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You probably striped away the factory finish on leather. There's absolutely no reason to use renomat for regular routine shoe care. None. Don't fall prey to marketing paranoia. As to how to fix, just cream polish and wax to mask the variation in color.
 You mean the controversy of how Alden LWB can be worn to all occasions, how Hermes is a trust worthy wallet maker, etc?
It's a different look for sure but the nature of the folded and stitched construction/pattern at the or cap appears to be less durable than the simple toe cap piece of William I.
 By leather was soaked you do mean that both upper and sole are wet all the way through insole/sock liner? p.s., if they are soaked all the way through insole, then its damp inside, aka leakage.  No?
 I am sure they could, at a charge.  What I am not sure is the outcome of the pattern change; are you going to lower the balmoral line to the bottom of the peak?  or are you removing the peak and moving the balmoral line up?  That SC pair's balmoral line is very very shallow and the only reason it works is the downward pointing peak to balance and give some depth to the shallow horizontal line.
 Style preference.  William I looks better to me...  Much more classic.
How would the leather or construction be indestructible during winter?
 By that logic, my $10 leather gloves from Home Depot must have very high quality as they survived more water and mud than any of my shoes. p.s., JL leather is much softer wearing than EG or G&G IME, but that could be due to variations in construction.  I dont think they opt to use any lower quality leather but it just happens that my black pair feels is more wrinkle prone and less lustrous than my other SC or other high-end shoes.  I did not make myself clear.  Aside from...
Sun bleaching will like a very long time and could potentially dry up the leather... The easiest solution is to darken the lighter color shoe to match the darker color one.Acquired patina or time induced antiquing will make shoes turn lighter in color.What you have described is faux antiquing or applied patina.
Looks interesting but the leather quality is not high IME especially for black ones. And for some reason they don't take polish well.
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