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Wedding ain't a cosplay party.Groom/bride can dress whatever the fuck they want but they won't have complete control over the guests. What you gonna do when your rich uncle Joe shows up in overall with a hat? Turn him away? Pfft.
 Their December quarter is down ~31% Y/Y.  Negative 31% Y/Y growth for a supposedly high growth company.  And it won't be able to prove itself as a growth company until this time next year, with their ~45% December quarter sales weighting, in my humble opinion. I could say a lot of negative things about the company, but it has ~$3.5/share cash and someone crazy might rescue and buy out this rich boy's toy company.
 I feel your pain.  I truly do.  No investor is complete without a bear market.
 Not only finishing, but also quality of material, pattern, etc.
Surprised if anyone is gambling his own money in GPRO equity after AMBA implicitly announced in December earnings call that GPRO is going to lick, eat, drink, and bath in its own shit for the whole 2016.
 It's only a small scale of asset transfer from the poor to a [few] future riches.  Not unlike the banking bail out or the VC industry.
Taking a very small position in Powerball.  Its going to be the next Unicorn.  Another fool stumbled into a gold mine strategy like many companies in the Valley.
 Ask about total asset swap and see what they can offer you. p.s., surprised your friends in finance r saying we are still vertical after a flat 2015.  are they in banking or investments? banking side its all rosy with the late cycle deal flows...
   SAS and SPSS for the old schoolers.  Matlab for engineers doing signals/systems.  Newer folks learning R.  Python is coming around with the numpy and the others. Python > all.
So are they 7E? Or 8E?
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