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Very nice.  Congrats on the very nice pair.
   FIFY.  Promiscuous #menswear style.
 Dont know if that practice is implemented across the board.  Dean didn't cut my shoes open. I think cutting shoes open is a good practice; it offer both the client and the fitter a glimpse of the internals similar to how hardware ODMs provide 3D CAD models for clients to verify the internals before prototyping or production run.
Buckles need to be smaller to better match the aesthetics of croc scales. Don't know how well it matches with the left shoe. Otherwise it's pretty good for RTW.
Exactly. Some members could have a few more burgers. And some could grow a few inches of not a few feet.
Lipo and steroids work well too.
That is some very finely lasted toe shape!! How is the fit? No toe taps?
That gunclub looks very similar to something from Caccioppoli's book.  Is it 10oz 90%wool/10%cashmere blend?
Didn't save the link. Maybe search for it? I have the pictures somewhere...
Very English.
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