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It sounds like you are walking into someone's bedroom and lecture him how he should fuck his wife. That said, if you already have working relationship with several cobblers it's best to stay that way. p.s., don't think it's usual to have wood inset for flushed metal toe plates.
That is a clean insole. Do you get insole dimples on the inside with this technique?
I am not commenting on the quality of his work. My point is, no shoemaker should be discredited only because he is hand rewelting a pair of RTW shoes. Nothing wrong with shoemaker doing shoe repairing work, it's part of their job.
Why would manufacturers will insert last for outsole sewing when the argument against them is about cost cutting?And why would they need last inserted when sewing rapid outsole, when last was not even needed when sewing Blake outsole/rapid midsole?
What happens to giving upstarts benefit of the doubts? On one hand you are saying there are upstart HW shoemakers in the US making good shoes at low prices, in the other hand you won't even give benefits of the doubt to upstart Japanese shoemakers.And what's easier for hand welting bespoke shoes? Getting insoles to block and carve holdfast, getting/finding machinery to adhere gemming, or buying off the shelf insole with gemming attached?I know for sure the latter two is...
Pain + Reflection = Progress. A few bad trades this year or I should still be positive for the year. Now I only outperform SPX by a few points.
Hard to tell for sure. He started his shop last year as well. There are a few shoemakers whom were briefly ex station workers/outworkers for big name UK/EU guys whom opened shop in Japan. Not sure if he's one of them. Quite a few complaints about those guys online too.
Are you a bespoke shoemakers who doesn't help your customers resole or repair their shoes because cobbler is a lowly job?How do hand sewn outsole or hand sewn welt differently done by cobbler and shoemakers aside from what they called themselves?And specifically in this example, what is wrong of his ability to rewelt a pair of RTW shoes?You don't have to like me. But don't bring your grumpy old wrath on the info I've correctly commented. For example, calling other...
Which part of doing shoe repairing work to supplement bespoke shoemaking income do you not understand?Or if any shoemaker takes shoe repairing work disqualify himself be called as a shoemaker?Your professional opinion, as a shoemaker, about other shoemakers is worth as much as the success of your former student/apprentice. That says how much you have done to further the craft.And now you are dissing other up and coming shoemakers from your ivory tower. Damn.Are you here to...
That's a lot of shit talking coming from a shoemaker/cobbler towards another shoemaker/cobbler.What's the point in descrediting other shoemakers? How does that benefit you?AFAIK, you been doing repair work in addition to making bespoke shoes. And this guy is doing the same thing...p.s, there are other renowned shoemakers in Japan that has separate cobbler shops that does hand sewn re-welting, hand carved feather or gemming
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