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What's wrong with P.F.Chang's?
Right. Mounted riding in summer gears at inclement weather condition for a hundred miles right after a very long and rocky boat ride. It takes them like a week to get to Kings Landing and I assume they would be trapped on the boat for a month or two to get to north of the wall...Maybe it's more reasonable in the books. Stannis could've sacked Kings Landing if his riders were as good and agile as they were in the season finale.
 Jaime was growing/brewing the whole season.  Aside from fucking her sister in front of his dead son, he did his little protest mid season by giving Brienne Oathkeeper and ask her to protect Sensa and Arya.   And at the finale, Jaime did grow a pair against both Tywin and Cersei and released Tyrion, after learning Cersei telling Tywin to fuck off.
 It would only make sense if its a fictional fantasy, which GoT is. Otherwise, it would be insane to assume those few hundred armored knights and their horses suffers no attrition from seasickness after a long sea transport, or to assume those summer season armored knights could function in wild forests covered by deep snows. That would be a historical equivalent of Kublai Khan taken Japan and Napolean conquered Russia.
How did Mense 100k strong wildlings fell to Stannis' inproperly geared small rider army so fast??? Love the fight between Gregor and Brienne. But Arya was way cold. At least kill the poor dude who actually guarded her for so long. Did Varys jump on board the ship? Or did he took Tyrions crate down to the dock? Or that's just some other crate? Mysteries... Couldn't understand what the 3 eye crow said at the scene. Did he say he's gonna make Brandon fly???? Mountain...
Quality has very little to do with the place of manufacture.
Honestly speaking, its hard to tell if those pants are too tight without seeing the front raise.  But it does look somewhat diaper front, which is a sign of tightness.   The bigger problem is the short jacket IMO.    Either way he looks good.
Too too heavy for my liking.Double sole and square waist will make it look more masculine. Or even HAF sole could balance out the busy shaft pattern.
Watching the series from season 1 again. Man the actors were so young back in those days. And Arya gained so much girth. How was Ned Starks father and brother executed by the Mad King?
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