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 Why so curious? You wont see anything significantly different.  Besides, you could probably get a good sense of how shoes are constructed from the various shoe manufacturing plant videos on youtube. Churchs dismantling.  Credit to Achille on the now defunct French depiedencap forum.              
 Plum is the color of a full glass/bottle of wine.  Claret is the color of a puddle of red wine on top of a glass-top table. Or Plum is darker than Claret, which is darker than chestnut. Both plum and claret have a hint of red hue.
 Just pointing out there's a slight difference between cutting corners and probable patterning.  If the tongue is in one piece with the vamp, I don't think the pattern allows the shaft to be cut also in one piece with the vamp.  Just saying. Ugolini designed F.U.
 Meh.  Shoelace express has more options in length, style, and color.  Such a disappointment.
I just wanna see more T&A and more blood and gore from murders of my favorite characters.
 You do realize it would be incredibly more expensive to get rid of that seam? Especially if you assume the tongue is on the same piece of leather as the vamp.  The size of the usable part of the hide would have to be rather large and wide. Cordovan are not usually that big of a size.  This shit aint long wing bluchers, its long wing boots, where much more leather is required to make the boots... Gotta have reasonable expectations.
 Preference.  Vox is a bad inspiration for most.
Thanks, son.
I have the same (or similar) pair SC in storage, probably will be purged someday.
Your next suit ain't casual suits. Strand in Walnut is a good choice if you have light color pants. Otherwise stick with mid brown strands. Fifth avenue works too but really depends on the formality of your casual pants; it does not pair well with distressed worn chinos.
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