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You wanted to see Vwash, so I got you Vwash.  Credit to Corium on the now defunct newsaboutshoes.de forum.  The Germans are much more inquisitive about shoes than the newly joined SF fashionista.    An old pair of Vwash, circa 1994, dismantled 2008, with worn through insole, and one machine stitched resole that punched extra wholes on the welt.  Vwash is extremely well built for the...
 IME, the 'relasting' is meh.  They do not rebuild the shoes from the ground up and new soles will cost extra $250.  After the said relast the shoes feels, pretty similar to the original.  My conjecture is that they use some shoemaking techniques such as heating and stretching to modify the upper fit. The personalize last MTO option is very good for anyone who's hard to fit without going full bespoke.
 First incarnation of William Boots, 1945.  None of the overly sleek, navy, or unbuckled sprezz. 
For shape and to reinforce the stitchings. C&J uses gemming as well.
Closer to the original incarnation of double monks than most contemporary reincarnations.
 If you are talking about the Japanese video for Guild of Arms, they hand sewn the outsole.  No machine was used.
 move to california, we have a drought here.  will let dry your cordovan properly.
 I am using six total, three sets of stiff brush + polishing brush for black, dark brown, and light brown.
As titled.  Makes great library magazines with plethora of looks, technical details, and brand intros.    San Francisco Bay Area local pickup or for anyone who's willing to pay for the shipping.  They are good 30lbs total.
 Nope.  EG, C&J, JL, etc, all uses real leather insoles.  C&J does use linen for lining and both EG and C&J do use celestica for toe stiffeners, but that's another story.
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