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 The unfortunate fact is that it was on an adjusted fitted last based on the fitter's recommendation. It makes perfect sense to avoid both evils.  Just sometimes that is not an available option due to accessibility, the lack of width options, or the trend of narrow sleek pretty shoes.  Podiatrists and Orthotists rejoice! 
What about my pair of very good arch fit and good H-B length shoes that is too short at the toe? I dont know what damage it could prevent in the long term, but it's too short and will kill my feet after walking a mile in it.Again, I am not denying the importance of H-B fit, but IMO anything that causes short term pain should be avoided or rectified.
Do you take specifically H-B measurements? Or just outlines of feet with circumferences at different areas?Emotional responses are always welcomed.
That's some really fucked up creepy sculptures...
If you don't have much faith in the guild/apprentice system of France, or deem the accreditation from your peers "nothing", why, then, are you putting faith in Mr Mrsan's certification from his peers? What, then, do you suggest customers seek in evaluating shoemakers? Yes, I do advocate compromise and good enough for RTW shoes because RTW lasts are not customized for any specific individual. To seek better, or best, in RTW, like the quote in your signature, is just...
That might get hit by ~8% tarriff for importing leather shoes. No one likes to see that bill but it's inevitable for businesses.Separate retail order shipped by regular posts don't usually get hit.
3% processing 5% forex fee is the norm. 10% is fair if not carrying inventory. Could probably negotiate with Meccariello for affiliate/referral fees so it could be economically viable for your friend.
Quite a double standard for you to credit some system while questioning others despite the latter create amazing works.No, I don't make shoes. I am just a cheap and yet demanding customer to shoemakers.
Lovely collab. Hope it become economically feasible for both. Any plan to bring marquess to Taiwan?
New Posts  All Forums: