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John Lobb shoe cabinet  
Try criss cross lacing instead of European bar lacing.
Now here's a video for those who likes both shoemaking and woodworking (@Nick V., @DWFII).   A shoe cabinet made by John Lobb/Hermes, with shots of pattern making, clicking, making, finishing, and cabinet making.  Wish I could find the plan for this...    
[[SPOILER]]  Yes, no contradiction at all.  That type of expressions are logically sound statements that states *nothing* on the surface but is (mis)leading implicitly. For example, a Donald Trump-esq statement such as: Some immigrants that came to the States are rapists, while some are not.  The statement is logically sound, hard to prove wrong since its so ambiguous, but actually have implicit negative connotations. And the same could be said regarding, some gemmings...
You've just missed an opportunity to sell rubber bands specially designed to retain shapes of tassels. 👾
 You are assuming the last is flat at the bottom and cork cannot be compressed, neither of which is true.
 Its clear that you are believing in a sound hypothesis that has been rejected in real life.  No amount of reasoning can argue against a believe. So go ahead and believe that metal toe taps are noisy or metal toe taps destroys inseams.  In the meanwhile, I can wait for my welt to separate from the upper from the damaged/destroyed inseaming and walk without loud clicking noise.
 Nice postulation based on fear, scare, and your age, but again a disconnect with real life experience. Inseam getting damaged!!!  Inseam getting destroyed!!!   Now we just need someone to post a picture of toe welt separating from the upper due to the inseam damage done by flushed metal toe plates to complete your story...
Quote: Great postulation, but huge disconnect with what actually happens in real life.
 Thank you for demonstrate you misunderstanding of the construction of the shoes, where the screws is NOT going to hit the inseam when properly mounted.  And, also, fillers are deposited to be thicker than the insteam for gemmed shoes.  For hand welted shoes, I cannot say for certain because not all shoemakers make shoe the same way. Everything can potentially go wrong but doesnt mean it will.
New Posts  All Forums: