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If you work at SG, get black or very dark brown shoes only. And rubber/Danite sole for the rain. Black cap toe or plain toe blucher is a very good option in addition to cap toe oxford.
You need a resole. It's eating into your welt already. Ask for flushed metal toe tips to prolong the toe wear.
You gonna do all 7 of the fuckers?
SCDP part of the firm post merger was getting marginalized. Don was ousted, Roger is getting hammered, Peggy being sidelined by both Lou and the Jewish creative, Campbell was exiled at LA getting no credit for his accounts. Only Ken survived with his father in law relationship.
Cutler is using everything to cut roger and Pete out. Lou is a fucking dick.
by shoefan himself.
Styleforum has way more extremely narrow/slim/short fits than the strip-mall boxy/wide/long fits.
Little finger lost his swag this episode. He used to be portrayed as a sleek talker, somewhat charismatic, romantic, and makes no enemies. but in this episode he's pretty darn evil and even Sansa look at him differently.
Yup. The waist construction, last shape, heel slant, and sometimes even toe spring all hinted his cowboy boots heritage.
Message DWFII or Bengal stripe for books on shoemaking.
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