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Ha. Maybe you should try to order Taco Bell menu items at mexican restaurants. And protest that they didn't follow taco bells convention.p.s., though not exactly Northampton but I think G&G bespoke workshop is inside its factory.
It's hand welted.It proves that different firms of long history and heritage uses nuances in terminology.Or someone can pull a blogging shill and unify which term means what across the whole wide world!! Might as well eradicate different branches of English too.Trickers was established since 1829, 13 years short of being 200 years old.It's better to respect their history and choice of terminology. After all they have been making shoes more than a hundred years before you...
That's an ignorant assumption. You are assuming I can't tell the difference or do due diligence about outsole sewing quality, lasting, last making, stitching, pattern making, etc.You don't have to be a pro basketball player to appreciate and understand how great Jordan or S.Curry as a player. Or no one needs to be a painter to appreciate Van Gough.Or a more personal and relatable example, DWFII doesn't need to have actual experience in brewing whisky or making oak barrels...
Eh, it's being priced in early last year in credit market. Just that you ain't paying attention. Check my post last October/Novemver about the drought in high yield liquidity.It takes time to propagate.As Mark Twain said, how do you bankrupt? Slowly and then suddenly.We are still at the slow phase.
You are wrong. Dead wrong. It's about energy exposure and economy down exposure.Deutsch Bank dropping below 08 lows is not about rate hike but their leverage and loan book fucked up.
Visit a few bespoke/HW makers and you will understand.I won't name names about low quality HW aside from the makers I've actually used. i.e., SC where I came out and state their making and clicking have problems, Vass about their manufacturing/making variances, and Meermin about their clicking problems.You don't have to believe me, but I've visited quite a few bespok/HW makers. And I am confident to say I've visited way more high end/high price point makers than whom DWFII...
Bespoke fit is a process and not guaranteed to fit better than RTW initially. True for bespoke tailoring and true for bespoke shoes. Different makers also fit differently and different individuals prefers different fit. Good bespoke? Meh, that's too subjective.
I am on the other side of Apple.
Bespoke or hand made does not indicate that they are constructed of quality. Sometimes bespoke/handmade shoes were constructed/made so poorly that customers are simply subsidizing the makers/workshops learning cost. At a higher price tag compare to factory made shoes as well. Just because they 'can' make it the way customer orders does not mean that they are experienced in those making techniques. Theres the stigma that equates bespoke makers with the top notch guys....
EV/EBITDA good for high leveraged cos and buyouts.EBITDA alone is popular for VC or those recently public unicorns. Useless metric.
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