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You could refurbish Blake stitched shoes as well abide less frequently. Also, in real raining conditions, neither prevents water going into the insole.
Some more precision adjustments for more space around ring toe and heel bone spur at right shoe, toe clearance on the left shoe. Initial shoes fit was perfect and most of the problems come up after 4+ hours of activities. I strongly recommend test shoes for those hard to fit folks whose going through MTO.
My el cheapo leather slippers from Zara have formed according to my footprints. From my experiences, my GYW shoes insole leather all distorted and formed a footbed around my feet contour. Orthotics inserts themselves are designed to be footbeds, replacing the functions and the breaking in process of leather insole.
I used the last modification program. Fit is good but still not perfect. Should went with testing shoes instead. And personalized lasts.
So according to that chart Navy shoes are the most versatile... And no black shoes with tan pants... And all those grasshopping peacocks... I blame StyFo. Or MFA.
There are shoe washing services in Japan. It's probably useful on high humidity parts of the world.
DWFII rarely if ever thread into those standard circle jerking brand specific threads to break up the daisy chain. Mostly it's those brand fanboys ventured outside and heard a differentiated opinion and face melt.Not to defend DWFII, but his quality standard is the bare minimum at the high end of the shoe spectrum. See the bespoke shoe thread.
Very nice. How do they wear?
 Most of them no longer posts on SF.  And the very few actual shoemakers left on SF are willing to jump into this cesspool. Besides, if its Nick V. vs DWFII, why not let them sort it out and observe their shared wisdom?
 On what basis do you have to discredit DWFII's experience and expertise in both shoemaking and shoe repairs?  On what basis do you have to validate Nick V's experience and expertise in shoe repairs?  And how many shoe manufacturing plants or workshops have you personally visit and tour to assume DWFII is speculating on the retail operations? Just because Nick V's experiences validates your argument does not make DWFII's experiences any less true.
New Posts  All Forums: