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 They used low quality leather.  Replacing heels, no.  Putting on a new top lift is an relatively easy job as long as the heel stack leathers are not damaged.  If the heel stack is damaged and require repair, than its a different story. Topy, yes. Usually cobblers need to sand down a thin layer of leather sole before they glue on the topy to ensure the proper balance.
 I've not been a customer long enough, but Dino/Michael(?) still looks the same, wearing the same jacket and using the same camcorder.  And still friendly as three years ago.
 I thought most toe cap/vamps are cut in a way with toe pointing towards the legs.  That's how you get two pair of matching toe pieces pieces out of one piece of big hide. But the way you've describe it is awesome, expensive, but probably don't need that big of a hide to make two pairs of shoes. I think it really depends on the hide obtained; I've seen both belly-spliced and back-spliced skinning.  The back-spliced skinning method produces much more beautiful leather for...
What do you mean by the opposite side? The throat side? I am not familiar with anatomy of alligators or the location of their anus, but AFAIK alligator skins are skinned from the back along the spine area to carve out the prime filet meat.
If the arch fits good then there's nothing to worry about. Welcome to one of the most classic last.
Probably tail, scale too uniform to be one of the belly/leg cut.
 Depends on the leather, if its FUN, CRU, or VNA.  But the general rule is if the leather has no top coat, it will appear to be more dry. Easiest way to tell if leather is finished is by dripping water on the shoes; if the water was absorbed into the leather and caused color to darken, then it has little or no top coat.  Otherwise its finished with a top coat.
 There's no science in 3D printing.  It's hot these days just because 3D printing patent expired recently, which means its been around for decades.  Application of 3D scanning and bespoke/custom shoemaking has been done already.  All sucked.  And even bespoke makers toying around with 3D last carving machines gave that up.
 Looks Vass to me.  Cordovan.  New Peter?
 I know ;(  The nearest JL store is 6 hours of driving away from me. It's also very hard to capture the color of museum calf. Here are two pictures of some of the swatches in the book.  Color is really fucked BTW, I don't know how to take pictures or get the color right especially under store lighting. Black, Pewter, Dark Brown, Parisian, Pale Gray, New Gold Deep Red, Plum, Chestnut, Forest Green, Red, Cream, Dark Brown Lightweight, Cashew, Sky Blue
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