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Arya Stark in bikini spoiler?
Very debonair. Pockets very full too.
That is some very colorful scarf.
Perfection is an ideal that could never be reached. As you have said before, you always find three places to improve on every order despite that I find your work to be very good. I could find a few imperfect places for my past bespoke shoe orders as well despite they have done very good work as well.For me as a customer, I appreciate imperfection embedded in the pursuit of perfection. I however do not accept defects or things produced to the wrong spec.Sometimes...
Perfection is what artisans strife for. Imperfection is what we as customers need to appreciate.
If you like EG's last, then G&G would be equally as good ya?
They look rather raw and unfinished.
Ambrosi is normal height. But Mafoofan very short even with Asian standards.
One of the big risk for manufacturers to take outside repaired shoes is the inconsistency of service quality from different local cobblers. They could never tell how bad the shoes could be fucked up to be sent into their standard factory flow.
Add carpe diem to the list then.
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