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 Does Hayafuji-san has access to industrialized last-making machines???
Mr Nishiyama's shoes are very distinctively Cleverley...
Handmade manufacturing. Nice. My iPhones are handmade manufactured too.
 Mass manufacturing goods in China are of much higher quality than mass manufacturing goods in America.
 Tuck your pants hem into your Happy Socks.  Problem solved.  I credit Mr. Ronald McDonald for this sartorial inspiration. 
Please count me in
Fabric material made in Italy, garment made in China.
To "write" Chinese characters in the right proportions is calligraphy.  It's way more complicated than the standard typesetting alphabets.
SC has surprisingly good Chinese calligraphy. Damn. What did you provide as an input?
With the sheer numbers of shoes you have, it would probably take longer.
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