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 Wear looser neck, and get used to wearing shirt and tie.
I like drinking peated iodine too. And i like them young. Laphroaig double cask? Carol Ila? Bowmore?
Let me introduce you to my socks made from reclaimed Golden Fleece fibers, found in a wax sealed ivory box inside a recent archeology dig site at Colchis (present day Georgia). They are uniformly 5 nano meters in diameters, finer than all man known materials, and with superior tensil strength compared to even Spidermn silk. Each pair are hand weaved by legendary soul weaver and will take 3 years to make by bespoke makers with the long lost art of drape cut. Invitation...
 Given its flexibilities and construction methods, Saint Crispins should really be compared with the likes of Bestetti, Meccarriello at the low end and semi-bespoke order of Yanagimachi, Fukuda, etc at the high end. Saint Crispins last modification is okay.  YMMV.
 Unicorn hair brushes with unicorn horn handles can do magic to your shoes.
Saint crispins is hand welted and pegged at waist. So it does offer differentiation against high end UK makers.The upper leather used is different tho, they do use more parts of the hide for making.
I like St Crispins over other high end UK brands such as EG/G&G/JL.  Have no experience with Besttetti, Meccariello, or the Japanese MTO makers so couldn't comment. But SC's leather usage is not quite as good as the rest, IME.
With the exchange rate strongly favoring dollars there's no reason to buy from US venders.
Left shoe inside facing leather quality is questionable.
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