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Someone on SF died?
It's becoming more and more like a real documentary than a spoof.
Best way to clean leather insole from barefoot shoe wearing? I've tried isopropyl ethanol, not yet vinegar or saddle soap. Or even wet twolette or hand soap?
Great episode this week. Surprised he bailed on that great job offer. But then hey what do I know.
I thought at end last 'season' Don was fired or taking a hiatus from SC. What's going on with this new happy ad firm???
That's the almost lost technique of shoe sole conditioning.
They don't have saphir mdo polishes or creams in stock. Not at least when I visited. Nice folks. Close very early. More of a distributor warehouse than retail shop.
Slipping Jimmy got a nasty brother. Like really nasty.
Would be difficult with 3D models alone. Probably need a CT scan.unlike suits, which drapes on bodies with some reinforcements, shoes turn feet into another shape without applying pain.
New Posts  All Forums: