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Still waiting for my order.  Not in a hurry.
Shrink to fit?
 In my experience, all leather shoes more or less soften/stretch after broken-in to a different degree.  The most apparent ones are my Saint Crispins; hard as a rock initially, highly pliable after worn. Feet vs Shoes.  Feet eventually wins!
Holy necro.   The 10 menswear essentials for 2016.   1. men bun 2. full beard 3. bead bracelet 4. bead bracelet 5. bead bracelet 6. bead bracelet 7. bead bracelet 8. bead bracelet 9. bead bracelet 10. bead bracelet  
 Budget for slightly less space between the edge of the shoes and the front of the toe; feet will tend to move forward as the instep strap losens/broke in, thus my heel slip.  I have wide forefoot (thus the wide) and normal to slightly narrow heel and low ankle joint position (ankle joint rubs against some shoes top line). YMMV. 
 9EE in 7000/8000/8695.  Got Lopez in 9E.  Started out as loafer with tight metatarsal width, ended up as a flip flop.  Sold.
 Maybe size down 0.5 in length and go EE width would help. Lopez does stretch.
 IMO jobs number print is good news tomorrow.   Good print won't be bad news as the Fed already raised rates and they likely won't hasten the pace of rate raises with a low headline inflation backdrop.  Bad print could actually mean good news as the harbinger for the next QE.
 Sharpe and draw-down and to a lessor extend alpha/beta.  Being able to articulate your investment strategy and process. Basically at being able to fill out an investment manager questionnaire sans the legal and infrastructure portion. Buffet started with 2015 equivalent of ~$2-3M fund from his friend and family.  You might be able to do the same! (though its going to be next to impossible w/o a Congressman father, stellar education background, and most importantly a...
BRB making a blog post so you could use as reference.
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