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Don't some shoemakers still uses stick as a unit for shoe sizes?
Had a pair of LV Blake stitched Oxford. Light wearing, durable with topy. Very good leather.
I had that site bookmarked for a long while but didnt feel like dealing with an UK shop. Have you have any experience with them?
Why is that the case? Flushed metal toe plates are impossible to find online as well.
 Sounds like those styrofoam structures built in China, with steel core, styrofoam innards and concrete shell.  Can't even feel the difference against real concrete structures if you knock on them.  Works wonders for those ghost cities they building.
Glued-together wood scraps to be sold as wood, glued-together leather scraps to be sold as leather, glued-together beef scraps to be sold as steaks.   I am okay with industrialized products.  What I am not okay with is the claim that they are better.
Since 3pc shoe trees are mentioned. Are the Arran suede? And pre-2010 G&G made by Alfred Sargent?Also, since 3pc shoe tree is lasted, it would of course feel tight to squeeze the wider soft square last into a narrower pointed round toe shoes even at the same length.
It's already F width. DG70 could be disastrous if he needs toe room on top of the extra girth and ball width.No shoe last design is more hideous than a wide girth combined with a sleek pointed toe.
Meh.  Orange shoes is the new black.  Get some real brown shoes.
At the end of the day, only one pair of shoes can be worn at one's own funeral.
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