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I respectfully disagree. Fit is paramount in any bespoke work but shape of the last is more than just a proper fit; it includes the aesthetics of the house style. It dresses the foot if you will.Thus different makers will produce lasts of different shapes despite being made for the same feet.I don't think its the toe spring that defines your style but it's that strong toe shape. Very unique. And this is a compliment by the way. It's better to have your own style than the...
The work is very clean for a shoemakers first pair of shoes. Similar to bespoke suits, different makers will have different silhouette. And this one looks quite mechanical to my eyes and the shape is not to my taste. But then again I don't like Cleverley's bespoke house style either. Nor do I like il micio. I do think it is okay to comment on the aesthetics of the last. All bespoke last shapes could be unappealing to some.
Good observation. Maybe orthotics?
I was not talking about fit or shoemaking nuances but aesthetics and the shape of the last.
FWIW, it's a shoemakers first pair of shoes. Workmanship looks very good for a new maker. Last shape could be improved dramatically but then my guess is the last was modified from an existing American plastic last. Maybe it's just the angle.
Can't the top/facing/galoshes piece be joined at the facing? It's a huge split there already?What I meant is there's no medial or side or back seam at all.
It would be more awesome if the balmoral line is parallel to the top line instead of curving up near the heels/ankle. Then again, I am not sure if it's probable if possible.
London Lobb?  Unique design.
 There's a difference between buying shoes to the spec vs. buying "BMW" level shoes at $100-$300. 
Most shoes mentioned in your reply cost north of $300.The best shoe he can get is used vintage Florsheim Imperial Kenmoor in Cordovan. Usually runs about $150 on eBay. Awesome shitkicker.
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