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More Mezlan than the original.
Many shoe manufacturers spray with acrylic coating as their finishing step...
SC leather is sub par compare to top UK RTW makers.
What's the big fuckin deal? It's only pictures of dick and tits, where the former appears frequently and even have a wide varieties of medallion shaped after it.
That's babying already considering the standard practice is machine wash machine tumble dry...
Pictures of his sample shoes?
Seal nose?
Did they use 3" wood screw to tack insole to last????? Two solutions, 1) get a new pair since this is a visible defect, or 2) get full length sick liner to glue over and call it a day, aka C&J, Vass, Saint Crispin style. p.s., won't be a problem to the shoes but definitely a QA issue.
Resident shoe care thread 'expert'.
Ma wasn't the CEO at IPO either; it was Jonathan Lu.
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