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Wait till you broke in the first pair. It's better to know what fit adjustments you could use.
Dark brown suede.  Not exactly easy to make perfect as suede tend to stretch IME and its so easy for worn suede loafers turn into suede flip flops...
They need to write him off soon and bring on a bigger villain.  A Gus Fring type.
 Contact AE and ask for 13/14 separately, if they dont have size 13.5. Loafers stretch and you do need tight instep fit to prevent from being slippers/flip flops.
 Not entirely correct IMO.  Google is more on search/intent based ads whereas FB sells display ads. On the other hand, Buzzfeed cut their 2016 sales projection from $500M to $250M, meaning display ads on social networks are either being priced down or eating dirt.
 10% Y/Y service segment growth.  It's $20B business, but all those journalists and startup guys are overly enthusiastic about the service business. All due respect, service growth will remain a fraction of hardware sales growth.
Orange oil as a solvent means wax and pigment particles are dissolved in orange oil. But orange oil is definitely not a volatile enough liquid to be used as a cleaner.
Don't think theres any official stockist down in LA. Maybe call up Leffot or Khakis and ask about their return policy?  Or EG's own online store? They do offer free international returns.
It's usually between end of their fiscal quarter and the actual announcement.
I have bought a lot more (#DIV/0! to be specific) Goodyear welted, hand sewn welted, and bespoke shoes than you ever did.  And you cant blame me for taking your side on the GY vs HW debate. Contentious? You had me in mind when you dump a wall of text. Kettle calling pot ___.
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