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Pictures of his sample shoes?
Seal nose?
Did they use 3" wood screw to tack insole to last????? Two solutions, 1) get a new pair since this is a visible defect, or 2) get full length sick liner to glue over and call it a day, aka C&J, Vass, Saint Crispin style. p.s., won't be a problem to the shoes but definitely a QA issue.
Resident shoe care thread 'expert'.
Ma wasn't the CEO at IPO either; it was Jonathan Lu.
It's on your feet not on your face. Shouldn't be much of a problem at all.
Oh hai dere. I like them capris.
Don't feed the troll.
It would be difficult to build up wax mirror shine on top of Robsons. Great wax for matted shine, hard to mirror or to use as base layer.
Wear two layers of rubber to prevent slippage.
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