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S for sale.R for reject.
 They did? Thank god... Discontinuing classic models is akin to Chanel not selling quilted bags.  Bad idea.
Pure gold. I had pretty bad experience with MTM where sales took my measurements, came back with ill fitting garment, sales looked at what's wrong and sent garment to local alteration tailor for adjustment. Rinse and repeat a couple times till I gave up.
Meermin QC is worse than Nike.
Apple Watch. Lol
Apparently you did not buy enough from NMWA to qualify for the title.
But at the same time they are more corse and less flexible? Never flirted with linen socks before, how to they wear?
Yohei Fukuda.
Can't be worse than cronut.
Holy shit. That trial shoes look better than most high end RTW shoes specifically better leather than SC. Nice twisted last and shape. Not a fan of floating medallion tho.
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