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I width up. Ball width good. Toe box still too narrow. Ended up stretching it. Still snug but no pain. If I width up any more it's gonna be to wide for my heels.If it's cap toe, cordovan, exotic leathers, good luck. Those have much less give to stretching.
 Don't even think about it.  Just give up the last or go bespoke at Ugolini or other Italian makers. A wider width means the ball width will be wider.  Due to the shape of the last, the width increase at the toe box will only be a small fraction of the width increase at the ball.
 It would be an easy problem to solve if its just improper fit. I have a problem where I have a lump bone chip at my right heel thats not outright visible and hard to measure/trace; it clearly there on x-rays.  I have a pair of boots that sometimes aggravate the lump after a few hours of walking and I sometimes get blisters. I am suspecting a poor patterning/skiving job, but will play around with knocking the heel stiffener softer.  It's most probably celastic. 
 JL leather swatch not look good because I used iphone and I bad at picture.  Care to disclose which shoemaker now has the most recent inventory of your museum calf?  Some of the old Ilcea Radica leathers from around the time of insolvency do look sub par compare to the old works... Any pictures of the most current batch of museum calf?
 In fact, some bespoke shops and repair shops in Japan do it  for a lowly price of a few hundred yens!  p.s., do you know the best way to soften heel stiffeners?
Those shoemakers have much to learn from styleforum common wisdom.
Are you suggesting hiking or work boots true to size with paper thin dress socks? Or we should be buying those shoes/boots with the thick socks we wear with them? For all due respect, those thick socks act as sole inserts especially with those extra cushion sole socks.IMO different shoes should be fitted differently. For dress shoes I completely agree that insole inserts are unnecessary. But not everything is suitable to have that structured insoles.Just my 0.02
What's the beef against shoe inserts? It's personal preference. Not everyone can afford shoes with arch support build in, such as Saint Crispins or Meermin. Shoe inserts could make flat insole shoes more comfortable by providing cushioning or other support functions. Besides, for some country shoes or hiking shoes it makes no sense to buy with any arch support. Especially for those who sometimes wear two layers of hiking socks and sometimes wear simple sports socks.
Because it's museum calf. And museum calf customers love the fad more than the construction of the shoes.
Finishing? Looks box calf to me. Or you mean the upper patter making/closing?
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