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It's bending the outsoles is a minor feature and done by everyone. You are making it sound like blind welt stitching is the same as regular welt stitching where in reality it's much harder to execute.Can't view ur signature in mobile version.
 I dont have experiences w/ in-welt fitting so YMMV.  Breakdancing needed for keyboard warriors trying to be funny.
I guess you've not heard stories where bespoke shoes "fits" according to fitter/maker but too painful to wear by customer, or how they "fit" well in store but too painful to wear to walk.Fit is very personal and is a collaboration between customer and fitter. Eventually how well a pair fits is determined by the customer, not the shoemaker.After all, some makers do ask how you want your shoes to fit when you place order; loose, snug, or tight.
Sounds like a trial shoes rather than in-welt fitting. Usually makers cement cork or leather outsole/heels for trial shoes. They are definitely wearable but just not for long periods of time.Guess your maker is going to cut it open as well?
No. For blind welt you have to set the holdfast further inside so the welt can be situated underneath the insole instead of sticking out. The outsole stitching is done much differently under the blind welt than regular welt. Mrsan calls it German welt while a German shoemaker calls it blind welt. There're pictures at CarreDucker's blog as well for your reference, tho they have very little experiences in making in this method.It is really apparent when you observe from the...
Actually it's the holdfast cut more towards the center of the insole so all of the welt is completely hidden underneath the insole.The outsole stitchings is then very skillfully sewn onCan be done at the waist only or all the way around.
 Fit is very personal, so communicate what you feel to your shoemaker is essential. Otherwise fitting for bespoke shoes is similar to fitting w/ RTW shoes.  Walk around in the trial/fitting shoes for at least 10 minutes so the leather gets warmed and softened. A few things I personally check: 1. Top lines: try to feel if the top line is biting into your ankles or heels.2. Toe box length: bend your toes all the way, similar to sprinters position, to check if there's enough...
 Dont violate Wall Street banker's safe space. Banker at Capital One could be the new equities in Dallas...
Here's an article about the brand image redesign done by Practice for Everyday Life in 2014 for anyone whose interested.   “The previous branding was quite old fashioned and not very distinct from other footwear brands despite its legacy,” adds APFEL’s Emma Thomas.   I guess the bright John Lobb yellow is too old fashioned and not distinct enough.
 We get it.  You are a gifted fitter and shoemaker whom takes the most comprehensive measurements compare to your peers, except you refuse to believe 3D scanning/imaging as higher measurement resolutions is not useful! My money is spent on my shoes. Unfortunately, according to your logic, my experiences being measured/fitted don't count because I am not a shoemaker. And since you've always claimed I learn from the Internet, you are more than welcomed to search yourself;...
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