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It looks like he glues an additional layer of leather and welt on it. Don't think he replaces the insole for the top one. For the bottom one it looks interesting; there's a lot of gap between upper nailed at the heel and the insole, and the cavity creates by the welt and the insole is quite pronounced with his technique of no carved holdfast. Maybe DWFII could shine some light on the issues.
How do you tell it's lightweight thread?It looks different than those usual heavy waxed and conditioned white threads I've seen in various pictures and videos.
To give the guy some credit he does make hand welted boots with modified lasts. Not the cleanest work I've seem but sufficient for work boots.
He hand welt on gemming, not create a new holdfast on a new insole.
Quote: Creepy Sartorial Pictures threak material right here.  Moose Toe Alert. 
 Insole?  Or you mean sock lining? Rubber cement or shoe goo will do.
Fedora Lounge has an affiliate thread on SF nowadays?
Native Americans cleansed by Englishmen wears mocs. But Native Americans cleansed by the Spanish wears sandals.
 Everything fails and everyone dies.  Only art is immortal.
Correct me if I am wrong, but shoes are created around soles to protect the feet, not as bags to dress them up. Thus the abundance slippers, sandals, and mules in early histories. And then boots for horseback riding.
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