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 Great, lets go for personal attacks now there's already a case proving wrong the claim of saddle soap being highly alkaline, or saddle soap being just castile soap with a pH of 9. How Russian leather was made is not relevant to the discussion.  My point is, Russian reindeer leather stayed in the bottom of the sea, soaked black mud/salt water for 200+ years, and can still be reclaimed and used for leatherworking and shoemaking. MSDS doesn't tell you everything but the...
Shareholder pressure, slight hint of board reform. Enough pessimism on platform user growth. All while politicians, celebrities, brands, and now even stock prices skyrocket and plummet base on TWTRs platform.Fool stumbled on a gold mine story for sure. Facebook transformed itself twice. TWTR just have to do it once and it seems to be ongoing.
Scaremongering claims from vendors with economic interests to sell saddle soap alternatives being used as "research" aside, here are some facts. Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap has a pH of 8 according to its MSDS. That is not "highly alkaline" as @patrickBOOTH claimed when alkaline goes from 7+ to 14; its at very mildly basic  Household vinegar, on the other hand, has a pH of ~2.4 on the scale of 7- to 0 To compare, blood has a pH of ~7.5 and sea water has a pH of 8.  Sodium...
 That is exactly the point of the discussion.pB claimed that saddle soap is highly alkaline without any verification/testing aside from some random Internet marketing articles. And it happens that most of those articles are written by commercial interests who are selling alternatives to saddle soap.Sure, it might contain soap, which is basic, but having one (highly) alkaline ingredient doesn't necessarily means the end product, after mixing and cooking/processing, is...
I own TWTR with cost basis around 25ish.
 Okay, now you move on from making unverified claims on certain type of products to now straight personal attacks and real life threats...Now I am concerned that you go full American Psycho on me based on your Dubiously Honored status and relationships with vendors...
The problem is, you can test the effect of acid/base on leather, but can you test the pH of leather? I mean, pH is only for measuring aqueous solutions... p.s., I need to buy a pH meter for soil test, will get around to do it someday, maybe this week, and then I could test pH of my Saphir saddle soap. Said I would do it, but its just not high on my priority list. I dont sell shoe care products or blog for vendors.
Posted pictures on my blog. SF editor bar is gone on my FF so I can't post pix.
 Okay. So your response to someone questioning your unverified claim of "saddle soap is highly alkaline" is to call his questioning bullshit.
 He agreed with you by saying "His is right, Soap is Alkaline."And now you said Dove has a pH of 7, which is neutral, proving him wrong.Google search for any of the conspiracy theories and you will get tons of information telling you those theories are true. Awesome verification method.
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