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Globex 2061.   Quite a few not so good news from Asian companies on the Tech side as well.  Got good time arbitrage opportunities this quarter as US companies for this quarter is reporting a week later than the Asian dudes.
 I thought u would say LB James.
 Same person. 
My guess is they going to 7 since they alread restructured debt and equities for major holders. Which means equity is going to crater.The major owners already got bailed out with their offering of share swap to converts earlier this year.But then I am not an distressed investor nor a bankruptcy lawyer/banker.
 Don't be mean. Not everyone is from an well endowed family and knows about luxury or high quality shoes when they are young. Besides, high priced shoes are more of a hobby than practical "investments".
Here's the forum's shoe care thread:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/228153/the-official-shoe-care-thread-tutorials-photos-etc/0_100   Good job on shoe trees and shoe horn.  Now get some shoe polish and conditioner.  Kiwi brown wax and lexol conditioner works fine.  Those with a brush and an old t-shirt will get you through 95% of the shoe maintenance.
6 hours flight from Tokyo? You should have plenty of access to top shoemakers in Hong Kong and Taipei unless you want to visit the lessor known ones!!
Your local shoe/luggage repair cobblers should have everything you need.  They should all carry the stiff and soft brushes, more shoe cream than you could imagine, tons of waxes, lexol conditioner, and all things shoecare related.  Use old T-shirt and skip the expensive 'polishing' clothes.  Or your local Safeway/Rons/supermarket or Rite-Aid/Walgreens/drugstore .  Saphir is not needed.    For conditioning, Lexol conditioner works wonders.  Or Bick4.    To clean fabric...
 http://www.amazon.com/Saphir-Renovating-Cream-Tube-Brown/dp/B002A980RO/ref=sr_1_18?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1460843280&sr=1-18&nodeID=7141123011&keywords=saphir+shoe+care There are tons of vendors online, from Hanger Project, Wingtip, all the way to UK vendors and eBay and Amazon.  Search for best pricing. This product has tons of color pigments, hardens, can be used to fill minor cracks/cuts.  Shoe goo will also harden to a pliable surface.  Just need to put a but of dye...
 He used to be a maker for JL St James. 
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