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 No one is asking a cobbler to make a pair of shoes here but to adjust the fit via different tricks from their tool bags.  Shoemaking experience is not required to know if a pair of shoes fit.  Nor a C.Ped. certification excluding the cases for prescriptions.  There's always something that could be done.  Always.  But its better to get shoes that fit in the first place.
A wedding planner, if OP hired one, will be great in defusing this situation.
+1. This works extremely well. Recommended here by a shirt maker. Kabbaz?
Beautiful croc nubuck.
Buy shoes that fits.  If that fails, visit your local cobblers to make shoes fit.   Or google for insole products.
remote fitting shoes via Skoak? That sounds great!!!
I remember you had two pairs of last adjustment MTO from SC that didn't quite work out.  What prompted you to go back?   Interesting short vamp.
Thought it was museum calf not misty.
Yes that is crazy good news for east coast potential customets.
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