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That was an interesting exchange of WASP family feud. Campbell's vs McDonalds.
In addition, it's always best to have a trial pair of shoes to narrow down the fit.I was talked out within trial shoes/last by Philips and just did last adjustment instead. The resulting fit is rather unimpressive.Oh, and don't expect the lasted trees from SC to be closely lasted either.
By that logic, there's no need of conditioning in places like Singapore due to the extreme humidity...It just take a few days for natural material to settle into a environment. Don't need to do anything special or extra.
Interesting. Makers like Lisa Sorrell charges starting $5k.
Don't do last adjustment. Go for a custom last with trial shoes.
Last aesthetics are pretty distinctive between regions as well.
Lobb Paris bespoke workshop is in Paris. They charge that price because they can.And the quality is extremely good.BTW, maybe you should talk to DWFII for his bespoke work.
 Gucci bit loafer is classic. Otherwise go with Carmina or Meermin for about the same or lower price point, way better shoes.  Or Vass or Crockett & Jones.
Its Character.
What's ur size?
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