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 Nice.  Seems like they have no difficulties in lasting Cordovan!
Nice.  How do they fit compare to your calf ones?
 Cutting the shoes open does offer a rare glimpse of how the shoes fit visually inside.  The effectiveness of which can be debated as last adjustments is not immediate and can be lost in translation/recording. I personally much prefer an actual mock-up shoes instead of the old semi-finished shoes without outsoles and with mock heels.
 G&G does not always cut shoes open. For my fitting done last October, my trial shoes were not cut open.
Is he a #menswear peddler or historical reenactment cosplayer?
I am 9.5E in C&J 348. And 43.5 wide U last still is too narrow for me. Had to stretch them. Thankfully they are suede loafers, not cordovan cap toes.
I drive a stick shift and my shoes are all fine.
 Heel stacks for factory manufactured shoes are most likely than not pre-built or built on a separate production line.  Anything coming out of a factory should have a spec, and the spec is most likely an easy to understand one inch straight uniformly across the top and the bottom. On the other hand, if shoe factories cannot produce shoes with precision control of heel spring (say, less than 1mm variations forward/backward or lateral), what's the point in recreating those...
Thus I am simply trying to understand the framework of different viewpoints.   While I do think agree that having access to the original last will be the best case scenario, but for practical purposes most would have to conduct repair jobs with whats available to them and improvise for hopefully the best solution. 
 The Truth that can be conceived and described is not the universal Truth.
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