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http://badgerandblade.com/ will be a better resource for these type of questions.
 One bespoke order would provide enough information to boast on this forum.  The question posed was how to "assess what a car feels like to drive", not how to pick a car. As for long term ownership of cars or even clothes, I believe in the common saying - no matter how hot she looks, there will always be some guy who's sick and fucking tired of her shit.
 I would worry about pegs falling off the sole way more than water sipping into the welt.  I actually had a few pegs came loose in my Saint Crispins and one of which fell out. Water aint gonna sip into the welt around the waist area as shoe waists do not have contact with the ground. Welted shoes are not waterproof.  Goodyear or handsewn.
 All marketing.  How about just test drive the god damn car?
 Just like David Copeland.
Spit shine the whole toe cap to smooth out the damage.   Or recreate burn around the rest of the toe cap for a distressed look.
  Quote: Which you have obtained by reading hundreds of pages.  Sometimes it is good to be oblivious about things.
Which part of it is fiberboard?
1. There were no pavements. 2. They don't heel strike. 3. Cleats.
Perfect pitch is not required to hear harmonic chords. Colorblind is not an impediment to making the right color combinations.
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