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Ackman on CNBC defending VRX. And shorts squeezed. And people probably realized Buffet isn't that great of an investor across different styles.
Billionaire bitch fight. Too bad Buffet didn't call in when Ackman was on CNBC like Ichan.
 That's how the show went downhills. 
 I attribute it to their great cinematography.
 Well, she doesn't know yet.  And to kill her brother-in-law as a no-one? Besides, its so cliche for that to happen.  GOT is built on suspense and surprises.
 What's a joke is that Lending Club's ABS sold by GS/Jefferies can't even get a rating from the S&P/Moody's/Fitch. Akin to a credit score from Klout or Yelp instead of Experian/TransUnion/Equifax.
 Inside Boiler Room I presume?
 And some customer might just walk out of the door without paying and some other customers might request the whole ticket comp'ed. On a side note, ONDK down 28% after they report. Its ludicrous to hear that these lenders claiming their "big data" "crowd sourced" credit model will get better as they originate more loans. Like banks and credit card processors arent doing that already a decade ago...
 Equities in Dallas  The only thing distressing is I am net short going into today.
 I am 25% John Lobb instead of 25% Coke like Buffet
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