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Yes. For resoles/heels, fixing hand-welted shoes is exactly the same as fixing goodyear welted shoes... As far as re-welting goes, not everyone is capable regardless of the construction...
There are people buying shoes for style and there are people buying shoes for artisanship. Two different objective, two different criterion. The sad thing is, sometimes those who buy shoes for style mistakenly think that they are buying shoes for artisanship.
Email him. He is fluent in English from his experiences with Paul Wilson whom trained him and with G&G whom he worked as an out worker.
To be fair bespoke makers behave much more like manufacturers/ODM instead of an retail operation.
2 years and barely fading. How? Just initial hot soak?
JL SJ doesn't do fitting shoes.G&G makes fitting shoes but I think only Daniel cuts them open. At least Dean didn't cut mine.Fitting shoes don't always equal to perfect fit; I sent my JLP to remake for some minor fit adjustments.
Please wear breaks on your pants to balance your heft. At the very least a slight break.
Didn't know there're annual forest fire festival in heaven. Burn.
Suit works. Black shoes more appropriate. Try solid white shirt with solid gray tie if you have one. Light blue shirts if open collar. No pocket squares unless you work for that large SaaS company.
Not defending Cleverley, just speculating the causes aside from poor workmanship. Maybe it's just bad luck with your order being sent to an rushed out worker.
New Posts  All Forums: