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 I went down to SCP for JLP.
 Cleverley, Fosters & Son, Gaziano & Girling, and John Lobb St James all travel to San Francisco for bespoke trunk shows if you want something high end.
 They don't stock Saint Crispins last time I was there; they host SC + Ambrosi trunk shows.  I would err on the side of 5mm if I am to order again; handwork don't usually have the precision of wood turning machines.
 But you did said it was.   In a creative way.  That's not a quote; I don't distribute, sell, or host trunk shows.  You do, and you know the prices. I was stating the price I paid last year.
Adjusting lasts ain't creative. Saint Crispins also offer bespoke services. Spare us the excessive marketing pitch kthx.
Email them directly. phillip.car@saint-crispins.comSaint Crispins nowadays visits Wingtip @ SF semiannually. It's best to be fitted in person.I ordered mine during his truck show at Leathersoul Beverley Hills but that store was closed.
Nice George boots. What's the shaft height? How's the process working with maftei?
~$50 per adjustment.  Or something like that.
Isn't that brown?
 Wear looser neck, and get used to wearing shirt and tie.
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