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 Overall "Customer Relationships".  The usual KPI they reports are: Customer Relationships, Video Customer, Internet Customers, Voice Customers, and customers who bought single/double/triple products with them.  Also sometimes they report penetration and reach.  Subscribers has been increasing across the board. They probably still charges Netflix for peering at data centers, but Netflix probably found ways to minimize those costs w/ their own CDN.
 To summarize, you enjoy "learning about bespoke shoemaking", but you cannot understand or appreciate "learning about bespoke shoemaking" because you are not a master of "learning about bespoke shoemaking".   Quote: Sorry, I am not a master bespoke shoemaker so I cannot recognize craftsmanship. I also don't play basketball professionally so I cannot recognize the greatness of Michael Jordan or Stephen Curry.  I am not a master violinist, so I cannot recognize the greatness...
 My previous two posts are facts, excluding the claim of Musk needs more people drinking his koolaids.  Or if I missed anything, please point out which part of my arguments is pessimistic or conspiracy theory-ish.  Always looking to remove sentiment from my arguments. An example of investment rationale pessimism/conspiracy theory-ish/tin-foil hat, Claim:   Cord-cutting is going to destroy cable companies, everyone is gonna drop expensive cable subscriptions and Netflix and...
On sidelines for SCTY. Another Musk's genius business, of turning government subsidies into personal wealth. Larger scale commercial solar makers SUNE and Abengoa both filed bankruptcy. SCTY's retail cousin VSLR in the dumps as their white knight SUNE dies. SCTY can't even sell its 'solar bonds' and Musk had to buy most of them, for the 3rd time, with SpaceX money (government subsidies). Musk needs more people drinking his kool-aid for either more government...
I am short AAPL and NFLX. AAPL, subsidies gone, replacement cycle lengthens, and the Chinese attacked with better phones at half the price. Both unit sales and margins will be under pressure. Risk to short is central bank buying equities. iPhone7 poses little risk to break the thesis. NFLX, ARPU - CAC - CRC < $1. ARPU expansion will be offset by increasing CRC as more players going after limited pools of content. Cash flow negative for another few years and need another...
Block of text attacked. The answer is crystal clear if you consider EB, Vass, Meermin LM as manufacturers. And they are. And LOL @DWFII's ridiculous faulty logic again; it doesn't take an actual maker to understand and appreciate a craft.
 Almost worthy of @BagholderQuotes.
They over nerfed Torb. Bastion is great noob magnet. But bastion is very comp and map dependent.
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