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 :o Not sandles w/ white socks? Or birkenstock wannabe?
 Hitler Youth?
ETF are not 'on sale' just because their prices are low; they are reflections of their underlying security/index. So are their fundamentals. ETPs are technically derivative instruments that contain high hidden liquidity risk with some of the ETP more so then the others, such as futures based ETN or thinly traded small ETF. When crisis hits, spread will skyrocket and it would cost a lot to get out. Commodities/real estate/derivative/foreign securities based ETP are all...
 Nice guide. Just to add, I find it helps dye penetrating by mixing dye with conditioners, specifically Bick4.  It allows dye to penetrate instead of just sitting on surface..
 That's the problem.
Lexol or bick4.
Marmolada hiking boots. The best menswear hiking boots you can buy with money.They also make hiking boots for Berluti.
Some tech stocks have been in a bubble for couple years already. Specifically the hard core growth/momentum guys, e.g., FB, NFLX, AMZN, PCLN, etc. Some of them saw valuation adjustment early last year like TWTR or DATA, and some never did.
 http://www.saintcrispins.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/SC_shoecare.pdf Yes, I agree that saddle soap isn't the best for leather and might change its acidic nature if not rinsed.  Washing isn't the same as soaking and my boots are in contact with a lot of water/mud of acidic materials.
 You don't know what else is there in addition to dirt.  Sometimes grit, rain, sweat, mineral deposits, soil, compost, etc.  I use my boots for gardening/farming work and they get dirty. Some Japanese shoe washing services goes as far as using ultrasound machine to shake all the unwanted particles.
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