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 There are three parts of the China story - domestic demand, domestic construction, export demand.  The latter two are falling apart especially the export demand; nothing Chinese government can do.  Fiscally, Chinese government is pumping money into state construction projects/investments to fill in the void left by decreased housing constructions aka empty cities. Domestic demand, however, might not be falling apart, yet.  One data point is Nike's greater China sales in...
Some shoemakers do put a notch on the inside heel so it wont catch pant cuff.  Not sure if this new style does the same thing.  Unique for sure, but need more verification to confirm that its a new style.
 @Zapasman Notice the heel extend further into the lateral side for these two pairs of new JL (with new logo).  Ignore the top lift. 
Anyone noticed that the new prestige heels from the pictures above are biased on the outside?
 Buy, pictures, wear on carpet, storage, eBay/B&S, buy more!
 Last time I've been there several years ago its quite mild and not dissimilar to SF Symphony.  Maybe soemthings changed...
 ^^^Exchange rate is really really good for buying shoes in Canada or Japan.  Strong dollar FTW.  That, and its not easy to run a high end retail store.
SC retailers routinely close down.
Red not purple.
Too expensive for the underwhelming style.  Their limited edition used to be great design/quality but no longer so after 2010.
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