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No vests unless you can make them in the same fabric as your suits. Or you might either risking looking like a bouncer with odd vest or Dilbert with sweater vest.
[[SPOILER]] Including role-playing a failed Victorian telegraph-Gent?
 John Lobb thread does not get traffic as John Lobb do not offer MTO or GMTO in different permutations of last, pattern, and leather, whereas EG, G&G, or even Meermin and Carmina offers a lot of group ordering opportunities for unique make ups. On the retail side, JL is much more established and higher-end than EG or G&G
Thank you both for the education. Shoemaking is an fascinating art.
Question, do you mean the stain applied to the welt?Pearl beads like stitching looks very delicate. How do they compare to stitching pressed using fudge wheels?AFAIK, leather goods stitchings are usually pressed or hammered to sunk into the leather itself to prevent unwanted wear and tear to the stitchings. What benefits in terms of durability does those pricked marked exposed stitching offer?
What's Madeira calf? Calf leather from cow raised in Madeira? Or it's the name of a color? Any pictures of the leather?
For RTW, craftsmanship? No. Style? A matter of personal taste. EG is more conservative looking than G&G while JL is more elegant than EG despite all share the same EG heritage.
The real question is at 14+ spi, how well could the welt sustain from resoling?
You could refurbish Blake stitched shoes as well abide less frequently. Also, in real raining conditions, neither prevents water going into the insole.
Some more precision adjustments for more space around ring toe and heel bone spur at right shoe, toe clearance on the left shoe. Initial shoes fit was perfect and most of the problems come up after 4+ hours of activities. I strongly recommend test shoes for those hard to fit folks whose going through MTO.
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