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I heard exactly the same thing from Ambrosi, in person nonetheless.
Which Cosby Show? lol
Mixing two lights and call it a dark. Interesting.
That color is nowhere close to the color of Ox' blood. It's at most cognac.
Seinfeld is so boring and dry. But then again I don't live around NYC and I eat pork.I suffered through a few episodes of Friends but would rather watch infomercial than Seinfield.
Boots are not necessary in NorCal unless you work in constructions. We have the drought season and the occasional raining season. Even when it rains it doesn't really pour. Besides, unless you are going to be in SF, most likely than not you will split time between office buildings and cars.
 Fly to Singapore. G&G visits there. Or get your own last made using whatever means accessible to you, send it to Vass. 
Man, how many inhouse or outsourced apprentices/makers does Suzuki have?  With the number of trunk shoes he's doing overseas it seems like there's barely any tie left for him to make shoes...
Cordovan will be better for that test. It's from horses ass after all.
Bed time in 5 mins. That's a true -#menswear pajama.
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