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Unless you have some inside information, trading before earnings is pure gambling. Or you can have thorough research on recent new to increase your odds.
MU is here to stay for next few decades. It's one huge national security strategic asset that happens to be at the leading edge of precision manufacturing in the US.The problem is when and how the semiconductor cycle will turn. TSM/SPIL at the front/backend said the inventory correction in China is over. MU expects 2H recovery. But personally I suspect this downturn will last much longer due to 1) slowdown in SaaS/enterprise/data center sending, 2) lengthening of cell...
Actually, Samsung has the family feud problem. SNDK is going thorough a pending merger which is a huge distraction for execution.MU is much less distracted, still consolidating its JV.By that definition, Intel makes commodity products as well. So does Qualcomm and Mediatek. CSCO routers are commodities as well. Or CRM saas. Hell even AWS and Azure are commodity products.Switching cost from Samsung NAND to MU NAND is quite high for high end storage boxes or integrated...
Battery modules isn't the same as cars. Most automakers shall overtake TSLA in unit volume within a year or two.
Marginally. Coming from a guy whom doesn't understand manufacturing, throughout, yield, QC points. Marginally this, marginally that, and marginally your imaginary manufacturer will go out of business from lack of margins.HW isn't the problem but tropical storm? So being water tight excludes tropical storms, wading, etc? What now, HW is water resistant onlyin environments with little water?Makes great sense! Let divert the attention away and classify normal conditions as...
Leather sole with cleats but it depends a lot on the theater. Leggings with shoes, not boots.And mid WW2 most field boots changed into rubber or synthetic outsoles. Life saving.
Only long term thinkers increase capex and supply to squeeze out their competitors during a downturn.Happened before in steel. Happened before in DRAM. Happening now in NAND. And happening now for plastics.It's going to be the same for crude.Pretty hard for patent protected guys or software guys to understand. Physical products goes through cleansing every cycle.p.s., light crude will remain essential over at least the next 50 years. Heating, military, consumer materials.
They can't even produce a low cost electric car while Chevy has iterated twice and BMW i3 are everywhere in the Bay Area now.Says much about their execution or wet dream.
SolarCity just downsized to SolarTown today.
1. Good. So you are acknoledeging that GYW needs additional 1-2 steps compare to BR. In manufacturing, that is called complications. 2. That is called throughput. Not complication. You can either increase throughout by adding bandwidth, I.e., have 200 shoemakers hand welting 5 pairs of shoes per day to achieve the same 1000 pairs per day through put as 2 station operators running the gemming and welt stitching machines. And that is assuming all 200 makers are making the...
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