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Appears to be lower quality leather with some fabric stuffed linings. My good old Cole Hann made in India GY Welted shoes had similar in the vamp and toe caps.
King of traveling. With his Berluti sneakers.
Great looks all around. Smart casual and casual.
Quote: The refusal to embrace or utilize in advancement in technology is actually an hindrance to the craft as a whole.  No one is discrediting the skills and experiences needed for traditional hand made shoemaking and lastmaking, be it pure hand made or partially machine assisted.  And I believe machines had made both traditional shoemaking and lastmaking much more efficient, e.g., wood lathe for rough turned lasts and sewing machines for closing uppers. Now the question...
I am not an insider but I've heard John Lobb Paris had some computerized last generating machine that didn't work out and they went back to rough turned last.My fitter also complained about the plastic fitting shoes and how irrelevant those are for fit.
It's not kosher by SF standards. But fine everywhere else wearing jeans with sockless black loafers. Brown loafers work better.
That's patina. Happens with light colored shoes or even suedes. Color them with shoe cream and they will be gone for a short while.
Try washing them with water first. If it doesn't work, try suede shampoo.Pictures will help. Don't think those are water spots.
3D scanning would bring better fitted footwear to the masses if it could be efficiently and effectively realized. That sounds like progress to me.
 Point isn't it being better or worse, but viable or not.  And the video indicates the technology is viable.  The business case might or might not be there.  Who knows, its French... Most things can be translated into an machine algorithm if there's set processes and rules.  Want some capriccioso? Make them stochastic!
New Posts  All Forums: