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A lot of Saint Crispins size 7.5F were just posted, prices range from $550 to $750. Great deal.
Shoecare products are needed to make shoes look good, not prolong their useful lives. Don't believe anything on Hanger Project or any vender. They are just trying to sell more stuff. Shoe care is an area where you can buy $100 total worth of supplies and they could last for years of not decades. I fell pray to vender marketing long before Hanger Project's time and I stockpiled creams, waxes, and dyes in many different colors. More than just a few conditioners, etc.. ...
I don't know anyone whose butt ends a few inches higher than their crotches.
 That pair on this forum is mine.  And Shoesnob's blog's theres another pair.
 Black suit with black shirt and a red tie is just really bad taste.  Might as well get yourself a name tag and be a teller at Bank of America inside your local supermarket.  Or go sell used car audio equipments. Or you could opt for black suit with black shirt and a white tie for the Yakuza look. In all honesty, if you really fancy black suit with black ties and black shirts, I would suggest you get them in very different textures to have some variations.  Mind you, that...
 Shooman on the other forum did receive a second fitting for his bespoke pair.
O man, if you cannot identify there's only a few on this forum thats more familiar to leathers...  maybe message bengal stripe, dwfii or shoefan?
Certain people sniff Renovateur instead of sniffing glues too.
I thought Cleverly does do fitting using semi-finished shoes instead of a separate pair of fitting shoes.
Black suit is classic menswear.
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