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There's been many cases of tragedies happened on this thread from people following some presidential shoe shine.With your post count in this thread it's just a matter of time before people asking for resolutions for overly greased dress shoes.Or maybe one day you will share some of your shoes to better demonstrate your success.
This is even worse than vender spam.You have transcended David Copeland.Please don't grease leathers.Buy more shoes if you don't want them to crack
Straight guys don't visit style forum.
a half retard will stand out in a sea of full retards, making him a full and half retard.
Not completely unlined but unlined.
SF member contributions:   MMNK   Manton:   Kuro   Yours truely.
More John Lobb Paris bespoke greatness.                  
Thought the original champagne guy was Beau Brummell.
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