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We got any rabbi here to tell us if it's okay to mix grain and smooth leather?
It's like some work boots runs "half a size too large" and needs to be "sized down". But then its true to size accounting for thick work socks.
Rota trouser sizing question. I am usually 52 in Incotex Chino Lino. Or regular/generous/American fit size 36. But my thighs make PT01 slim fit looks like leggings. And PT01 regular fit is rather slim fit on my thighs. What size should I take?
It's not so black and white or all or nothing. There are a lot of variations to shoe fit including time of the day, salt intake, blood circulation, thickness of socks, etc. For these exact same reasons 3D scanning and printing are not needed to create perfectly fitted shoes. And I always find it fascinating that people buying country boots the same size as their dress shoes as evident in G&G and EG threads. Either they wear thick country socks with their dress shoes or...
Don't be a dick towards obesed man. He at least covered himself nicely.
Thankfully i cycle for commute and groceries.
Very interesting. Maybe I will wear one riding my bicycle someday.
Riding boots. JL Paris, JL St. James
Maybe pm kelicho? He has a pair of pig skin G&G.Or alternatively, lard and a slow cooker.
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