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Its Character.
What's ur size?
Wash your hands too next time while you inhale lathered Renomat soaps for higher purity and less grit.
 It can lather and bubble up as good as petroleum distillate.  Not sure if your spit is that poisonous.  By your logic water can work like a soap as well, it cleans shit! From the sound of it you are probably not that familiar with hand tools.  Or maybe you are capable of punching a hole through your heat-form plastic toe stiffener using a paper clip.
 Hmm.  I am not sure if Berluti is an Italian "maker".  Berluti has Italian ancestry but they outsource their shoemaking to Italy so they aint exactly a maker. #menswear dudes are no better than media guys or Russian pimps.
 oh ya, and small electronic screwdrivers or watchmaking/repairing tools are great at cleaning brogue holes...  they aint any bigger than shoemaking tools... always easier and faster to scrap off caked wax at leather edges/brogue holes than using renomat, degreasers, or dye preparers.
 You can agitate and lather up pure water and spit as well, but that does not make them soap.
 Dude, you gotta breath in less of that shit. Solvent from Petroleum products is weak acid whereas soap is usually basic...
Wait Formosa coming to SF?
That smirking whore from high garden have nice titty show in the Tudors.
New Posts  All Forums: