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Don still has his partnership and all the hatred toward him by practically everyone is getting very soap opera like. Don actually confounded the firm and sponsored the merger. Bert used to be like Yoda but in last episode he's just a bitter old man that does exactly nothing. Not sales, not operation, not creative. And I find it interesting about the comment that all Bert want is Dons creative talent; he's actually a very good salesman as well. Imagine Lou winning new...
It's very recent development. Will see how it developes. Hopefully the relationship can last.
Another slow moving episode. The exchange with the hound is great. He's such a lovable character. Little finger's charm and the revelation of his plot is very interesting. Very interesting. That's almost way too calculated to be true.
Take 38.
I am not a tailoring expert but it doesn't take much to notice the shoulder is either too narrow for you or arm hole too small.Honestly, it looks good for the price. And IMO, take a picture with jacket a size up to better compare.
Just to add to the alligator discussion, I've been told by makers that they up charge less than JLSJ for full gator shoes... So the up charge is perhaps similar to, say, the up charge for lobsters; very high margin price gauging.
It's stiffener too short for SC. But their lasts are designed shorter than usual.
Which part of the city? Nob Hill?
Did you not see his nature shoulder poking beyond the sleeve head? #menswear certified.As to your pants, if socks are peaking out when standing, it's #menswear.
Perfect for #menswear.
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