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 There's also light weight calf.  The different weight reduces the weight of shoes and, of course, lighter weight means thinner leather and less durable.  Perfectly fine for house slippers and summer loafers. Misty and museum calf came from different tanneries afaik.
Or rather, people who posts changed as well as influx of vender spams.
 You can't get the former in 500ml or 1L bottles.
Your problem is trying to stretch shell.Otherwise you can stretch leather stiffeners...
 Wear your shoes to know how they age.
  No.  Living human skin isn't the same as tanned animal leather.
Wait what? Which part of his pricing is t transparent? Its based in UK thus it lists prices in £... Or do you visit Japan and complaint to local merchants that they don't list their prices in €?
For shoe care, more is more.Just pour liberally onto a cloth, test on conspicuous spot to make sure no discoloration, then smear all over your shoes. Wait dry or over night for absorption then buff.Oh, and they are excellent leather dye base as well. Mix them with leather dye and paint away. They help leather dye penetrate deeper. And after dying, they could also be used as lubricant to remove the excess pigments.
Heritage is important as to how companies institutionalize their style. For example, JLP bespoke from 20+ years ago have the similar silhouette and quality as Gatto of yore and JLP of today (sans the shoe trees; they doing it in house nowadays instead of outsourcing). Or how the old G&G bespoke quality improved as they move shoemaking in-house and as their in-house shoemaker learned and grew. In other words, no institutionalize processes, the quality/design depends on...
It's a summary from a discussion thread that perpetuated for many many years. This is the 6th generation thread. Heritage is part of the consideration. It's very impactful in Japan as well as in UK/America. Also, from dissection pictures, G&G isn't better made than EG and lacks the history, but as DWFII would say it's just comparing a whole bunch of hemmed shoes. Alden ranks high as its Trad with long heritage compare to AS being just another shoe factory from the...
New Posts  All Forums: