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Thick wallet inside the right chest pocket X unstructured jacket. You can actually see the outline of the wallet and the fabric pull. My biggest complaint about Boglioli is that they fit way too short for my build.
iGent bathroom picture.
Why not fly to SF where both NSM and Steed visits regularly? The airfare is rather reasonable part of the cost if booked properly.
Fast retailing, yes. Tailoring, meh.
Will see how that plays out. Some in the creative didn't look too thrilled to see Don.
Her plot line has turned boring and cliche since season 3.
 Vass standard is F.
Don't go for U last; it's really not for everyone, especially those with wide forefoot/toes. F would be much better while still English enough vs 3636/Budapester.G/H width increases both width and girth but sometimes for us wide feet folks it's mainly the width at the toe box and girth at instep.
 Given that G&G did move to a new factory and opened a new storefront, its more than understandable that the lead time will be slightly longer for last years order...
You won't really know until you recover or at the earliest survive through several rounds of PT. It's not uncommon to get additional girth around ankle or instep. Chelsea boots will be your friend.
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