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Fukuda has a cleverley/tuszek style toe shape
You get way less excess dyes if you dilute your dye with Bick4. Less pigment applied all while Bick4 help them settle better. The ingredient for your process and mine are exactly the same - dyes and conditioners. Hence negligible difference in impacting leather pH. Or, mine will impact to a lesser degree due to lesser dye used. You use conditioners to remove excess dyes. I use conditioners to prevent excess dyes and help dye soak in. Both methods conditions the leather,...
Tricks learned from leather workers. pH? Meh. It's about dying shoes and making sure dye soaks in and settle. pH is the last thing you should worry about. Lexol between layers of dye will strip the older layer and block the newer layer. Instead use Lexol (or Bick4) diluted dyes will help pigments soak in much more uniformly.
Don't use Lexol after each coat, it's just going to strip the surface dye away and block the surface away from your next dye application. Instead, dilute your dye with Lexol 1:1 or less. It will help bring the dye pigments into the leather and condition at the same time. Buff after every time the diluted dye is dry. Let them sit for a few hours to make sure the color settle otherwise it's very easy to over dye your color. Cream and wax seal is more than enough. Even wax...
No idea. And I think their bespoke operation is run by a Japanese maker. Their RTW looks nice. Huge ass wooden shoe box. Not sure whom is their OEM, but its not uncommon for Italians to outsource, e.g., Bonora outsource their bespoke shoes to SC ages ago and JLP used Gatto in the very beginning (correct me if I am wrong) Looking to compare them against SC, which has good service but is becoming overpriced compare to the newly founded brands or newly...
Good for you! Unless you day trade or manage client money, it's counter productive to watch the screen all day!
Bumping this thread. Stefano Bemer is now a shoe brand. Anyone has more info about the brand? I think it's not related to the passed away shoemaker anymore. Just curious because I saw it's coming to Wingtip SF. Patina shoes at HK is carrying Bemer and it tend to have really good taste about shoes.
Raising prices for drugs created an online riot. Raising cost of healthcare by insurance companies are at the same time accepted. Booyah social justice.
Actually, the slowdown in those export oriented economies such as China and Brazil only means one thing: import based economies such as US and EU are slowing down dramatically.
Anything above 10oz will be too warm for me. Flannel is wearable in the cold days between Nov to Feb...
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