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Probably different maker at G&G.
Why clean them? New shoes are not dirty by any standards. You could always polish them to make them yours but I don't see the points of doing any cleaning besides brushing, let alone any recommendation of using striping products like deglazer or renomat.Just lightly wax the welt threads and wear them.Or in the rare case of vintage shoes that's been sitting in inventory for decades, condition before wear.
I think it makes a lot of sense for US bespoke patrons to send shoes to the Japanese for full hand sewn welter resole. AFAIK Guild of Crafts charges a price similar, at below $500. Compare to say a bespoke resole at JLP or G&G, it's a huge bargain.
You are not suppose to wear overshoes over suede shoes.
Yes. More toe room for MH71. Width and length are the same. Beware of any cap toe oxfords; they tolerate the least margin of error for fit.
You can always use an medallion at the toe cap instead of using one of those heavily textured exotic leathers.
Alfred Sargent has the same window and size markings.
 On this forum or even worse on Tumblr/Reddit, its people buying suits one size too small and two length too short. Some highly celebrated posters on this forum are actually people who are in the trade.  And its a not always a good thing for normal folks looking at them as the standard bearer. 
Shoe trees are not marked with shoe number but the order number, and it started just these few years. SC trees are not lasted per se; only the front half are lasted and fit well, with waist and heel poorly fitted. This is in comparison to lasted trees for my bespoke pairs.
Nice. Sewn waist instead of pegged waist.
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