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They don't have saphir mdo polishes or creams in stock. Not at least when I visited. Nice folks. Close very early. More of a distributor warehouse than retail shop.
Slipping Jimmy got a nasty brother. Like really nasty.
Would be difficult with 3D models alone. Probably need a CT scan.unlike suits, which drapes on bodies with some reinforcements, shoes turn feet into another shape without applying pain.
Anyone going all out using diamond pastes for sharpening?
Maybe Bakersfield.Weather forecast for tomorrow: High 90, low 50.Silicon Valley is turning into silicon dessert.
It's most likely not the strength buy the ability of passing old welt through the outsouling and finishing part of the process.Replacing the welt ensures the resoling pair of shoes enters the outsole stitching phase of the flow with the same standardized welt as the new shoes in the making. So the edge trimmer, polisher, finisher, etc can use the same procedure on the old shoes.Without, imagine after putting up a new outsole, the edge trimming and finishing will have to...
California is already in summer mode.
Just use a honing stick to get rid of the burr on your knives every use or every other use. Some ppl go all crazy to maintain an edge where knives own weight can do a clean slice on a tomato. I am not picky so as long as my knives can clean cut/slice green onion, chives, or leeks, it's fine.
SOP. Used welts most likely than not don't have the same integrity as new welts thus cannot be feed into the standard production line. But once welt is replaced, it feeds right onto the standard flow with tried and tested quality control.
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