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1. USD is typically stronger during periods of distress. Aka risk-off. 2. You will get skinned twice for ForEx charges. Banks or your forex network companies make money from that spread. Also, there's probably some laws and regulations regarding capital control. 3. Makes perfect sense to get a bit more oomph from forex moves, but that's an double edged sword. See: devaluation of RMB. Devaluation of SWF. I am assuming that CAD have high correlation with AUD and other...
Which fabric? Nice pants.
In house ETF at Schwab is zero fee.Also, for those without mortgages and with steady paycheck, try to save 50% of after tax income.
Exactly.IMO, there's absolutely no reason to fund anything in traditional retirement plans or fund 401k beyond contribution. Exercise control and put your savings into your bank or brokerage account. Money on hand gives you financial freedom and protection.Tax deferred? Pfft. That spread is what people pay for tax avoidance.
Effective tax rate of 30%? Better hear your financial planner or accountant talk.p.s., always better to take tax hit when tax rate is low, and it's pretty damn low right now still from the Bush era.
Bal boots without speed hooks? Meh.
On the left, we have the Introverted iGent @ Pitti with a cute Japanese school girl stance.
Mario and Luigi
 Fashion forward?  Introducing the next generation fashion icon, co-founder of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel.  Gen Z and whoever borns after that will be worshipping this dude for the days to come, like how boomers worshipped  Agnelli. 
EMC makes enough to cover that number pre tax.
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