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I have yet to bring up the 'CMT' question with the makers. But it might not be all that the same with tailoring as there are chances of leather failing during lasting, size constrains with relation to pattern, amongst other issues. One thing that's the consistent across shoemaking and tailoring is the plush margins from the up charge, either due to price inelasticity of luxury demand or high risk of stocking slow moving inventory. Pretty sure croc/gator isn't the latter.
 Which makers take these "CMT" projects?
 They do, but I couldn't make it to any of Wingtip + SC trunk shows due to my travel schedules.
Which is kinda unfortunate for me, because I had to travel for the past 4 trunk shows @ SF.  :( And with LSBH closed down, the next closest location is gone.
Program trading is just converting a set trading strategy into algorithm for computers to execute. So what kind of program trading are we talking about? Robo-advisors like those target date funds or the fraud that is betterment or its ilk? Or specific program trading strategies, such as mean convergent, momentum chasing, or other algorithmic trading strats? Or high speed trading involving data scanning, quote stuffing, exchange arbitrage, or something similar to those...
Looking plain in MW suit is still far better than looking like a pitti peacock. The former is actually conservative while the latter screams please-look-at-me-bitches.
Problem is, food isn't exactly cheaper while rent or home prices go through the roof. Regarding food price, just check out MCD's "dollar" menu... Even the highly centrally processed food are becoming too expensive for the many. But who works on the Street or Fed shops for their own groceries? All while the tweenager boys at SF trying to optimize the time and cost to instant gratification, putting more and more strain on the earning power of the masses. Man-investment...
Yes the fume is awful.Oxalic acid is for leather to fade in color, not deglazing.
 Not household/Choride, but oxalic which is regularly been used for leathercraft and woodworking.
New Posts  All Forums: