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 In the long run, we are all dead.  So everything is short term relatively. :)
I remember seeing that being stated publicly.    And from a manufacturing standpoint, they should utilize as much of the hide as possible without sacrificing quality.   John Lobb's leather quality has always seen top notch compare to other RTW makers, and unlike some high end makers, I personally havent seen any decline in material used.   But its just me.
 Apple is still a computer company.  Google is still a search engine.  Both still made 90%+ of their revenue from their core competency. Facebook, 7 years after its rebirth, is still a display media company.  Nothing has changed, and not much will. All these companies' strategies are still about enhancing stickiness of their platform so they could keep selling the same product, be it a computer on your desk/lap/pocket/wrist, a spot on your browser search results, or a spot...
 It's going to take a long while before we can see they reform their Board. Still has three ex-fucking-CEO on there...
 Short term by IRS means 1 year or less...
 Or maybe, to ones facial complexion, hair color, glasses rim material!  What do you mean?  Shoes are supposed to be a visual anchor that puts a man on the ground, to provide the foundation of a figure. Or do you prefer navy suits with light tan shoes levitation that's often seen in NYC?
 No.  Its designed for no one with standard length/width, and graded up/down according to specs.
 Shrinking, stretching, re-lasting, or anything that could be done to avoid remaking the shoes... I don't think its usual for bespoke customers to take lasts/patterns as part of the delivery specified on the order sheet, but maybe it could be arranged with some of the makers for a price.
Bespoke is RTW for everyone else as the fit will be off. RTW for everyone is not bespoke for someone, until most of the fit issues/compromises have been resolved by a cobbler.
Deal with your bespoke maker when the problem arises.
New Posts  All Forums: