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  Well if your heel contour is pretty flat than the shoes heel should look flat.  I thought Cleverley gives out special shoe creams for their reindeer leather customers? p.s., JL SJ's work isn't varies from what I observe, really depends on the shoemaker.  G&G is very good.  JL Paris is superb. 
Both Russian reindeer and horween hatch grain calf/reindeer calf.
That's awesome.  Arca in what material?    Does Pierre still make shoes himself or its mostly his brother or Antonie nowadays?
No personal experiences. Neither am I qualified to question Les Maître d'Art to name Pierre Corthay as one of the two living national treasure artisan shoemakers of France.Bestetti and Maccariello both make very nice shoes, but are they considered living national treasure amongst the sea of Italian shoemakers?
G&G has access to Russian reindeer leather now if you like their bespoke work. Don't think the French or the Japanese guys have access to reindeers. But the French guys may have frog leather and Japanese guys whale leather...
Corthay bespoke is at a much higher league than Bestetti or Meccariello; he trained at JLP bespoke, ran Berluti bespoke shop, earned his Maître d'Art...
Cap toe balmoral. G&G Kent is of a similar design; you could most likely MTO to have toe cap added. The pair you posted is bespoke made by Anthony Delos.
Awesome boots. Great packaging presentation by Cleverley. Much better than G&G or both John Lobbs.
He also gets test fitting shoes and hopefully his own last modification for a true MTM. DC Lewis doesn't do that.Is it Jack Peng? Just curious.
Not reptile.
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