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I am neither a cobbler or a shoemaker, but from my layman's understanding it should not take much skill to determine the proper heel height of a pair of shoes. Simple trial and error with visual verification should do. Might not be perfect but couldnt be too far off, unless someone resole a pair of stiletto into a pair of wedges.
PT01 makes great pants with great details and wide fabric choices.  But they are extremely slim.
 Its cut very full and short at the same time with proper drape on a very slim man. Unlike some full build Wantalians with short and tight flood capri.
 Everyone is entitled to have his own opinion, but shoe fit can be determined objectively. Maybe as a former shoemaker who made a dozen shoes, you could objectively offer your expertise as in why the toes are curling up.
   The actual turnaround time for my order was about 8 weeks,
Well its only creasing at the vamp like it supposed to be.  Otherwise, there's no creasing at the toe caps (unlike Saint Crispins), the quarters at waist and heel looks very clean as well, and shoe waist has enough support to not sag.   But the shoes looks either recently resoled or recently made; dont see too much wear at either heel or toe.   Its the leather.
 Shoe fit looks good.  Don't buy Russian Reindeer leather shoes.
 Thank God we have such an expert on shoe fittings to correctly pointing out the fitting deficiencies of a bespoke shoemaker.  The top Japanese bespoke shoemaker with Italian heritage nevertheless.
 Ill be wearing Khakis' baseball cap.
SC resole is $250. Re-lasting (not necessary unless you want to change sizes) is another $250.
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