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Edward Green has quality control problems, e.g., some lasting problems, MTO inconsistency with small volume resellers, etc.   Don't think this thread will work, especially for fans of different brands brushing off the con's as one off black swan cases.
European bar lacing.
Painting lawn green is all the rage nowadays. Or if you are really rich, just water twice the amount compare to usual.
Still using shop lacing I see. Shoe qweef sounds good.
I walk barefoot indoors thus brushing after taking shoes off is rather easy.   I don't always store shoes inside their shoe bags, thus brushing before wearing is necessary to get rid of the tiniest amount of dust.
JL SJ is just not my style.  It is beyond just lasts but also pattern making, closing, or even shoemaking.   That said, JL SJ and their fellow UK makers make great boots. 
Quote: All MBT/MBC became famous, no?
 Brush before and after wear, shoe trees in between.  I polish my shoes every few months only and boots every wear if they were used for gardening. I have ~20 pairs of shoes. To maintain mirror shine, just use stockings to polish away the scuffs.  If that doesnt take care of those, use a tiny bit of wax and all cuffs can be touched up within 5 mins.
That pair appears to be very vintage SC, probably dating to their very beginning. AFAIK, some major changes were made when they started they RTW line, and another wave of changes were made when Car took over after the 08 crash. Even their OEM for Bonera looks better made.
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