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 Wait what?  Why not put some invul/repellent to prevent the stains?  And when they get dirty, suede shampoo/wash usually works well.  Any spot that can't be easily removed is part of the patina process.  Embrace it. Or, if you insist on dying suede some point in the future, there're plenty of suede dye brands from the typical suspects; Fiebings, Angelus, etc.  Visit your local cobbler to buy suede dyes or Amazon/eBay/Google. You could dilute your suede dyes to match the...
California. Meh. Probably not.
Last adjustment or bespoke?
WMT is at the losing end of the gentrification battle. Their customers are the hourly paid but performance based slave workers at AMZN fulfillment centers.If gentrification continues, there's little hope for WMT to turn around. Those newly minted millionaires and billionaires are probably not and most likely won't be customer of WMT.And when gentrification reverses, most likely during a period of deleveraging or recession, WMT's customers will also suffer still,...
 Same for hangers, which I don't mind paying for higher shipping costs due to the volume/size of the box. But for shoecare or any other product the S&H cost is pure bullshit. I used to wait for free shipping over XXX (bullshit IMO, that's not freel) to order shoecare products from Hanger Project.  Nowadays I only purchase from other channels purely due to exorbitant S&H charges as Hanger Project's prices is way more expensive if factoring in S&H.
Any chance of providing lower cost shipping options for shoecare products instead of FedEx?   I would love to support forum affiliates but at the current charge, theres absolutely ZERO reason to buy any shoecare product on Hanger Project simply due to the exorbitant S&H costs.   USPS Priority is good, has tracking, and costs way cheaper than FedEx, especially if you go through some S&H shipping postage companies.
 3 GoldKurozan Leather ShoesDefense + 20Agility + 20Strength +5Intelligence + 5
Is that the same leather to make leather Samurai armors? :o
 Feeling adventurous? Go to unknown 'mystery' bespoke shoemakers to sponsor them practicing making shoes w/ your fund! Otherwise stick with the establishment; might be more expensive but at least will have good quality. At €3,000 range, your best bet will be going to Japan; far more meticulous shoemaking and process oriented.
 momentum works both ways.  vrx is being hit on both ackerman situations with both insider trading and fund redemption, on top of the current political backlash against high drug prices.
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