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Give some time for wax to settle and solidify.
 For: easier to achieve a beveled waist and still claim handmade compare to blind welting.  Faster to make compare to hand sewing. Traditionally the method to use for cowboy boots waist. Interesting pictures if you search for pegged waist. Against: less secure, prone to have pegs falling out, half sole resole.
 Shes beautiful.
 I think its less about the boxes but more about the new brand image and updated designs.
 Well, engineers are trained and taught to optimize between Time, Cost, and Quality.  Can't achieve all three at the same time!  Reddit GYW is meh, they have to suffer from quality due to the average price points of the shoes appearing on that forum. @DWFII is certainly making a difference and inspired me to learn a lot about the crafts.
 You can never avoid people with commercial interest in those semi-open groups/forums.  I like how there are occasional gem of information/exchanges between shoemakers within the litters of commercial/WTB/WTS spams.  Sure those exchanges might not further your shoemaking skills much but its always a delight to hear for me as a consumer. I seek and pay for quality, but have no commercial interests.  Factory mentality? Meh.
 Interesting how both shoes are worn through at the same time.  Its usually right shoe for me. SC resole price is very good and they do a very good job as well.
Anyone has experienced with Bonaudo crust leathers from Italy?
 Other than your Crispin Colloquy, where else do you find that many established Western shoemakers in one place? Just to name some, Mrsan, Gadd, Melkersson, Wegan, Sorrell, Ducker, all follow and comment in that group!! Hell that forum even got an apprentice Clogmaker from UK!  On the not-so-DWFII-approved shoemaking front, there are also members trying to learn how to make sneakers, sandals, fashion shoes, industrialized shoes, etc.  Forums like those will definitely...
Lever up and double down! Life is all about taking risks!!
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