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Very nice. How do these bespoke fit compare to RTW? Hatch grain pattern all get slightly distorted at toe or heel areas abide not as bad as whole cuts.
Thanks. Was just interested. Tooling for plastic/rubbet ain't exactly expensive but if there's difference in material recipe I guess dainite and November sole could be from different companies.
Distinctly yours. Rondo of saddle designs.What's the reason behind all those saddle designs either in your RTW line or wet dreams?
What's the actual difference between Dainite sole and November sole?  They look very similar...
 It is a pair of AE more expensive than Saint Crispins.  A good comparable IMO as both of them pegged their waste.
They do travel to San Francisco as well. And probably LA.
 Specifically, give me all your wealth to me.
Out of town over that weekend. Have fun all.
 You might not be the next Dave Copeland but you do have a potential to be Mafoo.  Make sure you get your 15 pair rotation of shell wholecuts
 Not very much convincing when you go full Imelda Marcos. 
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