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Got it. I am happy that G&G has in house makers nowadays. I love Shoji's work. Very inconspicuous, understated, and yet flashy, in an Zen way. Or wabi sabi if you will.
 No.  Hell no.  Theoretically, you are right, but in practice you are wrong. Have you visited the bespoke shoe thread?  There are unworn pairs by top makers because they don't fit, and there are fugly poorly made pairs by unknown makers that fits like a bag. Bespoke is a process, not a destination.  Fit will improve over time but will be off initially, thus trial fittings/shoes and the continuous feedback after the shoes are delivered. No, bespoke shoes doesn't always fit...
@j ingevaldsson When Dean measured me, he traced side profile of my feet but didn't use the foam box.  Is the way he measures specific to himself or is the house' measuring process evolving?
Interesting product pictures aint creepy.  Or are you trying to peddle animal shaped handbags like how LV peddled sakura print handbags a decade ago?
What's Redwing's SuperSole Welt construction?
 The other problem is how the toe fans out from the center line.  Some have feet that grew inwards, some are neutral, and some grew outwards.  The former is will fit all G&G lasts or all those crazy pointy lasts as asymmetrical lasts are all the rage nowadays. The middle will be a bit harder to fit but should squeeze in most w/o much problems.  The latter one, which is most likely developed from unconstrained feet growth when young, will have trouble fitting in the more...
 Toe space length/width is as important as heel to ball length if not more. but isn't usually captured in sizing information.  Most RTWs have no arch supports and I doubt anyone could feel a damn thing about wrong heel to ball length.  Toe space, on the other hand, will cause all sorts of deformities.  The RTW last might not for you, but those pressure points could be solved with shoe stretching liquids + shoe stretcher.  Is it just rubbing against the very outside of your...
Was it before or after the Vogue article?
 Wrong thread.  This belongs to creepy sartorial pictures thread
Anyone got recommendations for good work boots?  Not urban lumberjack work boots, but actually boots on the ground dirty gardening work boots with maybe steel toe.   Just so I can further protect my feet/boots from more rock and mattock scratches.
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