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Yes the fume is awful.Oxalic acid is for leather to fade in color, not deglazing.
 Not household/Choride, but oxalic which is regularly been used for leathercraft and woodworking.
Did you try using bleach?
Awesome job making top into bottom. Thanks for letting us know. Because from bottom to top 'transformation' is just simple painting and, in my humble opinion, ugly.
Which one is the before? Top or bottom?
Inflation is rampant for most non discretionary items such as food and living expenses but economists and fed don't see them due to the way they construct the basket.For a lot of the discretionary spending items, inflation is definitely under control due to stronger dollar. But god damn we just cannot eat imported electronics or live in luxury fucking boxes.Best case, they raise rate and eliminate inflation driven by mis-investments. Worst case, they print again due to...
Black jeans are great. Black wool pants are not. Unless you going for the Dior homme or Prada type of looks, not business.Oh, and black shoes looks great with dark brown, navy, and gray pants already. Why get a pair of pants for a pair of already versatile shoes?
Now when people mention dieworkwear it reminds me of diapers, especially with the discussion of drape and swell...
Gotta admit that it was pretty damn funny parody of a forum favorite's name.  Way better than some At least on par if not better than a famed trousermaker calling one of his customer.But hey, I was not an Ambrosi customer and don't intent to be at least within this year, so I am instantly classified in the "never going to buy bespoke trousers in the first place" category.  Minority report style.
Seems ad hominem attacks from some are acceptable but from others it's deleted post.
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