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 Interesting.  It didnt happen to my numerous pairs from other makers.
 Very easy to fix, any cobbler can do it.  Or just wear them. Very typical for RTW shoes.
Licensed content? Checked.CDN? Checked.Original content? Costs is relatively low to get asks, similar to NFLX's shit shows.In addition,UGC? Checked.Selling content? Checked.Ad placement? Checked.International audience? Checked.Content zoning DRM? Checked.YouTube is much greater platform than NFLX. They just need to add a subscription model in addition to their a la carte media shopping model to make it work.
90s in the city means 100+ South Bay/peninsula and 110+ east bay.
Surprised they didn't carve out YouTube; it could be valued at similar multiple as, say, NFLX or Twitch.
Dont use wax polish on the creases.  That's most likely from neutral polishes on your vamp cracking into bits.
 What @LA Guy recommended work great, or if you want some local/mall option, Clarks original chukka. Colored laces, depending on your profession/position, is usually not a good idea.
 Something like this. http://www.kentwang.com/shoes/sneaker-black.html The standard of dressing varies wildly between different tech trade shoes and the profession of the attendees.  Generally, more enterprise, more formal; more media, more casual; more international attendee, more formal, etc. For example, in software trade shows, its going to be a shitload of suits.  Security trade shows are slightly less formal as they have less sales and attendees from institutions...
 Please, please, please, don't wear a brand new or close to new pair of dress shoes. If you are expected to walk a lot on carpet covered concrete floors, the best new shoes you can get is black sneakers. It takes more than a few weeks and several miles for shoes to properly break-in. Just my experiences from more than a decade of CES and other tech trade shows at Vegas. Other big trade shows, especially in San Francisco, are much less taxing on your choice of shoes.
EDIT: I am nuts
New Posts  All Forums: