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Seamless galoshes body sounds awesome. Must be a great challenge though to make sure the back lines are horizontal to each other and to the ground. The upper part/facing piece could be done without any back seam I think. There's a cut at the facing so the piece could wrap around the back. Not sure how the upper would last after being put together.
 True baller shoes.  I hope they have pull tabs inside.
I wore some of my dress shoes playing impromptu picked up basketball.  True story.
 Mundane technical discussions should enjoy amnesty from fans in a thread that's specifically marked shoemaking techniques. It could stir a lot of shit in those fan/brand pages tho. 
The top light brown Frankenstein is Saint Crispins. Not sure whom made the bottom one but it the G&G The John Lobb looks like two pieces to me, one front/vamp, one at the back/counter.
It's much more entertaining to read tumblr posts that market articles of clothing as "bespoke". While mundane details about shoemaking as a craft fulfills some intellectual curious minds, they make poor entertainments. And you are very right. Making shoes and making money are two separate businesses. Thus a few renowned shoemakers sold their workshop or their RTW brands.
Technical manual writing is wholly different writing style than romanticized fictions. And the latter will unfortunately attract much wider audiences.
The less you know about shoemaking the better you will be able to write about shoemaking. Romanticized fictions.
Camera angle can create optical illusions.
New Posts  All Forums: