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Quick question.  Why do makers uses glass to scrap the heels?  Typically for wood/metal working, people uses sandpapers to polish a surface, so can sandpaper be used to achieve a polished heel stack?   I am thinking using 250/1000 grit sandpaper to give my heels a smoothed surface before waxing.
Nice pictures of what people actually wear instead of the dress of aristocrats.   p.s., is that a hat forum picture sneaked in? or AAAC?
Biker chick continue to wreck the brand. GG
 I like mine way  better
 There was one pair on sale in B&S just this year, used.  And the other time was sometimes in 2010 AFAIK. I bespoken mine.  A. Meccariello does apple peel style wingtip as well.
Buy first. Ask questions later. Color is an easy fix.I am fortunately enough to have those shoes not in my size.
Casual for the 1% aristocracy or casual for the normal people?
 Norwegian winter?
@Stefan88 Any side/profile pictures and shots of the welt/blindwelt areas? Marquess has really good making. Their lasting is really top notch...
^^^ Exactly. Was dissuaded from trial shoes and personalized last by Philip. Went with PRET instead. Fit is pretty awful. Breakin is a pain. Now wearable but still meh. My feet isn't unusually wide, JL 9EE fits fine tho not perfect.
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