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 Must be some creative genius to make left and right shoes different. More pictures of his bespoke work please if you want to praise its his 'asymmetric' design.  We can turn this into a NV bespoke critique thread. Next up, 'its the angle of photo taken problem', not his work!
 You are conflating two separate issues - the fact that NV charges 50%+ more than Bemer and the quality of NV's work. The statement that NV charges 50%+ more than Bemer (or other top Italian makers by the way) is true, like it or not.  And there are people paying at that price, at least I hope. The other issue is the quality of NV's bespoke work, which is somewhat unique, not yet having its strong house style, but having some quality concerns.  .You can observe the Italian...
+1  Lets post less picture of his bespoke works for NV's benefit.
 Are you arguing for the case that NV is making better shoes than the now deceased SB? I understand there's probably a lot of money behind him, just like there's a lot of money behind SBemer (the brand, not the deceased shoemaker).  And I wish these two enterprises great success. Objectively speaking, in terms of price range and the work done, I think there's still quite a bit of room for improvement.
   Given that these are bespoke so no comment on fit can be made.  But as I've stated previously, don't post photos of his shoes for critique; nothing good ever comes out of it. Besides, Styleforum has this atomsphere where most maker's work cannot be critiqued and only praises are popular.
 I don't speak Italian but I do speak multiple languages and learn to respect the nuances. Some Italian shoemakers call their hand welted construction as handmade goodyear as well.  Su misura is, I think, bespoke, but a direct translation would be (made) to measure.
 Point is, someone with far less experiences than their masters whom he apprenticed for, is charging a far higher price for his work. Now, lets not turn this into a critique NV bespoke shoe thread as the cards are heavily stacked against NV for obvious reasons.
 Thus, you are wrong for classifying Vass's MTM not bespoke.  Because there are makers who call bespoke shoes MTM.  I don't speak Italian, but AFAIK, the Italian term for bespoke is su misura, or to-measure in English.  That is MTM. Gotta respect the nuances in languages and translations as not everyone is speaking American/British style English.
 I respect people who support their local craftsmen by paying premium over the very established and respected Italian shoemakers. Interestingly enough, he likely learned from these Italian master shoemakers or the likes and is capable of commanding a 50%+ price premium. Just an observation, not critiquing their work.  I am just a shoe nerd.
 If the said personalized lasts is made from reduction of an existing last, a rough turn last, etc, is it still bespoke?  And if they added leather/suede pieces in the process, is it still bespoke?  And what's the difference of reducing/incrementing a block of wood to create bespoke lasts compare to using rough turn lasts or existing lasts as a starting point, if the end result is the same? For Saint Crispins and many Japanese shoemakers, they differentiate between...
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