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French toe tips.  English toe plates.  So many different names!
 The original colors.  It was called Moonlight calf, with three tints.  Cabernet, Navy, and one other color that I don't remember.  Basically black with hues of red, navy, etc. The original colors are things of beauty.
 They increased the prices :o.  Was $250 for resole w/ toe tips. Did your insole got replaced or just a fresh insole sock liner? 
Where's the steak?
Conceal and color with shoe cream.
I am not a shoemaker, so not me either.
 They are bespoke models.
 Correct.  Not sure if they will charge extra for those specially designed models.
 Spirit of Capital.  2011.  Bespoke collection. John Lobb Paris has names for their bespoke models. 
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