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Nice. Is that a new model or you asked to change the facing from their original square shape to a teardrop shape?
Black shoes in general have very bad acceptance on this forum. Even at GMTOs, people don't take black but deco black or bleached black.
WTFs wrong with his dad? Mental retardation or confusion?
The fat one and the wife beater one was. The guy in the shirt interrogating was not.
Interesting. It's going to look more formal with such smooth leather.
Are you based in Japan? Or is Fukuda visiting other countries now?
There are shoe wearers. And there are shoe collectors. And there are shoe traders. We have plenty of the latter two on this forum.
They priced me out at that price. The most expensive JL prestige I remembered was 2009 limited. But that was a tough pattern to cut.
Sounds much better than an English teacher.
Maybe luxire could print you some.
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