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Very interesting. I travel to Taiwan, HK, Shenzhen regularly, soaked couple of my shoes from monsoon several times, and none of them rust.Did the rust appear at the toe plates? Or the brass coated screws?
Mr ballet dancer, my shoes barely make any sound even on marbled floors or polished concrete floors.p.s., sunken/flushed metal toe plates is not the same as the usual nailed on toe plates.
Nails are useless against toe wear since the wear starts at the toe tip edge. And no one can put nails at the toe tip edge.I have a pair of sc shoes with sunken toe plates. No idea if it rusted or not but it resolved fine. My couple years old Vass loafer thatve survived couple monsoon season soaking wet did not rust at all.The nail heads wears down fast for the shorter toe shoes.
It's a huge myth that GY or hand welter construction is water proof or water resistant.It is not much more water resistant than channeled Blake stitches shoes.Water simply sipped into insole from outsole.
That's a very ignorant and uninformed comment.Metal toe plates very rarely make any sounds.But then you might tip toe everywhere as a ballet dancer.
I thought that was James Bond several years ago. Or was it another pair of v front blucher?
Missing his trunk shows ever since Wingtip started hosting them due to my traveling schedule.
If I remembered correctly, they already changed accounting to deferred revenue plan to adjust for the software related sales.Also, due to their sales model, they realize as sell in not sell through.
Ties are usually not bright enough to mute the shoes colors.
ETF can also reverse split as well, see most volatility ETFs.Remember, ETF is at least an derivative from its underlying. Sometimes it's a second derivative whose underlying is an derivative itself.Caveat emptor. What you buy is not what you see for ETF.
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