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Yohei Fukuda.
Can't be worse than cronut.
Holy shit. That trial shoes look better than most high end RTW shoes specifically better leather than SC. Nice twisted last and shape. Not a fan of floating medallion tho.
Intel, Google, and many other tech firms have foothold there due to cheap hydro electricity for their fabs and data centers.And of course, our #menswear idol lived there as well as the origin of #urbanlumberjack and crafts beer. And bacon donut.
Sunnyvale was home to many silicon fabs with heavily polluted soils. And downtown Sunnyvale was a ghost town just a decade ago.Mountain View became what it is because it's literally a ghetto with an abundance of cheap Chinese food. But thanks to Google it's property price skyrocketed while its school district remains solid waste compare to the other cities you mentioned.Cupertino home prices is a byproduct of heavy Chinese population and Apple stock price.
Housing prices is ridiculous at South Bay as well. Mountain View was ghetto China town and now nothing below $1M. Deserted and heavily polluted Sunnyvale is about the same.
At which point does black become white?
Looking forward to work with some japanese shoemakers!!
Are they cut fuller than the flat fronts ij the current inventory?
I like narrow ballz
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