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No problem with upper durability. I had one from '98 and they were fine.If anything, both insoles and outsole will probably deterior faster than upper for RTW shoes.
Kudu or sea turtle?Didn't they hosted one earlier this year? Some bespoke samples were on sale too.
I like my hand sewn G&G bespoke more than my G&G RTW. Wears better as well.I never requested for gemming for my bespoke orders. Because I know it's unreliable and sub par.Maybe you don't agree. And you are more than welcome to bespeak gemmed shoes.
You mean Meyers is gonna buy some more her husbands VC Investments? Or that YELP deal that she been drooling since her time at GOOG?
Great trading stocks.Hanergy (566.HK), worlds largest solar company by market cap, cut by half just this week. Or YingLi (YGE), worlds second largest panel maker, went from $4 to $1 in a year.
It's a TV show not a literacy piece. The finale was a snooze feast. Maybe they gonna femmie it up with Peggy the MadWoman sequel or Sterling prequel soap opera...
Wait, they are not Ninjas?
At least it's not Avon.
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