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True. But on the other hand you could also find some aspiring bespoke makers and ask for quotes.
Not mine.
AFAIK it's the diluted Renovateur.
Impressive numbers. But how many of those are low risk profiteering like guys lining up in front of Nike Town or Apple Store?
Reno should do the trick so should creams. Or any shoe leather conditioner would do.
My guess is the top opening right underneath the ankle
Stay stitch.Pinging @dwfii for verification. He's the shoemaker.
Not me.
The three colors are Cabernet (red?), Merlot (blue?), and Gamay (purple?) Moonlight calf.  Not sure if you could order them in those colors still.   Haven't check JL 2015 pricing but JL Limited 2009 is probably the most expensive limited editiions shoes to date?
2009 in Cabernet  
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