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Wow you guys size down from US size a lot... Usually it's 1 size down from US to JL.
Shoe trees don't stretch leather shoes if they are of the right size.
It's just full sock liner in different pre cut sizes and JL stamp. Less than 1mm thick. Good way to fill a bit of empty space inside the shoes. Need to cement them.
But doesn't increase velocity of money. Negative interest rate supposedly will force bank to lend and increasing velocity and pump money into the system though it could reduce money supply
Again you are generalizing all GY welted shoes to the same quality standard when in fact it ranges from leather board insoles to high quality thick shoulder insoles.It's as bad as equating the quality of shoes made by shoemaking apprentices using scraps as the same as master shoemakers using primes.
Current method might be an improvement over the old due to huge advancement in material science over the past several decades and one less process in producing insoles.
Read the more valuable comments above. My G&G bespoke didn't have problem taking colors from creams. Finishing problem exists for a good reason.
Sucks when stating facts is politically incorrect in this thread.
JMWestin raise insole before cementing gemming thus their inseaming stitched welt, insole, and gemming together. Technically it's gemming stitched to the insole.
Not really. SC problems are mostly clicking and finishing related.And occasional pegs falling out.Just stating facts. I only have 5 pairs and one of them has making problem and one clicking. Won't buy them unless I find steep discount.
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