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Hi grasshoppers.
http://theshoegame.com/articles/finance-sneakers-flight-club.html   Time for someone making an Menswear version of Flight Club to finance #menswear shoes.
Its at most an appetizer at that size.
 Yup that's the picture I talked about. You mean the post made by @Caustic Man is the parody to the picture made many years ago? 
 I do thank you for organizing and bringing those makers to San Francisco.  With or without compensations.
 Italian styled jacket in Italy using Italian fabrics, but is NOT sold in Italy. And with that logic, PJT's top line is also Italian styled jacket made in Italy using Italian fabrics.  So what's the cultural origin behind its brand identity?  Italian? Australian? or The Internet? p.s., food in America is by default Americanized or effected by local American ingredient that might not be accessible or have limited accessibility in foreign countries, thus its still possible...
 Well its not speed hook, so you could place a piece of cloth over the eyelets from the inside, take a small hammer and flatten the eyelet clamps. It's just faulty installed eyelets.  My Trickers had it worse, but nothing much I could do to remedy the badly installed speed hooks by a local cobbler.
 Want to use leathers for insole, outsole, welt?  Put that in your RFQ manufacturing spec.  Define better lasts.  It's quite a personal preference.  And whichever fits one best is the best last.
 Every brand has an identity, which sometimes has a nationality or cultural origin behind it.  And being associated with Napoli or Neapolitan style is all the rage nowadays for suits/pants, even the Asian tailors are doing Neapolitan style suits. Swiss watch, Northampton shoes, Neapolitan suits.  Marketing.
 And the Asian manufacturers I've talked to are volume shoe manufacturers with a GY/handwelted shoe operation on the side.  I am certain that they have larger economy of scale compare to Carmina.  Or than 1MM shoes per year volume of Yanko quoted earlier in this thread. Nothing against the Carmina/Meermin or other Spanish shoe manufacturers/shoemakers, just pointing out the reality vs forum hype.
New Posts  All Forums: