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Cusp as in the toe area? Do you have toe wiggle room? Or the upper is pushed against the top of your toes? As to instep tightness, does it work for you if its not laced tightly? I am usually JL 9EE and G&G 9.5F/G. But I am PRET size 8.5G with extra 5mm width added around the whole small toe area, as measured and recommend by Mr Car. The result is not optimal; left and right toe is okay but ring toe is pressed against the edge of the toe and left ring toe is being...
The last on the left side is a machine made last.
Saw that blog post. His new arum last looks so much better balanced!
 Does Hayafuji-san has access to industrialized last-making machines???
Mr Nishiyama's shoes are very distinctively Cleverley...
Handmade manufacturing. Nice. My iPhones are handmade manufactured too.
 Mass manufacturing goods in China are of much higher quality than mass manufacturing goods in America.
 Tuck your pants hem into your Happy Socks.  Problem solved.  I credit Mr. Ronald McDonald for this sartorial inspiration. 
Please count me in
Fabric material made in Italy, garment made in China.
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