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They do travel to San Francisco as well. And probably LA.
 Specifically, give me all your wealth to me.
Out of town over that weekend. Have fun all.
 You might not be the next Dave Copeland but you do have a potential to be Mafoo.  Make sure you get your 15 pair rotation of shell wholecuts
 Not very much convincing when you go full Imelda Marcos. 
 Yes.  Saw them showing a RTW Jodhpur boots last trunk show.
I don't own any crocs and I could only imagine myself wearing croc loafers, Chelsea's, and facing patch
That's an expensive variation of Clarks wallabee. Going full Walter white?
Was planning to talk to Mr. Car regarding my MTO issues but have to go on a biz trip.  :(  Maybe next year when he returns...
Didn't know 余 translates to See...   Surprised that he only has (or only showing ) 7 pairs of shoes...
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