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 I have to unbuckle the top buckle for my 2010.
 Stitched cap toe > plain toe.  That stitched toe cap will tidy up plain toe by a lot, including reduced/confined creasing on the vamp.  Americans.  Or iGents.
So disappointed.  I was expecting to see some Yakuza styles.   Black and white photos? pfft.
 All depends on your personal habits/space.  I generally keep all of my shoe boxes, in addition to the boxes of my large ticket items.  But I live in the suburbs. If you live in city with very limited spaces, it might not make much sense. Send me a PM if you want to dispose some of your boxes.  :)
 The lack of MTO/GMTO at John Lobb negatively impacted the number of posts to hustle and peacock to attract interests on this forum, which in turn caused the lack of new shoes to be posted on here. Here are some of my old shoes.  
Thanks. More searching then.
 Maybe RM Williams call that boot model "Balmoral". 
That is a very unique pair of shoes...   Very similar effect to the blings filled full brogue by Church/Prada several  years ago.
 IMO his jeans looks fine.  He's a big guy, slimmer jeans will throw off the balance and making him look top heavy. Higher armhole polo shirts or OCBD he could definitely use.
I like the leather on your side zip but the style of your chelsea.
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