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SC is selling through distributors/trunk shows, with shoes constructed in much finer quality compare to Vass.Also, they do cater much more to their customers via tons of trunk shows world wide, which warrants part of the high price.Vass, on the other hand, is still selling to Japan primarily. Their quality isn't as high as some of the other hand welted guys costing ~$1,000.Good shoes. Price is great for the quality but doesn't mean they could easily increase the price....
 I haven't touched my rain coat for couple of years...
can i get a smart suit and smart shoes to pair with my smart glasses and smart watch? 
 That weak yen/strong dollar must put them in a world of hurt...
  With or without Whoopee's pagoda shoulders?
1. Don't wear undershirt. Use sweat guard sprays or deorderants.2. You need crotch guard or more durable fabrics to prevent peeling and tearing at the crotch.3. Flannel is a def no; they peel easily. Linen/cotton blend is your friend.
Please don't take this advise.Just buy good suits at your current weight.
I believe the word you looking for is Haute Couture.
 Shoe poisoning from licking too much soles.
 Thought you in SF, where its probably like low 70s. But in silicon desert its approaching 85-90.
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