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1. Who are most makers? Balmoral has facing that doesn't touch the welt/sole. Oxford has facing/quarter piece that touches the welt/sole.2. I don't, it's your choice. I am just suggesting a decrease in formality of pattern will make the decrease in formality of color more reasonable and appropriate.
 How did you determine that? @mw313 what could be the potential cause? In my experience, red eye flights cause my feet to swell quite a bit, so does traveling to a warmer/more humid climates such as East Coast summer or SE Asia.  And of course, gaining weight...
 Wearing a bit thicker socks, or some shoe stretching liquid right before you putting them on should help easing the pain.
Those two are both oxfords, not balmorals. Bettet have a punch cap if you go dark brown to balance out the slight decrease in formality.
 Here's my footprint taken by G&G.  Now I am going to talk about shoes.     Quote: Well, those rocker bottom shoes doesn't look like it has any lateral ankle support at all. How about impact of double/triple leather sole shoes impact on foot health and ankle stability?  I surely don't feel the ground as well wearing double leather sole compare to single sole, and the fast wearing heels and even faster wearing toe tips creates a somewhat rocker bottom.
 I've seen plenty of old but healthy people that lived on slippers, sandles, and el cheapo glued/cemented loafers.  But I am not a medical researcher my observation is limited. I know some RNs/CNAs who swear on wearing those crazy rocker bottom sneakers and doctors who wears nothing but crocs in hospitals. Crazy times.
Insole is the heart and bone for shoes. GYW insoles ranges from thin, thinner, to composite materials. Whereas HW insole are think.Carved leather is structurally stronger than flipped leather reinforced by canvass (JMWestin) which is in term stronger than canvass glued on leather.Who knows if GYW shoes is detrimental to your health? But my grandpa walked barefoot, marched in war in GYW boots, and wore only a few pairs of el cheapo loafers. He lived almost 100 years.FWIW,...
St James II but with toe medallion. Semi brogues just feel too front heavy without heel counters.
Greece now officially defaulted but still in Eurozone. Puerto Rico is close to default/deal as well. Who's next in line to inject liquidity after China?
 No sir, I was stating there are industrial shoemakers operating various shoemaking machines for manufacturers; you steadfastly deny them being called shoemakers and went on declaring shoemakers need to do everything themselves in a traditional manner. Then I raise the question of shoemaker as an institution and the craftsman working inside - are they shoemakers as traditional shoemaking institutions?  Again you argue that they are part of deconstructed factory system,...
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