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 They been trying to change that for sometime now, with being added to the reserve currency at IMF and signing trade deals with countries around its borders to settle trades in RMB instead of USD.  Despite that, our petro-dollar still reign supreme!
 Best to find a Latino and native American mix, ex veteran too.  Great to be one of the top of the only three ethnity in America - latino, non-latino, and decline to specify.
 We don't peg our currency to other currencies while they do. On the other hand, we are the king of monetary manipulations.
In the long term, we are all dead.
 And if you own FNMA, BXMT, BSC, LEH, you be losing everything!  It could be argued both ways, especially if your WFC long got stopped out at $18, and then you added back at $7.  That's $11/share saved.
 Setting stop loss or trailing stop is a fucking art form.  Day, swing, or long term traders all have different criterion, i.e., 5min day, previous day high/low for swing, 10/50/200 sma, multiples of average variance, entry, etc. Never dollar cost averaging down unless you are 1000% sure what you are doing on the long side.  Always press shorts as the right position get smaller. Also, stop loss orders will get hammered in large reversal days, i.e., today or the day of down...
Wedding ain't a cosplay party.Groom/bride can dress whatever the fuck they want but they won't have complete control over the guests. What you gonna do when your rich uncle Joe shows up in overall with a hat? Turn him away? Pfft.
 Their December quarter is down ~31% Y/Y.  Negative 31% Y/Y growth for a supposedly high growth company.  And it won't be able to prove itself as a growth company until this time next year, with their ~45% December quarter sales weighting, in my humble opinion. I could say a lot of negative things about the company, but it has ~$3.5/share cash and someone crazy might rescue and buy out this rich boy's toy company.
 I feel your pain.  I truly do.  No investor is complete without a bear market.
 Not only finishing, but also quality of material, pattern, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: