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Still dead wrong. See Meermin thread. Or talk to makers. Or talk to ODMs.Modifying designs using CAD programs only improves on the process efficiency but does not help at all in improving aesthetics. We would have many more Picassos or Michelangelos if it does, but instead we get selfies and trolls like you.
 Wrong.  Its very difficult to execute.  Very difficult. 
Doesn't matter if its his own brand or not.  Nor its anything about construction quality.  Its as shrunken as Uniqlo standard style.   Shrunken collar doesnt work with wide airport runway lapels; its works better with slim lapels aka Mad Men or RLBL style.
 You are dead wrong.  You cannot be more wrong than what you thought.  What you said is akin to saying that fixing a military cut suit pattern into drape cut is rather straightforward. It is insanely difficult to design an aesthetically pleasing last, be it RTW or bespoke.  Last is what separates shoe manufacturers and shoemaking shops. Go read the Meermin thread for reference; good chronicle of ODM'ing new lasts and how much they have stumbled along the way. There's more...
 A heartbeat away from losing your deposits/clothes. Same argument was used against McCain/Palin in 2008 when many cited that Palin is one heartbeat away from being the El Presidente de Estado Unidos de America.
 Worth another quote.  Rubinacci class act.
Say what?!?!? Have you not seen many of those hard wearing G&G bespoke shoes and boots?
Uniqlo shirt collar.
This is menswear on women thread. And you don't look like a female to me.
1. Buy name brand shoes. 2. Post picture of the shoes in the brand specific thread. 3. ??? 4. Profit.
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