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 I am intellectually curious and open minded about manufacturing materials.  The truth is manufacturing material standards are constantly improving alone with material science.
Shoe factory visits.
 Celastic has good elasticity while being stiff.  Heat activated puffs are a lot more bouncy. Neither behaves like those plastic bucket that gets brittle under the sun that you used as an example.
 Don't think so.  Material sciences are constantly improving and evolving (aka no more movie films as @DWFII suggested).  Manufacturers might have moved from acetone activated celastic to heat activated or other manufacturing materials.  It's akin to the BPA scare several years ago; nowadays all those plastic water bottles are labeled BPA free, but basically the same thing except 'safer'. Non-woven cloths are routinely used in shoe upper lining/reinforcement as well, and...
 Lets say 66% of the shoe area are covered w/ upper leather and 34% bottom. Assuming the upper with pure leather is 50% occlusive and bottom is 60% occlusive, then a typical shoes is about 53.4% occlusive. And the stiffeners covers, say, 20% of the upper area and celastic/KP is 100% occlusive.Then the combined occlusion of the system is .66x.8x.5 + .66x.20x1 + .34x.6 = 60% occlusive. You could make the model more intricate by factoring in the topline shoe openings, using...
 Celastic isn't exactly plastic and is impact resistance with good bonding memory.  There are many varieties of KP, some are activated w/ acetone and some are activated with heat.
 It does.  But does it matter?
Meermin is more liberal in using upper leathers so it's luck based. Poor leather can't be salvaged. Neither can low tier constructions.Wears very good, very good for the price.
Meermin LM shoes wear great. Don't need to break in at all.The downside is the construction detail and leather quality. But at its price point nothing to be complained about.
Any picture/video comparing the texture of Saphir, Collonil, and BritH?  And the texture/color of BritH cleaner vs Renovateur?   Collonil cream are very thick paste that takes some effort to spread where Saphir cream are much thinner and spreads way faster. 
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