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That facing looks likes someone's back. Or a giant penis.
Those are killer prices.
At the first sight I was thinking those legs need Brazilian wax...
Copy him as photoshop the background?
Don't mistaken RTW fit with bespoke; they are completely different animals. Seems like Singapore or Hong Kong will be the best destination for you to get bespoke shoes.
Not suede?
 You will always have to wait for bespoke articles to be made.  Or could get some expedited services under certain conditions or titles.
 I blame Julia Child and Bob Ross. But then again, I don't think anyone with any intelligent would claim themselves being expert basketball players after watching a few seasons of NBA.
What is the difference between JR brown stamp soles and JR golden triangle stamp?  Each one of them have many thickness available and the only visual difference from my untrained eyes is the shape of the stamp. 
 Gotta start somewhere if people are really interested in shoemaking as a craft.  Except some of those videos are meh.
New Posts  All Forums: