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Congrats, T4phage, that's literally the one of the best shaped loafers  Very nice!!!  Congrats.  Is that willow calf?  And which one of Mr meccariello's last is this based?
From way yonder or a recent MTO?
WTS vacuum sealed pure distill water elixier with neutral pH.
Three shades of black. Black purple, black brown, and black red. With their respective fancy names. Cabernet and something
 Not hating, just pointing out that their design is not inspirational.
2009. I had them bespoke. 2010, 2001, and 1999 are very nice as well. It was all down hill since 2011 and the new design direction is not inspirational.
A valet, in another word.  Jeeves.
First model I've seen is I think 1996, an imitation full brogue, model named Klein.
SC true size is stamped on the sole and written on the inner side of the tongue. I have no idea what the /2 after fitting denotes. My pix btw.
Unfortunate that they revealed early. Design is uninspiring. Will take another season to see what she has to offer.
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