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So if the backside of the silk tie fabric is white, it's inque giette printed. And if it's not, than it's dye through and potentially harmful. iGent problems.
Neither do I. But I find it interesting when LA Guy commented that "vintage or not" discussions are silly when PC was marketed as "vintage" silk bespoke ties. I find the whole discussion and knowledge shared regarding inque giette fabrics empowering. At least those discussion is allowed to live here.
Anyone tried to conduct radiocarbon dating on he tie fabrics yet? Maybe that's an objective way to determine the age of the fabrics. Or that's not kosher either?
You need to size up one. Shoulders tight, chests tight, jacket short, and pants not draping.
Standard issue hotel parking attendant coat.
Actually the designs are based off WW2 US M-1943 US combat service boots, featuring double buckle instead of legging/spats. And was replaced by M1948 with a tall boots. BengleS could educate us a lot more about the origin of those designs. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0b/Combat_Boots.jpg
Fascinating video. Seems like it's quite fashionable for both French and UK shops to have Japanese shoemakers!!
Cost the IPO? Her partnership stake is still intact with or without the IPO and she could always ask for a buyout if she's that desperate for a payout day.
My lady friends said showing more legs would make them look taller. So I have all my pants cut in Kim Jong Il style; sits at nipple, full through hip and thigh, finished with a rounded square dictator glasses and Corean revolutionary haircut. I look nice.
Neutralizing the acid with high pH liquids such as saddle soap is not advised; it will change the protein structure at your digestion system causing it to lose fidelity and durability.I would look for a pH neutral solution; either cream, paste, or liquid is fine.
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