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Was short their equities.   In finance but won't go into too much details.
 Long peanut butter brittle futures.
    LC is a credit play all about default rate.  Unregulated loan sharking company masquerade as "FinTech". China p2p lending is far worse still (or far greater profiteering opportunity), LC co-founder is running a shop in Shanghai again. There are probably hundreds of them all doing the same shit; financing speculative real estate investments.  Instead of taking second ARM mortgage to finance down payments, now they go onto p2p lending sites!!
Reno works great for excess polish. SC doesn't have that great of finish either way; more often than lot it's just thick layers of polish smeared on toe caps.
His eyes ain't blue. So I guess it's a happy ending. For now.
Hodor speaks!!!!!
 Go through your retailer to save on international shipping.  And better communication as well.
Depending on the leather it might be wiser to tell them not touching the uppers.  Unless you prefer those paint job burnishing looks ("patina" by SF standards) with toe caps several shades darker than everywhere else.  Not real patina.
I have good respect for SNDK.  In the semiconductor space there are few innovators and many designers; SNDK is/used to be the former.  INTC has been doing those "moonshot" experiment that GOOG is trying for decades; their labs are doing border line academic viability research for new techs.  All those neural network face recognition buzz has been done by Intel Lab more than a decade ago.   I like Thiel; a homosexual, libertarian Republican in the Valley, and a good...
p.s., was short $AAPL since 110s, stopped out at 95s, reentered short into earnings around 105s.
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