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Just buy. You could dye it to different color easy as it's very light
 i agree w/ u.   gyw shoes don't really keep water out unless its topy'ed or even better, vibram/danite sole.  water simply sip in from outsole into the insole regardless of how occlusive cork or whatever filler it is,, just saying that the forum consensus is wrong about the mythical gyw construction that is water resistant.
 Lady's nylon stockings > polishing mitt > yak brush IME
 Using fulfillment services?  What's the code? IMO, shipping cost really puts your shop at a disadvantage for one-off orders like a tin of navy wax or a jar of renovatuer... p.s., The marketing efforts such as your guides/blogs, prizes/contests, etc are for your inbound marketing and SEO, and trunk shows are outbound marketing.  Not to be commingled with your costs of good sold.
That's how you find ginger root.
 Look very closely at the picture.
 You will be fine.  It will be slightly more generous than 7000/8000 lasts as its country shoes.
 Its a dirty baster son of monks and blucher that gives the designer the choice of leather strap or strings to strangle herself.
The mutilation of John Lobb continues by the goth biker chick.  2016 S/S collection @ a PR firm.  They might as well do a JL x Kanye or JL x Superfuture collection instead of hiring a "designer".      
New Posts  All Forums: