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2mm. Nothing visible from afar.
 Honestly, go to the EG/G&G/Carmina thread; the average SF shoes are now more ostentatious than the classic Berluti...
Missed out on a pair of the same shoes from some liquidation sales.   The best thing about SC is many of its distributors went out of business and there's liquidations every other year.
Is that you, Nobita?
@Cleav criss cross lacing will be better for your Dover
With utility equivalent of a black kudu Chelsea Oxford with bellows tongue and beveled waist
Why Dover but not Hove, JL/SC's Dovet equivalent, or other Dover style Norwegian split toes? I was Lookin at Dover but found Dover too elegant and dressy to be used like a real Dover. And Dover is GY/turn-in Welted instead of Norwegian/turn-out sewn/Welted thus making Dover less Dover.Or you are suggesting nightshade is more suitable for Dover than other models while DAOK is the more popular Dover color?I don't have a Dover yet. But I might consider a pair of Dover.
 Or just use shoe goo to glue them together.
  Nah.  Its cemented.  No heel seat or welt.
 No.  Same last, different pattern/lacing/knot, fit will be different. Plain toe fits easier than wing tip, which fits easier than cap toes.  seamless heel fits easier than heels with counter pieces.  Bluchers fit easier than oxfords.  Criss cross lacing fits easier than european bar lacings.  Granny knot fits easier than balanced knot, which fits easier than double knot.
New Posts  All Forums: