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If you are interested in science, here's something from CAD/CAM ergonomics and informatics researchers.   The degree of toe spring in a last depends on several factors, namely the heel height, the shoe style, the upper material, and the general flexibility of the shoes.  When the heel height is high, the toe spring is lower. Stiff upper material requires more toe spring.  Furthermore, toe spring depends on the purpose of the footwear.  Normally walking shoes need more...
 1. For bespoke, you do have a personal last with extensive last adjustments, with potential for unique patterns.  Some makers offer in-welt fittings w/ semi-finished shoes, some offers trial shoes, while some don't do fitting.  There are also remote bespoke offerings as well for makers w/ less fame or foreign makers. For most MTO, last adjustment options could be limited and pattern adjustments/making is limited; using stock patterns as well instead of patterns made...
Properly installed Topy's will not alter the balance. Cobblers should grind down a thin layer of outsole before cementing Topy, so the overall thickness of the sole doesn't change.And adding a 0.5mm thick outsole should tip shoes out of balance. Without Topy, shoes could easily lose at least that, if not more, from regular wear and tear. Afterall outsoles are usually 4-5mm thick and they are designed to be worn through.
Buy The Fucking Dip. Since markets always move higher and Fed is always going to rescue.
That's why people whom never been through 89, 91, 97, 01, 08, 10 correction/bear markets love to BTFD. They will become more rational after a bear market. Until then, BTFD!
 23 excluding suede drivers, five fingers, or golf/basketball shoes.
Wearing shoes?  That's so not #menswear.   I dislike buying new shoes because it prevents me from wearing the old.
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