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Cap toe balmoral. G&G Kent is of a similar design; you could most likely MTO to have toe cap added. The pair you posted is bespoke made by Anthony Delos.
Awesome boots. Great packaging presentation by Cleverley. Much better than G&G or both John Lobbs.
He also gets test fitting shoes and hopefully his own last modification for a true MTM. DC Lewis doesn't do that.Is it Jack Peng? Just curious.
Not reptile.
Why not croc?
Man you carrying some automatics? That's a lot of target for a trigger lol
PCK, how much arch support do those test shoes have? And how far do heel stiffeners extend forward?
You can always wear tweeds to big bear to take styfo selfies. It does snow up there.
There's none.
As long as NMWA sponsors. But you might have to sign Pitti as the home court.
New Posts  All Forums: