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Flip on eBay. You can't tailor down that many sizes. Pant back pockets will be kissing each other.
Proper douchebags drive a brand new car every two weeks to avoid license plate registration. Steve Jobs style.
Congrats. Maker from which region? French, Japan, UK, or US?
Anyone has experience with Luxire linen cotton blend pants fabrics? How do they compare against Incotex chino lino? And how 'stretchy' are the fabrics?
 Got any bespoke pairs @patrickBOOTH?  Bespoke is a process, fit is relative and a preference.  And yet some here talking about fit as an absolute. Maybe some of his meaning is lost through his words. There are guidelines and loose rules, but fit not is absolute.  Get measured by 10 different last maker and you will have lasts in 10 different shapes with 10 different fits. As some bespoke makers (who makes their own bespoke lasts btw) ask when they measure: "what's your...
 Such a stern believer of Murphy's Law.  For a shoemaker/cobbler such as yourself, its perfectly fine since you make and repair your own shoes. For all others, we have to live with Murphy's Law and trust that1) shoes will be properly made by shoemakers such as yourself, John Lobb St James, and John Lobb RTW,2) shit is not likely to happen,3) when shit happens, cobblers such as yourself and @Nick V. knows how to repair, and4) cobblers will properly repair shoes. I prefer...
 You've quoted BStripe's post about C&J shoes w/ cleats, in which he stated those nails are probably 3.5mm long. Then, I've responded that that pair looks like a double sole or maybe a triple sole.  With sole thickness of 5mm thick, a double sole will be 10mm thick, thus 3.5mm is not going to touch the inseam at all and shall not cause damage.  Even at 6.35mm long screw will not touch inseam. Enough to help you follow your own trolling effort?
 Those are double (or triple?) sole shoes.  Assuming standard 5mm outsole thickness, double sole is 10mm. A 3.5mm nail is not going to penetrate 10mm thickness double sole, thus not going to touch the inseam. EDIT: and of course, it can, if a 5" nail/screw is used.  But everything can happen doesnt mean it will/should.
 "You don't know what you are talking about" is the perfect conclusion when you have neither the expertise on foot physiology/pathology nor the data points to prove your point on the issues of flushed metal toe plates.  You are a shoemaker, not a foot doctor or an orthotics maker. You can keep hawking and demonizing your fantasized ills of flushed metal toe plates, based on your decades if not centuries of experience in shoemaking.  But as you've stated yourself,...
 Toe plates? Cleats? Or hardwood floor destroyers?  
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