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Both of those pictures are JL Paris bespoke.
You don't shave?
Paris offers bespoke as well. I like their worksmanship much better than JL St James. JL Paris bespoke is the quintessential French shoemaker that has institutionalize their workmanship. JLSJ is much more classic and austere. Nowhere as elegant as their French counterpart in my opinion. And they do charge extra for shoe bags and shoe trees. Both makes great riding boots.
JL quality never declined. And G&G design is definitely Pitti Uomo forward.The alternative is to go through JL MTO program or EG.
Yes. Slightly wider. But U last has not much toe space.And if you plan to get country/none-dress shoes/boots, it doesn't hur to size up 0.5 to account for thicker socks. Unless you do plan to wear those with those bible paper thin dress socks.
If for whatever reasons anyone decide to bleach leather, please remember that bleach takes hours to go into effect. Do not worry when color doesn't bleach out immediately; wipe it dry and let it set overnight.
Those sneakers must have huge margins. That apron toe chukka looks like a fancier version of Clarks Wallabee.
Pretty sure Redwing and Wolverine both have large selection of OSHA boots.
Pretty sure JL was making buckled boots long before. This one is from the 80s.
Just go request MSDS from the manufacturers or importers and wear houses of you are really that curious.I use saphir dubbin extremely rarely. In very little amounts. It does help leather gaining some non waxy luster.
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