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Either your feet break-in your shoes or your shoes break-in your feet.But whatever you do, pay for trial shoes if you are going for last adjustment.SC fitting process is sub par.
Better ask them or their venders. That "saddle stitch" saves them leather and have very different patterns than the ones without.
Well, is there anyway to make Formosa MTM based on existing NMWA patterns?
Ah. The producer of the presidential shoe shine, destroyer of shoes.You don't need specialty creams for Cordovan.
The new CE threak outside of CE?
Why not? Or you prefer using glass hammers to roll and press leathers?
With silver spoon or aluminum spoon?
Sole leathers are quite stiff.Also, you don't grind your baseball gloves against paved roads on a daily basis, do you?
Wait, Europe is not part of England?
Why would you subject your brushes to all those extra chemicals in shampoo?
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