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VIX is an index derived from SPX and has an active futures market, terms from spot to one, two, three months out (and longer terms as well). All or most of the VIX related ETF uses VIX futures as the instrument for their underlying.Backwardation means the spot price is higher than future price, e.g., spot VIX at 30 and three month VIX future at 20.Usually VIX is trading in contango, where spot is lower than the future.It's not exactly straight forward and it's not good to...
It's usually better to stay long front month VIX when its futures is trading in backwardation.
You shorting front end and long the 3 month future?
??? Right now it's the best time to trade vol within the past 3 years.
I am not a medical professional but she looked really drained. Reminded me of my aunt after chemo. Dehydration is a horrid excuse. But whatever floats their boat. Hope she recovers.
You be surprised about how many are using regular lace tying method for speed hooks. Kinda defeats the purpose.
How do you wear holes in your suit jackets? Doing planks?!? It's not the suit or the brand, it's most likely you. p.s., finer suit/shirt fabrics will wear out faster.
Fukuda has a cleverley/tuszek style toe shape
You get way less excess dyes if you dilute your dye with Bick4. Less pigment applied all while Bick4 help them settle better. The ingredient for your process and mine are exactly the same - dyes and conditioners. Hence negligible difference in impacting leather pH. Or, mine will impact to a lesser degree due to lesser dye used. You use conditioners to remove excess dyes. I use conditioners to prevent excess dyes and help dye soak in. Both methods conditions the leather,...
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