Guess I was mislead.Sales is not income and I think he and his wife work as a duo? So €6000 shoes, €4500 gross profit per pair. 15 pairs, for two, that's about €2800 per month per person. Pretty modest.I wish him well, but Delos didn't join Berluti for no reason. It's very tough to make a living as a shoemaker. Very very tough.
 Because 1) its less than 10% of its business.  Like GOOG ex search, FB ex display ads, AMZN ex retail/AWS.2) ~10% Y/Y growth @ $20B FY15 vs ~30% Y/Y growth @ ~$210B outside of services Oh, and hardware slowing down means service slowing down as well.  Just ask WinTel.
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