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It's dusty as fuck there, and if you have any boat trip scheduled or plan to climb any of those temples, flat soled canvassed sneakers will be a good choice.
 Its just you.  Leather aint sponges.
 I don't know which part of the world you are from, but in California, grocery stores don't use commercial lawn sprinkler or turrets to spray water all over the place.  They drop mist instead, and those are nowhere close to the intensity of showering/raining. Only on Styleforum the biggest destroyer of Shell is water guns. My #menswear certified #thrifted #Florsheim #cordovan #LWB survived all of the above without any problem. No its not water spots or moistures.
Right, because water and moisture are exactly the same thing.  Grocery store is not steam sauna.
That's some sick fades. Especially the stacking. Sandpaper?
 Those are certainly special Chelsea boots, using not just one or two pieces of leather, but four piece Frankenstitched together.
   By the same logic, moisture can get out the same way it get in.  Unless Cordovan has some Gore-tex like magic.
If water moisture have that much of difficulties getting out, how did it deep beneth the waxy finish in the first place?
What's the best way to condition vintage watch straps in lizard leather?
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