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You are still wearing a jacket... How do you survive the heat and humidity? It might be just me but i don't like beiber style hairdo. Especially in hot and humid parts of the world.
They do have the tendency to wear foot corsets. Asian customers prefers to have their bespoke shoe made tight, to create an more elegant shape.
That's definitely an overstatement and a gross generalization of different peoples. Maybe it's true for populous of your region but the Italian lasts were designed for Japan, where shoe sizes were much smaller, narrower heel, and wider front.
Lower instep? Vass Italian lasts have pretty low instep already.
Just a conjecture but I have no idea what or who Nick V was responding to.But it does cover welt stitching, ya?
Maybe he meant blind welt stitch? Where the welt stitching is hidden in a channel on the welt?
Mr Fukuda's shoes all appears to be very delicate!
 Dont feel a damn thing here at the West Coast.  And will only be a turn off if pricing was impacted by an exclusive distribution deal.
50 Life's.
That's good and bad news. Let's hope they don't cockblock US customer orders.
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