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Also how they classify workers is going to weigh down their margins. And currently they are simply running illegal business not abiding to any regulations.
Neither am I going to miss it. I will short the fuck out of Uber.FB is a poor comparison to Uber.FB survived two near death experience, one before and one after it went public. It's also nowhere close to a monopoly to its end market (displayed ads) compare to Intel, Microsoft, or even Google. And its valuation is not artificially pumped higher prior to its IPO.Uber on the other hand has a valuation pumped by illiquid trading/fundraising with liquidation preferences,...
We are all learning here and we can all share our experiences. DWFII convinced me that hand welt/sewn is a better construction method and GY was only a poor imitation. I bought that despite Nick V stated that he has very rarely seen gemming slipping. I like the intellectual argument of equating gemmed shoes with cemented shoes. And my experience tells me that hand welted shoes do wear better, bespoke or not. On the other hand, I don't buy DWFII's argument that flushed...
There were stories where a honkies bespoke shoes molded. Never happened to me tho. California is a desert and in Asia I tend to live in heavily ACed rooms where humidity isn't even an issue indoors. Pretty sure stainless still doesn't rust or only rusts very minimally. Could it be something else? p.s., sand out the rust, cover the stainless steel part in cooking oil or those oil used to store carbon steel blades.
To sum it up the flushed metal toe plate issue @DWFII: theoretically, ... @Nick V.: practically, ... p.s., I prefer hand welted shoes as they are made traditionally, wears lighter, have better support, etc. but with flushed metal toe plates as it prolongs toe tip wear, doesn't make much sound, etc.
Very interesting. I travel to Taiwan, HK, Shenzhen regularly, soaked couple of my shoes from monsoon several times, and none of them rust.Did the rust appear at the toe plates? Or the brass coated screws?
Mr ballet dancer, my shoes barely make any sound even on marbled floors or polished concrete floors.p.s., sunken/flushed metal toe plates is not the same as the usual nailed on toe plates.
Nails are useless against toe wear since the wear starts at the toe tip edge. And no one can put nails at the toe tip edge.I have a pair of sc shoes with sunken toe plates. No idea if it rusted or not but it resolved fine. My couple years old Vass loafer thatve survived couple monsoon season soaking wet did not rust at all.The nail heads wears down fast for the shorter toe shoes.
It's a huge myth that GY or hand welter construction is water proof or water resistant.It is not much more water resistant than channeled Blake stitches shoes.Water simply sipped into insole from outsole.
That's a very ignorant and uninformed comment.Metal toe plates very rarely make any sounds.But then you might tip toe everywhere as a ballet dancer.
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