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 Anyone?  Full or half sole?
They did hire a former Berluti guy... Choices are good. And judging from forum trends, the more ostentatious the better.
 Tim Little offers bespoke at 1st pair of handmade bespoke starts at £1950, 2nd pair of shoes handmade on customer last: £975. And there are probably less famous makers doing it for a lower price. Not all bespoke have pricing like John Lobb.
Leather sourced from AACrack most likely, but the swatch themselves are probably gr G&G. I have all hatch grain swatches sans navy. Though I have not received my order yet but I have tried on Saint Crispins version and it's definitely supple but sturdy. Not as thin as John Lobb light weight museum calf, which is really flimsy. It is corrected grain as it's a stamped leather, partially finished but without the top coat. The leather is thick but I am pretty sure they will...
any pictures of their latest work for trousers?  seems like they been changing their tailors once a while...
Has anyone have any experience with Saint Crispin's recrafting service?
Which is? Pre or post price hike?
 4x G width people aint hard.  But GMTO?  What's the pricing like? 
Correct me if I am wrong but it seems easier to peg a narrow waist than to blind welt sewn.
 Around 200 more even when they are on sale.
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