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Hmm. Makes sense!How about risk of the inseaming hole pulled bigger from stress?
 It does provide additional reinforcement to the weak upper leather, not unlike a leather Strong-Tie. Otherwise the very slim section where upper connects to the outsole might fail after a few resoles. Another solution is to use a midsole, and have the outsole sewn onto the midsole away from the upper/midsole joint.
 What's your opinion about inseaming being tightened and potentially sunk into the upper when there's no braiding?
 How many resoling do you figure that the upper can sustain?  Without reinforcement of an welt, outsole is sewn directly onto the upper for the said pair, and resole will have to go through the upper...
   More business for Antonio is good.  But please don't fuck up a good thing by charging high price premium and set up region lock like some brands.  And less overhype vs some (in)famous shoe and menswear stores in NYC. Antonio makes great shoes for his current price.
 Like all other shoes.  Use shoe horns to put them on, use shoe trees after wear, and occasionally condition and wax.  Lexol/Bick4, any clear wax or mid brown wax will be fine.
 Actually, there was no fall out.  Maybe some feelings were hurt when unverified but authoritatively-made claims were proven much exaggerated.  Thus some very personal attacks thrown by some.  Travers, on the other hand, somehow snapped and flipped randomly on some random posters.  Objective and rational discussions be damned.  First, state your position, counter any opposition with argumentum ad hominem, and in the cases that didnt discourage the opposition, throw your...
Yeah I wouldn't OD on that suede spray. I use once per year; I own more than 20 pairs of shoes tho.Brass brush raise the nap better than crepe. Crepe feels more like cleaning/brushing the top layer of suede and brass gets deep into the leather.
Fading at the creases is normal.  Suede also loses color from suede shampoos.  Otherwise, use very stiff bristle brush or brass brush to raise the naps.  Suede spray helps as well.
 Neapolitan fantasy.
New Posts  All Forums: