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I like the Italian food at Costco. Their pizza is truly authentic.
Love the drama here. Got one guy speaking the ugly statements and everyone jumped on him. Spanish shoes are mediocre at best in quality but great pricing. Cheap shoes are cheap for very good reasons - usually it's reduction in construction quality and labor cost. Or rarely, a reduction in company margins. It's always a manufacturing problem, no artistry here. Carmina can stay at that pricing because of the cost savings. They might make it cheaper if they move their...
It's hand welted according to Cleverley. And i don't think anyone pony up the money to dissect one yet.Let's not stop people from making money.
Great. So let's call Panda Express Chinese food and Taco Bell and Chipotle Mexican food.
Not Neapolitan yet, since it didn't call its clients egg head, dodge emails, not delivering, or excommunication. A fraud to use Napoli in its brand name.
Those chukkas won't look good at all for jeans IMO. Too smart or elegant. Maybe for skinny jeans on skinny people. I prefer some hefty shoes to balance rustic jeans and my fat ass.
China only down 4.5% before lunch. Nothing to see here.
But then it's not from Italy or designed in Italy.It would be like the Panda Express of #menswear; designed and created in America and for America, but of Italian heritage.That's American as fuck.
Until I read dirnelli's article I thought Eidos is a Napoli style off brand to Isaia, from Italy.On one hand, it doesn't matter but on the other hand, it's marketing are certainly deceptive.So what determines a brands nationality? Volvo has Swedish origin and is owned by Chinese and some of their cars is made in America. Drakes has UK origin and is owned by Malaysian Chinese and made in ???
Breaking Bad and the Wire are great. 24? meh. Might as well watch the Kardashians; equally entertaining and brand dead.
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