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Watch USDJPY or Aussie Yen for risk leverage.
Search Shoe dissection on forum. I've posted quite a few pictures.And if u want, I have a few on saint crispins as well.
GC does claim their RTW being hand welted but I have never seen any third party verification.Their shoes does look similar to shoes made by EG or AS from the sole.
I have dissection pictures of EG and G&G if you fancy those.GC is supposedly to be hand welted, but I have not seen any dissection pictures of them.
 To be fair, the guy on the left is wearing properly made Female jacket; tight everywhere but with enough breast allowance, short enough to reveal his behind.  Matches perfectly with his jeggings.
Yes sir. Thank you.
Reported last night. Miss estimates and guided down citing PC weakness.
How about rubber cement for both? Have those in my tool box. Or plumbing sealants but doing think that's a good idea.
Not everyone has the leisure, talent, or the channel to do so.That said, I'm playing around with shoes. Maybe resoling my own shoes sometimes 'soon'.Didn't DWFII have a student who was a well-off made man? That is a good position to be.
 Ah okay, PVA it is.  How about the pegs that fell out completely?  How do I fill those holes with regular home tools?  Toothpicks?  Plumbers Putty? 
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