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SOP. Used welts most likely than not don't have the same integrity as new welts thus cannot be feed into the standard production line. But once welt is replaced, it feeds right onto the standard flow with tried and tested quality control.
By the way, unless you doing some really fine carving or shaping work, ceramic paring knives ain't bad. And paring knives don't really need to be sharpened that frequently since they don't get banged against surfaces.
EUR is almost at parity compare to USD. To sharpen, just get ChoSera (super ceramic) sharpening 'stones'. 1000 and 2500 grit. Pretty easy. It's almost necessary if you cook a lot or use knives on hard surfaces like all those 'environmental friendly' bamboo chopping boards.
Looking forward to some bespoke shoe pictures.
Time for a blindfolded smell test.
Lies, damn lies, and statistics.
Any updates on the said program?
The storyline would only make sense to us people who watched Breaking Bad previously
Well at least Mike waited 5 apples time for the man to throw the trash out to see the cash, and then used his black light to trace the money to the sink.Why the exchange? I don't know. But Mike isn't really a 'bad' guy per se. And Mike and Jimmy both got their own code.Its interesting to see the characters develope their code. And I am way more interested to see how Jimmy break down to becoming Saul.
He looks way taller than 6' looking at the relativ position of door knobs/frame to his body.
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