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Quote: Original manufacturers' repair department could turn down the recrafting job and welts are not always replaced. Calling the rewelting of GY welted shoes "easy to fix" is an overstatement; basically they had to put the shoes through the same assembly line for the recrafting.  That is not easily achievable at your local cobbler.
 They are a notch or two below with their claim to fame as the French company using imported American Goodyear Welting technology.
Sounds like those stories where outsole channel flaps splitting open and need to be cemented down...
Pants ain't mini skirts. There's no need to bend over to reveal your ankle that no one wants to see.Peg them like SC peg the soles.
Why has no one asked if the suits were made with raw with self edge and at least 21oz imported Japanese cone denim?
Is Cliff Robert still running his small bespoke operations? How's his work compare to the established makers?
Nice. Seawater stain? Did you soak in water or vinegar water?
John Lobb still has HM the Queen's seal. And they made plenty of bespoke ladies shoes.So apparently there are cemented women shoes and there are bespoke ladies shoes.
Would it make my pants shorter?
Gawd. Is this the Buzzfeed threak?
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