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 There's a difference between buying shoes to the spec vs. buying "BMW" level shoes at $100-$300. 
Most shoes mentioned in your reply cost north of $300.The best shoe he can get is used vintage Florsheim Imperial Kenmoor in Cordovan. Usually runs about $150 on eBay. Awesome shitkicker.
It's obvious now that OP has done little to no research. As I said, given your spec of $100-$300 price point, stick with your AE seconds or Meet mind. Even those made in India Cole Hanns at a discount ain't that bad either. Do realize anything below most accessible resole or recraft costs is basically throwaway prices as new pairs could be bought at the resole cost. The resole cost ranges from $80s to $150s at local cobblers. Or you could continue to bid for brand new...
you mean proper make-up, nails, and wax that gawddamn legs?
SoCal in his Tom Brown looked much better and isn't at all feminen. This dude looks more like a cross dresser.
Been playing it since alpha launch. Block list already full one month after reset.HoTS is the best MOBA out there.
Cream polish? Brush to spread out and remove the excess.
 Your problem is trying to pick up Toyotas at Tata Motor prices.  Now go buy your AE seconds or Meermins and enjoy your Hyundais.
Seamless galoshes body sounds awesome. Must be a great challenge though to make sure the back lines are horizontal to each other and to the ground. The upper part/facing piece could be done without any back seam I think. There's a cut at the facing so the piece could wrap around the back. Not sure how the upper would last after being put together.
 True baller shoes.  I hope they have pull tabs inside.
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