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Scrubbing sponge is good. Or you could try sand paper or steel wool to remove the paints. Or use knife to scrap them off.The deep cuts can be smoothed out with shoe goo and sand paper. Or those saphir gels if you feel like spending money. Use spoons to smooth the filler of your chose.
Not applicable to many on StyFo.
Water vinegar doesn't do anything to water stain; if it has any effect the same thing could be done with acetone or other cleaners.Water stain is permenant especially with light color leathers.
My understanding is that you could buy round trip ticket to Tokyo, order bespoke shoes, fly back, and dine at Per Se, and still have changes left.
Sounds like an awesome experience. Visited their Paris workshop as well?
Cash is an asset class and the base momentum factor against all investments alternatives.Even by going into treasuries you are incurring pricing risk unless you plan to hold till maturity.
Never hold it long term. You will lose all the position as you've said. Besides, it's a strong mean reversion index. So you will bleed dry before the next market correction.Hold it when it's in backwardation,m. If you don't have future pricing feed, could use ^VIX/^VXV > 1 instead.
Who's your fitter? Paul?
Well my point is to save the original toe shape, especially if the maker is charging a lastmaking fee (or not deducting lastmaking fee) for follow on pairs.
Better ask to use a copy of the original last before modification so the original shape isn't lost.
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