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It's better for your own maker to buy the leather he deem comfortable working with. Shoemaking isn't exactly like tailoring where CMT is a common option.
Streetwear people are even more crazy than Menswear guys. Paying huge premium for branded machine made shoes.. Julian boots is as handmade as your Allen Edmonds.
What I meant is, it's an easy pray for foreign governments to outlaw or heavily regulate Uber base on national security reasons. While VCs will be crying that it's against innovation or technology advancement, it's actually better strategically for foreign governments to run their own public utility system.Besides, how long could these on demand slavery companies sustain their growth of service provider acquisition? Paying extremely high incentives to acquire new service...
Damn. That tightly lasted shape. Very nice!!!
I would think we should respect everyone's integrity regarding their claims until proven otherwise.  Thus, no one ever questioned your decades of experiences and ask for pictorial evidence and its not fair to question other experienced craftsmen's claim with regarding their observations.   Also, evidence is separate from analysis.  And @Nick V. evidence proved your hypothesis incorrect, regardless of how sensible your hypothesis was.     Further, it doesn't necessarily...
 No.  SC standard width is F, equivalent to EG/G&G/JL E width. E width SC is narrow and G width is wide.  I think for Sailor and Classic they could go up to H width.
No shit. Who the hell would let a foreign company control essential public utility industries?Most countries has their own local protected telco. And most countries has their own electric grid companies. Or bus companies. Or garbage collection.
Their "impossibly low" overhead is already under heavy scrutiny as their free slaves are now classified as contractors in some regions.More than one of those on demand slavery companies already closed down due to proper classification of employees.Regulation arbitrage, no tech involved. Circumventing regulation for regulated industries, and then circumventing employment and worker protection laws. Both decreases their costs significantly. Their margins and market share...
 Well, isnt that how you learn the craft?  Started blank and time and practice arms you with experience and knowledge?  Or you were born with 40+ years of experience?Learning is a cycle, from teachers to students, or from masters to apprentices.  Forum is no different.  1. You asked "how can it not be ", and @Nick V.provided you with evidence that its not.  How?  I don't know, but if evidence points against an assumption, new assumptions has to be made....
Also how they classify workers is going to weigh down their margins. And currently they are simply running illegal business not abiding to any regulations.
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