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You are not knowledgable, just oblivious to the craft. Otherwise you won't make those ignorant comments against Corthay.I didn't have any articles made by MOF holder unfortunately. Would love to get shoes, violins, and glassware commissioned but I am just a peasant.
Greece leaving EU has been the talk for the past 6 years. It's still part of it. Subprime was the talk since late 2006. And it took two years for systemic risk to kick in. How did ou go bankrupt? Two ways. Gradually and then suddenly.
 Did you have your AE shoes recrafted by B Nelson?  And if you did, how do they feel differently than AE resole?
 Throwing names and gibberish only further demonstrate your ignorance and under-appreciation of the craft.
 Kiwi at your local groceries works fine.  Just don't get the Parade Gloss polish. Otherwise Saphir or Collonil.
Ask Tibor.
Such a disappointment.  The Creep sartorial thread needs more fresh pics and Pitti not yet delivering.
Like these?
Now you just need many dozens of bespoke shoes to become the non Japanese version of cobblers web.
Good read!! Many tight pants. Can they even squat in those?
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