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Reddit sub forum named Goodyearwelt where kids hangout for typically lower price point shoes.
Carmel is too cold for him.  All those pacific fog and fresh local foods are tough to get used to.
 Bad print = delayed hike/moar QE = market up. It's been the trend ever since 2009. Thus the name, pain trade.  Buying is a huge pain because fundamentals not there, not buying gives you the pain of missing out. Just BTFD!
Actually the top guy is the typical IT nerd while the bottom guy screams Hollywood stereotype fail.
So now this manton obituary is turning to a discussion about brio Beijing?
Same shit different name.
They could come from either inferior leather parts were used, or the texture of celastica underneath is peaking through. Neither are good.
Don't know how you drive but usually only heel top lift is touching the ground, not the heel counters. To fix coloring, use one of those suede color/conditioning sprays. Or use a brass brush try to raise the nap.
Color is close to their bespoke box.
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