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Hmm looks like half size too big.  Lacing fully closed when brand new with slight extra leather on the top line.  How's the width? Might consider going down half size and width up.
 South Asians assimilated much easier into America, probably due to their long colonial history. At least in Northern California, South Asians have literally to no glass ceiling while the bamboo ceiling is very thick for East Asians.  Perfect blend of both is Singaporeans, who seems to do well in corporate settings.
 Sprezzatura.  Or capriccioso.  Happens with most manufacturers.  Remedies largely depend on the reseller's size or end customer's blog exposure.  Smaller resellers or end customers will have to eat the mistake or their orders might be pulled.  For large resellers those stock will end up on factory sale floor (or in the hands of other resellers).
 No pictures. One of my pair has different top line height.  More than a few pairs posted on this forum has the patterns not aligned on the last or use generic pattern on all different lasts. And other issues not worth turning this thread into a dissing EG discussion.
Shoemaker: Saint Crispins Price Point: Top Tier Origin: Romania Type: RTW, MTO Welt: Construction: Hand sewn inseaming, machine sewn outsole Style: Central European AVG Cost: $1500 Pros: MTO flexibility.  Last adjustment capability.  Good leather.  Excellent finishing.  Low resoling costs.  Trunk shows in many cities.  Short lead time of ~3 months.  Able to order with trial shoes and personal lasts. Cons: Inconsistent leather quality.  Inconsistent build quality.  Known...
 How about first update EG's info with lasting problems and MTO quality control issues first?
Buying $1000+ shoes.  Uses shoe store/factory lacing.  Awesome. 
Edward Green has quality control problems, e.g., some lasting problems, MTO inconsistency with small volume resellers, etc.   Don't think this thread will work, especially for fans of different brands brushing off the con's as one off black swan cases.
European bar lacing.
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