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Those shoemakers have much to learn from styleforum common wisdom.
Are you suggesting hiking or work boots true to size with paper thin dress socks? Or we should be buying those shoes/boots with the thick socks we wear with them? For all due respect, those thick socks act as sole inserts especially with those extra cushion sole socks.IMO different shoes should be fitted differently. For dress shoes I completely agree that insole inserts are unnecessary. But not everything is suitable to have that structured insoles.Just my 0.02
What's the beef against shoe inserts? It's personal preference. Not everyone can afford shoes with arch support build in, such as Saint Crispins or Meermin. Shoe inserts could make flat insole shoes more comfortable by providing cushioning or other support functions. Besides, for some country shoes or hiking shoes it makes no sense to buy with any arch support. Especially for those who sometimes wear two layers of hiking socks and sometimes wear simple sports socks.
Because it's museum calf. And museum calf customers love the fad more than the construction of the shoes.
Finishing? Looks box calf to me. Or you mean the upper patter making/closing?
For construction workers and gardeners only. And none of the real workmen wear jeans anywhere as tight as #menswear or #urbanlumberjack.
Dean did a side trace of both of my feet when he measured me for the first time.
 Wait what?  Shane left LS as well?  He handled my last order late last year after Bryan left...
Wow Pitti strippers got tipped with iPhones. That's baller. The strippers at my area get tipped with dollar bills...
SC has always been pricing at a premium to its peers. And the pricing strategy combined with deep customization worked very well for them.
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