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 Never size up when the length is correct.  That's just changing from one pair of misfiting shoes for another pair of misfitting shoes.
As long as you are happy about yourself dressing like Gordon Gekko...
I only know bestetti gives you trial shoes to take home. The bigger shops like JLSJ, JLP, Berluti, and the UK firms either don't do trial shoes or uses semi finished shoes for trial. Not until recently did G&G make trial shoes. But they do remake finished shoes if something is to be improved.
Anyone making new orders this round of trunk shows?
Big game hunting boots....
Sunday morning wood?
Grew up at a barn as a son of a whore, my guess is high school at most and military training. At least literate but def not Ivy League.
How about going to Mississippi, hunt some giant American alligator, skin the hide thorn cut for a pair of boots, and eat the filet sashimi while drinking it's blood?
Something manly as in eating beef carpaccio made from the same calf you get the hide from?
So if the backside of the silk tie fabric is white, it's inque giette printed. And if it's not, than it's dye through and potentially harmful. iGent problems.
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