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@Nick V. probably has seen the most shoes being repaired on this forum to chime in regarding nail rusting issues. But then @DWFII will just discrediting his experiences as he's not a shoemaker nor worked on every single pair of shoes in his shop. As a consumer I had bad experiences with outsole pegs coming loose/falling out but never nails or toe plate screws.
Easy fix. Use medium grid 240-480 grit sand paper to smooth the surface. And then cream polish to add color pigments. Buff to high shine with wax.
Doesn't work for light colored shoes.Just Use darker cream to cover water marks.
 Overall for the past decade or so there's little enterprising technology innovations that boosts productivity.  Instead all those great talks in the Valley are mostly value destruction and self cannibalizing price competitions; i.e., sharing economy, SaaS, or regulatory arbitrage, instead of hard tech improvements like solid states and AI. Technology will indeed making a lot of the jobs today obsolete.  Just like it did when it made shoemaking obsolete.  But unfortunately...
 Marketing.  LV, Ferragamo, and Prada all have hand sewn welting videos online but that doesn't mean all of their shoes are.
 That's such bullshit lol.  Majority of population umemployeed and make handcrafted goods for their overlords.  That's not hope.
Different clientele and climate yields different experiences.  I remember reading that for US Army in WWII, service shoes lasts a year with 2 resoles in the European theater while lasting only 5 months in the Pacific.   I think West Coast US have very mild climate and seasons.
 I prefer sniffing Bitumen felt with casual shoes and cork with dress shoes, but neither are @DWFII approved as they are both waterproof and prevents breathing.
 I thought one of the argument against using nails to inseam/secure the upper to the insole around the heel area is that nails do rust and eventually destroys leather.  Thanks for the explanation.  I thought one of the argument against nails/pegs is that they will rust and damage the insole.  Then wouldn't using nails to secure the split lift do exactly that?  It seems welting 360" all the way around would be even better? There are shoemakers who do pegged construction.
 Correct me if I am wrong, but this picture demonstrated what you have described.  My question is then, wouldn't the nails/pegs go through the rand and upper and then into the insole? If so, whats the difference between that and securing upper to insole around heels with nails.  Thanks! 
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