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 heavy douse of conditioner (lexol or bick4) with shoe trees inside should tone down the creasing.
Knee too sharp. Would not hit. Oh wait......
Interesting. Some makers use two rows of stitching around the heel.
Wait what? No girl power bullshit?I'm looking forward to more tits.
Very nice pattern matching.
Holy shit that's some awesome hide matching. How's shooey doing these days? He ordering more pairs from cleverly? Maybe I should visit fnb once in a while lol.
Or a calf chukka. Def not Galway.
They do use most parts of the skin. Sometimes even places with growth marks
Not sure about the actual price, better to ask AM himself. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's significant up charge for that construction method.That is a very high skill and low yield lasting method...
Shhhh. SC is much loved on this forum.People are willing to pay for sub par leather in exchange for good service, local trunk shows, and marketing!
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