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Ouch. I got called closed minded by one of the most closed minded persona on this thread.I am not a big time blogger and I vote with my money not blog posts. I don't have to be afraid to speak the truth and to offend shoemakers, marketers, retailers, or affiliated vendors.
Caveat emptor. I am merely writing about the competitive landscape.Sure you can patron the US makers. Rational patrons should consider the availabilities, capabilities, experiences, pedigree, price, traveling costs of different makers.Unfortunately some makers charges beyond themselves and that's not limited to US makers only.p.s., Saint Crispins is very expensive for its quality. For HW there's always Vass.
Nope. Being able to reach the pinnacle of any trade has nothing to do with personality.You are born with it. 10000 hours rule or tons of practice and experience is only a prerequisite of being good in something. But they won't turn average joe Michael Jordan, Einstein, or Picasso.
1. Rough side out.2. Yes.3. My leather shoes never shrank length wise. But leather sole for outdoors is an extremely bad choice; it doesn't keep your shoes dry. Hand welted (or gyw) construction is really bad in keeping feet dry as well. But if you are silly enough to believe in them, beware of trench foot.4. did you ask for half or full sole?
Fact is, you disrespect my personal experience because I am not a shoemaker. You disrespect NickV's professional experience because his not a shoemaker.But now you are saying DWW knows something about shoemaking disregarding the fact that his not a shoemaker.Your stance changed because of a PR blog post.
I am not calling M a liar. So don't put words in my mouth.I am merely stating the fact that some of those upstart US 'bespoke' makers don't have the skill, training, or experiences compare to the EU/UK/JP or even Southeast Asia counterparts.
His ability to make shoes has nothing to do with his personality.
With DWFII's logic, DWW isn't a shoemaker and doesn't get his fingernails dirty so his opinions is worthless and his understanding Jon Snow.
This troll is alerting people from marketing hyped and point out the deficiencies in some makers shoes or exaggerated experiences.Coincidentally you have been very diplomatically avoiding commenting on other shoemakers faults. Almost to a degree of paid PR/review. even though you are not.
Thanks for catching autocorrect typo.I respect your opinion but I believe it's the opposite. No I don't make shoes, I buy them.From suiting perspective, adjusting block patten is MTO not bespoke. So I would think adjusting an existing generic last would be MTO not bespoke.From a customers perspective, be it a kabuki show or not, using a last making bench/knife is quite an impressive sight. Second only to cutting fitting shoes open.
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