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That shank is huge... Thick too. Insole looks thin compare to the shank and heel gel pad thickness
Doesn't look too comfy if wearing boxers underneath.  Whatever makes a client happy!   Brosi thread never fails to disappoint!
 Shoes a size or width too big w/ stick length won't usually be a problem; a very good fit can be achieved through using after market insoles and arch supports. On the other hand, if HB size is smaller than stick size, then its ridiculously stupid to buy for the HB size. I've been persuaded by a fitter to order a pair of MTO shoes, half size smaller than my usual size, because he said the arch fit is really good with the smaller size.  I thought, sure, why not, he's the...
 Yes, yes, Mr. Pseudo Podiatrist. Thanks for letting me know my experience is wrong and I am not responsible for my own feet! What's next, you going to tell me that I don't know what a proper fit is? Or my experiences of getting shoes made is null and invalid?
Quote: How's the length? I would go for 10.5E.
 You mean his reaction to my comments based on my personal experiences with critical attacks? And to keep in mind, this is my original comment, practical and without any philosophical stuff.
@giants4life17 has stick size 11 and H-B size is 13 on Brannock.  What would you recommend? Size 13 where he could wear his shoes like slippers/clogs? Or size 11 where the H-B fit is not spot on for a pair of shoes that has zero arch support?  Or size 11 and add in OTC arch support pads? Or compromise to size 12 with an insole? RTW fit is a compromise.  It would be ridiculous to fit for H-B; what's the point of buying perfect H-B size but have the shoes being 1-2 sizes too...
With a 2 year wait list, the only upside to their sales is to make incremental CapEx for capacity expansion.In other words, there will not be much upside surprise to their revenue.On the other hand, one could make the argument that potential buyers could park their money with the stock while they wait for their car. :/
Definitely doesn't mean much for some companies that spend 25%+ of sales in stock option comp, e.g., FB, TWTR, etc. And after their growth slows down, they gonna spend about the same amount buying back already inflated share count instead of dividends. Silicon Valley cycle of option business a cycle. Long term shareholder value destruction for those who's not looking for the next biggest fool.
One of the few worthwhile thread on SF!!
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