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 Double leather sole requires more time to 'break-in' as the outsoles are thicker and bends much less easily, which could create heel slip.
 Are you suggesting SF common myth of shell being great inclement weather material is wrong?!?!? David Copeland & Sons' inquisition starts now!
 leather looking good, much better than their crusts.  has SC ever fix their toe cap creasing problems??
This thread needs more Dave Copelands.
 How many pairs of shell shoes have you owned and for how long?  No gentry would know about shoe care products; they are handled by valets.  Are you a good valet?
 Thank god for marketing.
 I think BengalS and DWFII covered this twisted last in detail on the shoemaking or SC thread.
 Chukka will be your best choice.  Skip work boots like indy boots or wolverines unless you intend to do hard labor.
Wolverine or Indy Boots aint gonna cut it if you want to wear with suits.   You probably need either chelsea boots or chukkas; both will work from jeans to chinos to suits.  For Chelsea, look for RM Williams.  Chukka, look for Trickers on Sierra Trading Post.
 steam punk
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