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 same.  both are awesome.  All tanks are good.  Lucio is OP as fuck healer.  Soldier76, Mccree, Reaper, and Tracers play like typical FPS. Genji the fucking ninja is OP as hell.
Luffield +1.   Also Klein, limited edition 1998 imitation brogue.
 Great game.  Been playing since close beta last November. Last FPS I've played over 5hr/week was Descent in 1995.  LOL. btw, open beta already started.  Queue time is really good compare to close beta.
 I love Blizzard and I think Overwatch Onlywatch is going to be a hit. Still though, with its flat revenue/EPS growth ATVI is a hard sell. :s
 My guesstimate, using indexed ad impression counts on both Facebook/Instagram, is more than 50% of Facebook's revenues are from mobile gaming companies.  Same shit 5 years ago where most of their sales are coming from Facebook gaming co like Zynga/Farmville. Facebook is a mobile gaming play, just like Baidu is a Chinese spending on healthcare/drug/health related products play.  And you know people love to play mobile games and Chinese love taking health...
I like Twitter and use it way more than Facebook as it has much greater information value.  But its inability to gain users during an election cycle is very concerning especially with #Trump2016 and #FeeltheBern phenomenon.  
US P2P lending didn't cut out banks. They originate loans but the underwriting is done by issuing banks before the loans are repackaged into ABS and dumped on investors.The idea of providing more credit is great. But in reality they have all incentives to push out new issues like iBank credit deals and thus creating credit bubbles at times.Thankfully those P2P issues ain't rated by the big 3 so sovereignties and large institutilns can't own them. The p2p lending bubble is...
JLP bespoke has really amazing shape that's unparalleled to many other makers.
Trump and Ichan are good friends.
They have different leather options.
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