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 If that's the case they need to trim the fat before the meal is cooked, not after...
 Not when you evaluate on the domestic deals they passed.  GOOG, FB, etc.  Most other domestic deals they've done is shit.  Oversea deals are all great.
 That tune has been sung for too many times.  Their fundamental problem is Marissa Meyer.
Areo is that strong in the books? He sure is just a pedestrian with a name in the TV series. No boobs = quick death.   Mountain lived long enough from Viper's poison to gouge Viper's eyes out. 
Well, if you liked it at $130, you will love it at $95, and marry it at $55.
 They miss expectation because they didn't send enough free burrito coupons my way.
 Apple: 2.3% forward dividend wiped out in less than 5 mins of aftermarket action isn't fun. Curse of Silicon Valley rarely fails. Micron: Hynix reported last night and guiding 2Q DRAM shipment up teens. Channel inventory tight.
Just like how the kennels disappeared when they saw Big D the Squire.
Fabrics from JoAnne or Hancook?
New Posts  All Forums: