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Fedora Lounge has an affiliate thread on SF nowadays?
Native Americans cleansed by Englishmen wears mocs. But Native Americans cleansed by the Spanish wears sandals.
 Everything fails and everyone dies.  Only art is immortal.
Correct me if I am wrong, but shoes are created around soles to protect the feet, not as bags to dress them up. Thus the abundance slippers, sandals, and mules in early histories. And then boots for horseback riding.
I store cloth in closet after I clean them up. You might have the opposite habit of storing dirty laundry and dirty shoes in your closet.
C&J insole isn't all that bad. Sure it's not at the same thickness comparing to Vass or other hand welt shoes, but surely is better than paper or reclaimed leather insoles.Vass, if they uphold their quality standard even till today, is likely the best volume produced shoes for the price.
It's probably less than $5 difference in BOM cost. What do you think could be done in terms of cost saving?
Brushing after is more important than brushing ex ante unless you store your shoes in sand boxes.
Condition uppers with conditioners (not renovateur, more like lexol or bick4), the welt threads with shoe waxes, and the soles with conditioners and waxes.
Lies. SF and drunk doesn't correlate.
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