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Do you usually wet the whole upper so it's more pliable? What's the difference between reblocking and stretching?
 Its still nowhere close to El Nino in '98.  Even El Nino feels like nothing compare to monsoon seasons in some parts of the world.
 There's never been any torrential rain in California for the past two decades... 
 Really?  Goyser welt is less waterproof compare to veldtschoen welt?
That's some f'up shit. I hope they didn't lay egg at the toe box.
That's probably much better than Amazon's net margin ratio.Just need either volume or margin for a business to work. Having both is usually a godsend.
True love.
 Flushed metal toe plates is also called English toe plates by the distributor I visited. Going to start with just one pair of lasts.
 Interesting.  When Wingtip used to carry Alfred Sargent they had both stock and trial shoes.  Didn't know they have trial shoes for Saint Crispins but do know that they dont stock SC.
Install English toe plates by myself. Make my own shoe trees. Make my own last.
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