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I did say you need a proxy.
Safeway or your local supermarkets have polishes.Hardware stores should have Lexol.Cobblers should have all.So does Amazon.And if you want to go all fancy there's plenty of forum sponsors and no sponsers that sells saphir and other high end stuff.And you would need to proxy for boot black.
he is not orange enough to be italian
In your expert opinion, what's wrong with the suit in the last pictures?
There should be a gap for closed laced shoes as bespoke shoemakers accounts for break-in. At least mine all did.New closed lacing shoes should not have ll or closed completely. It will be too lose when worn.
White Incans at Pitti looking for their llmmas  
Would be pretty hard to mess up black on black on black, especially comparing to peacocking Frankenstein customizations.
Fuck off. Do not get my better half start on moobs.
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