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Ding ding ding PC police!!I like shoes. I drop by random shoe threads. Any problems?
Hear hear. Don't get all butt hurt about the truth.Reddit audience is younger and more casual urban woodsman oriented. Also, they tend not to focus on top shelf priced shoes like JL, EG, SC, or the lessor known high quality makers, or bespoke.
How can you not like speed hooks? You literally cut your lacing time to less than 3 seconds, 5 for tall calf height boots...
Is Balkan Sobrannie a cigarette? I used to smoke Sobrannir Black Russian, heavy musky flavors.
Silicon Valley.Tech people from 90s are usually t shirt and khakis/jeans/shorts.But the current generation of "tech" (they are not) people are now dress like urban woods mans or one of those hipster variations.Edit: and the black dude is so Hollywood PC. They hardly exist in the tech world.
Reddit sub forum named Goodyearwelt where kids hangout for typically lower price point shoes.
Carmel is too cold for him.  All those pacific fog and fresh local foods are tough to get used to.
 Bad print = delayed hike/moar QE = market up. It's been the trend ever since 2009. Thus the name, pain trade.  Buying is a huge pain because fundamentals not there, not buying gives you the pain of missing out. Just BTFD!
Actually the top guy is the typical IT nerd while the bottom guy screams Hollywood stereotype fail.
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