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Thought it was museum calf not misty.
Yes that is crazy good news for east coast potential customets.
 Ball width still a bit wide as well, and some extra spaces around teh vamp. Why not get trial shoes first?
Holy narrow feet!! I think the instep is a bit too wide? The face opening is completely closed, might turn a bit loose once the leather softens up.
Whip stitching vs. "French" whip stitching.  What's the difference?  The French style being tighter/more secure if both are "done properly"? And why use the "French" style if both are as secure if "done properly"?   Whip stitching attaching upper to insole at the heel.   "French" style whip stitching attaching upper to insole at the heel.
 I think different shoemaker/house has different house styles, similar to bespoke suit makers.  Generally speaking, IMO, English style is either conservative round toe or chisel toe.  Italian style leans more towards pointed/narrow toe. Eastern EU has that traditional banana/budapester style.  French is slightly narrower round toe.  However there are a lot of cross pollination today especially after Internet/iPhone broke down a lot of the barrier of sharing...
 Can't yet comment on if those puckering from "British" style heel seat stitching will actually creates discomfort for the customer.  But I've not heard any complaints about it. I've seen some makers make crisscross around the heel seat stitching to hold shanks in place.  Would that be necessary?
 I avoid IFERROR unless I am expecting returning errors. Flat for both robo book and investing book, except robo book is 97% invested and went live in March and investing book is cash atm.
I saw Il Micio. Does NMWA carry il micio shoes?
 Or in my case, that's the only one I've seen.  I am just a shoe nerd and don't see that many pairs of shoes thus I rely on your experiences and @Nick V.'s to make proper judgment. 
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