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That's fucked. Hope Vass will replace or repair for you.
No bespoke footwear was required to have perfectly functional feet or to avoid any of your proposed problems. Just need some loosely fitted footwear instead of wearing foot corset or rubbet stilts.
Can Veldtscheon construction be hand made? What are the most waterproofing construction methods?
Using that spinning stitch at the vent is quite conspicuous.
Both stretching and wearing will apply ample moisture to the shoes. Wearing also applies heat in additional to moisture, making leathers more malleable.Both stretching and wearing are inserting a form different than the original last into the shoes.At the end the shoes will be more comfortable.So it's really the same. Just one is using your own feet and one is using a stretcher. And all the pain associate with breaking in a new pair of shoes.
It's never wise to rationalize bespoke shoes as investments. They depreciate over 80% right after you made the deposit, another 80% when you put your feet on the ground, with cost of maintenance higher than salvage value.Investment my ass.
Breaking in a new pair of shoes is a form of stretching itself. All those talks about how shoes form and mold to ones own feet is stretching as well. Just don't stretch those heavily finished shoes. Or the very short fiber cordovan.
There's been many cases of tragedies happened on this thread from people following some presidential shoe shine.With your post count in this thread it's just a matter of time before people asking for resolutions for overly greased dress shoes.Or maybe one day you will share some of your shoes to better demonstrate your success.
This is even worse than vender spam.You have transcended David Copeland.Please don't grease leathers.Buy more shoes if you don't want them to crack
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