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 It works, but why?  Leeds is finished leather with a protective top coat AFAIK.  On the other hand, if its some unfinished leather/crust leather, it could help. On the other hand, the effectiveness of water protector really depends on the severity of rain fall expected.  They were absolutely useless in monsoons. I would worry more about the rain if its leather sole; works in light rain, but water will sip into the insole if its heavy enough.
 I am here to question and learn. So tell me, what's wrong with me questioning pB making unverified and untested claims and asking for verifications?  Are you a stout supporter of shoot first, raise and aim later? From my observation, you tend to favor discrediting other people instead of their talking points/experiences.  Your experiences and insight are great in the cases where they directly apply.  Unfortunately when they don't or in conflict with other's experiences,...
 No I am not a shoemaker.  Nor a leather tanner.  Nor a chemist.  And I don't think you were the latter two either.  You tend to throw your decades of shoemaking experiences or age as a weight for your arguments. I have great respect for your experiences, but no respect of the use of age/experience as a cornerstone to arguments.  As an example, without any/much experiences with flushed metal toe taps, you've claimed that they are noisy to walk on and damages the...
 All those written specs and data filed with regulatory bodies/agencies discredited in one easy catch phrase.  Secret of the trade!
 Travers went down because he flipped repeatedly against random posters in this thread (I think), not because he was harmless, innocent or push over the edge as you've described. Interesting that you are the proponent of personal experience/work but sometimes lacks the courtesy of respecting other's work/experiences that conflicts against your own.
  Both are higher than the leather pH you've claimed.  So according to your logic, both of them alters the acidity of the leather, so neither of them are great for leather.  True?!?!?
 Thanks for those info.  Good to know. p.s., real-life threat.  Cursing and name calling online is one thing, but offering bounties for someone to send a box of shit to me in real life is a whole different level.
More MSDS factoids for those who are interested.   Kiwi Saddle Soap.  pH: N.A. Fiebing Saddle Soap.  pH: 8 - 10 Farnam Leather New Easy Polishing Glycerin Saddle Soap.  pH: 10 Lexol pH Neutral Cleaner.  pH: not listed
 Let me quote pB again on his real life threat. 
 +1.  Though I've admittedly been lazy about testing.  But hey, I caint making claims.  Again, personal attacks doesn't make you more right or logical in a discussion.  Here's my original question:  Aside from being botched by the combination of my butter finger and iPhone auto correct, you obviously did not do any testing for your claims as logical as it might be.  A hypothesis without verification. My point has always been, don't post information authoritatively when...
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