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DCF is a good sanity check provided that the model has at least a few variation tables with different variables such as top like top line growth, margin expansion, decay, etc. Monte Carlo simplified. But you gotta be kidding yourself that DCF is going yield a good value; most sell side does DCF with goal seeking, aka analyst told associate the PT, associate goal seek solving. Nobody in their right mind models business cycles or economic cycles into DCF thus the valuation...
Okay. My mistake. Shoe balance, not last balance. So at which point would you suggest getting a new top lift? I only get new heels when the rubber portion is worn down to almost the first layer of leather stack.
Mr. So is really good w/ shoe patina.
 How about using the same last for HAF sole, i.e., double sole up front, single sole at the waist.  With that, heel hight should be adjusted higher to compensate for the thicker/higher front? Or, say, a worn shoes with top lift replacement.  The outsole is worn thinner but the top lift is brand new, making the heel height relatively and slightly higher than it should be. In both cases, it will misalign the shoe/last balance from a couple mm differential.  Temporal, not...
Just trolling. lolAnd yes, some makers uses the same last and and pump heel height too much and shortened the toe spring.But my conjecture is that altering heel height by 2-3mm should be within acceptable range as top lift does worn out especially the rubber part of it. Correct me if I am wrong.
 Sounds like a pair of Saint Crispins or two some years down the road for maintenance...
Very slightly longer and slightly narrower instep. I take the same in 7000 and 8695. YMMV
Just buy. You could dye it to different color easy as it's very light
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