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Depends on your brokerage or OMS. Generally you will own -xxx shares with - signifying short.Cost of borrow or hard to borrow will be a hurdle and might not be transparent across different firms and sometimes you do need to call their desk for info if you are on retail platform.Cost of borrow for some stocks are sky high, e.g., TSLA, SQ.No you can't be short XYZ and long XYZ at the same time. You can however have derivative contracts that achieve the same goal. For...
Uppers crack between creases on vamp as well. Condition. Depend on wearing frequency and environment. If you have 10+ pairs, probably less than 2 per year on a as needed basis.
FUN leather sucks as much.I'm just a customer not vendor and has no skin in their game.
That's my guess as well from leather swatch vs finished shoes. But no worries, follow hanger projects presidential shoe shine to strip finish off brand new shoes! Popular forum products can finally work together once in a faded blue moon.
W8. People just waking up to SC's leather quality? Damn. My G&G hatch grain doesnt suffer from finishing peeling off like SC. So the problem is not likely with the leather but how finishing is applied.
Only down 6.4%. Didn't close early. Risk on!
As with clothing, color attracts way more attention than silhouette, make, or quality.
Not all oil are the same. I for one won't cost my Japanese hand forged carbon steel knives with anything other than Camilla oil.If anything, coat your shoe soles with natural oils on beef steak, pB style.
 Where do you even get that borrow?
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