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Didn't save the link. Maybe search for it? I have the pictures somewhere...
Very English.
That's EG for RL. That pair was listed on B&S couple years back.
Using foreign language sounds more sophisticated and authentic, much like using foreign languages in ethnic restaurants in America. This is despite the fact that many terms have direct japanese phonetic transcription.We have some borrowed words in English as well. And in Starbucks calling tea as chai sounds more sophisticated despite both tea and chai are both directly borrowed from different Chinese dialects.
Near fatal car attack. Still drives. In bespoke suit and tie. #menswear #yolo #carpediem
Lounging around at home in suits and black shoes?
Training for marathon in your AEs?
Shoe closets must be full for the devout fans of G&G with the number of GMTOs. Time for a shoe closet MTO or self-storage MTO.
Didn't know Italians have orange skins.
My RM Williams yearling craftsman vamp cracked after 5 years before even a resole. It seems nothing other than renovateur and saphir wax and creams. Doesn't bother me tho. They are due for a resole job and has been sitting for a year or so in storage. On the other hand, my C&J of the same age did not crack at all.
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