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Vass.Berluti isn't worth it unless you go bespoke.And JLP bespoke is sublime.
7 pairs is plenty to start out and should last a long time. And if you catch the bug, it could become 70 pairs in no time...
Just the typical. Use shoe trees, don't wear the same pair every day. Let them rest. As for molds or wet rots, keep them dry or use dehumidifier if you live in humid parts of the world such as SE Asia.
Which region? U.S. is a big country. There's one in Seattle, a couple in Oregan, a few in Oregan, plenty of boot makers in the Midwest and South. And some in East coast.
It looked like rotting caused by dirty sweat or water...Keep your shoes dry.
For $1mm you can sure buy a lot of bespoke shoes... Made by U.S. makers nevertheless...
I think he forgot to pop his coat collar.
I don't know. It was a quick flip for profit.The insole was in really bad shape compare to the outsole. Upper was in pretty good condition with some nick and songs on the toes.
Chase is having a new account opening promotion, $500 for setting up new account + direct deposit. That's an easy 3-5% in 3 months and pretty low risk.
I wear G with with 5mm width addition...
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