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 No I don't dab my feces on my tongue when I take a dump.  I don't wear masks either. Nor do I season my steak w/ shoe outsoles.
I wear masks and latex gloves when using deglazers, dye preparers, and leather dyes.   I do not like the fume of acetone as well.
 In the second picture, there's a white sheet of fabric, which is most likely Celastic. Regarding the reinforcements, I am not a shoemaker so I could only state from my observations.  Most machine made shoes have cloth reinforcements around the vamp area to increase its durability and to retain shape. As for hand made shoes/bespoke shoes, I know Vass uses leather reinforcements on the side of the vamp, to increase its durability.  JLP/Berluti bespoke uses cloth...
BTW @patrickBOOTH, I like your NMWA articles.    But please add safety warning disclosures when recommending deglazers/dye preparers/etc.  Those are toxic solutions that should only be used in *well ventilated* areas, with *gloves* and no skin contact.
 Published in 2013 AFAIK.  Not widely distributed as most online resellers of Saphir would much rather sing their own tunes on the products, for inbound marketing/search engine optimization.
 Not always. Pin/scotch/whatever grain leathers are all corrected grain leathers. The plastic like feeling is from leathers' top coat finish or shoe's finishing.
 Toe/Heel are Celastic.  Linings are used to reinforce uppers.  Some makers (Vass) uses leather, some makers uses linen/cloth.
 What I meant was its about the same thickness as hand welted insoles.  Not the same construction method.
 Who's that Norvegese from? JM Weston uses 5mm insoles from their own tannery in Annonay for their GY/Norwegian welted shoes, gemming reinforced leather flap.  That is about the same thickness vs. hand sewn welted insoles. EDIT: for clarity
 Ounce              MM           Iron           %Inch            Decimal Inch      1                 0.4            0.75             1/64                       0.016      2                 0.8            1.5               1/32                       0.031      3                 1.2            2.25             3/64                       0.047      4                 1.6            3                   1/16                      0.063        5                 2              ...
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