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Air Force blue x light khaki? Fresco 0520 probably is the same color
The leather shirt coat?
Anyone who lip reads care to detail the conversation in the computer room between Lou and Cutler?
LF also threw the necklace down to the Fools peddle boat. Guess Pycelle found or was informed of the boat.
Attend one of the trunk shoes and get fitted by Philip Car. Any size translation is futile.
Vass is one of the best values shoes if not the best. SC is the best amongst all available RTW makers in US with their last customization and MTO detailing.
All those interesting units of measurements from stich to iron... Why would they increase the stitching spacing at the waist for square waist shoes? It's not beveled and has decent amount of space to maintain stitching spaces from the front half of the shoes?
I posted pictures somewhere on this forum for comparison if you want to search for it. British RTW makers do it at 8 spi using fully automated machines. Saint Crispins does it at 8 spi using hand cranked machines. Vass does it at 6 spi by hand. Machine stitching is not as durable due to the lock stitches used. Bespoke depends shoe type and customer request; casual/country shoes have less stitching while dress and demo pieces could go higher.
Very nice find!!!
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