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VIX and its derivatives, including ETF, options, and swaps, are the Jon Snow of this world.
 Shoemaking, as with other crafts or systems, have input and output.  So what, in your opinion, does shoemaker take as inputs?  Feet measurements, customer design requests, and raw materials?  Clicked and closed uppers, lasts, and other raw materials? And what, in your opinion, are considered outputs?  Shoes accepted by customers? Shoes accepted by distributors? Shoes that's going into the finishing portion of the process? Those outsourced factories, as institutions, are...
 You do seems to know a lot for someone who most likely havent seen their bespoke works.
 Shoes are not gloves; they constrict and support rather than drape and caress. That said, the technology is certainly there to digitize the lastmaking process.  Just there are not enough demand for that investment.  Most of fit imperfection can be solved by using cushioned linings such as those you found in sneakers/trainers.
 There are different levels to any skill based crafts and there's no reason to discriminate against a novice or an apprentice shoemaker. There are different varieties as well.  Bespoke shoemaker, industrial shoemaker, orthopedic shoemaker, and repairing shoemaker according to the French system.  Some Vietnamese dude working in a Nike factory operating machines is as much a shoemaker as a solo bespoke shoemaker such as yourself. The unfortunate fact is, there are firms that...
Well something's gotta give. Otherwise you will be busy herding calfs, skinning and tanning leathers, keeping bees for waxes, all for vertically integrating the whole shoemaking supply chain.
You are not knowledgable, just oblivious to the craft. Otherwise you won't make those ignorant comments against Corthay.I didn't have any articles made by MOF holder unfortunately. Would love to get shoes, violins, and glassware commissioned but I am just a peasant.
Greece leaving EU has been the talk for the past 6 years. It's still part of it. Subprime was the talk since late 2006. And it took two years for systemic risk to kick in. How did ou go bankrupt? Two ways. Gradually and then suddenly.
 Did you have your AE shoes recrafted by B Nelson?  And if you did, how do they feel differently than AE resole?
 Throwing names and gibberish only further demonstrate your ignorance and under-appreciation of the craft.
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