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a half retard will stand out in a sea of full retards, making him a full and half retard.
Not completely unlined but unlined.
SF member contributions:   MMNK   Manton:   Kuro   Yours truely.
More John Lobb Paris bespoke greatness.                  
Thought the original champagne guy was Beau Brummell.
That top pair is an outlier example of JLP's work. Here are some JLP bespoke samples.
Both of those pictures are JL Paris bespoke.
You don't shave?
Paris offers bespoke as well. I like their worksmanship much better than JL St James. JL Paris bespoke is the quintessential French shoemaker that has institutionalize their workmanship. JLSJ is much more classic and austere. Nowhere as elegant as their French counterpart in my opinion. And they do charge extra for shoe bags and shoe trees. Both makes great riding boots.
JL quality never declined. And G&G design is definitely Pitti Uomo forward.The alternative is to go through JL MTO program or EG.
New Posts  All Forums: