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 Not sure if you are talking out of your ass or trolling, but 10 packs of cigarette (that's one carton btw) a day is ridiculous and suicidal.  That is akin to drinking 10 gallons of water per day, which is equally as suicidal. FYI, 2 packs a day is considered heavy chain smoker... Seems like your heavily conditioned leather IS over conditioning by the standard you set in this example.
 http://news.discovery.com/history/archaeology/oldest-shoe-moccasin.htm Actually theres 5000 year old leather shoes for your survivorship bias
 There are paper from 150AD according to Guinness World Records.  Therefore, you could also argue that paper is more durable than plastic. Confirmation bias & survivorship bias are the basis and rationale of your argument. Oh hey, oldest smoker is age 122 so smoking might not cause with cancer!
 saw the email but miss the stackable part.  so much money was saved.
More a decade ago before my life on SF, I was inexperienced but excited about all the new toys I had - horsehair brushes, kiwi polishes, Saphir Renovateur, Lexol Conditioner, etc.  So I did shine shoes on a weekly basis.  Mirror shining every fucking thing out there cos it was so kewl.  Smear Renovateur on all leather items around the house cos it make things shiny and look good. Back then, there were no "shoe shine sundays", "presidential shoe shines", or use of the word...
 Educate us on what make quality shoes?  Or who make quality shoes?  Or show us some of the shoes you see quality in them? There are plenty of people owning dozens of Vass, EG, or G&G shoes on this forum...  Last time that I checked, people topy their shoe soles so it could last longer between resoles.  But seems like you believe that leather soles wears longer than topy or other plastic/rubber soles.  The shitstorm began when people ruined their brand new shoes following...
My RM Williams upper started to crack after 5 years and was under almost weekly Renovateur/Lexol and worn about once per week. My old Prada ultra corrected grain shoes did not crack at all, without much conditioning over the years.Heavily conditioned leather might breakdown faster due to moisture saturation.YMMV.
Welcome to styleforum, where many owns more than 10 pairs of good shoes.Oh, and low quality plastic shoes will last longer than leather. Ugly tho.
Or maybe Sean Parker. Before his Facebook investment.Cuban isn't exactly a Silicon Valley guy.One notable Mclauren owner in the valley is Elon Musk, but he doesn't speak like a douchebag
It's such a documentary. With the Jew vs Nazi incident that actually happened last year or the year before. And that snapchat valuation talk.
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