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Shoe online retailing is a tough business to operate. Better to brand via fashion blogs than actual expert reviews. ps at $400-$500 price point leather quality can be easily fixed. And yes it appears to be low quality leather with the cuts and the surface separating from hide. At the very least cut those poorer leathers for heels not toe caps or vamp. Or use a less complicated pattern for higher yield rate.
Marlow is the Taco Bell for iGents.
That monk looks too sleek and formal for your casual dress.There's a very good reason that scotch grained leather was used for the first double monk created by John Lobb.
Because Florsheim imperial v-cleat kenmoor is a much better shell (long)wingtip.
septieme largeurYou could also request unfinished crust leather via G&G MTO.I would imagine you could request the same with most if not all bespoke shoemaker as well.
Some female models can look quite exotic and elegant with certain make-up and angles. At different makeup and angles they look less than ordinary. Shoes are exactly the same way.
I width up. Ball width good. Toe box still too narrow. Ended up stretching it. Still snug but no pain. If I width up any more it's gonna be to wide for my heels.If it's cap toe, cordovan, exotic leathers, good luck. Those have much less give to stretching.
 Don't even think about it.  Just give up the last or go bespoke at Ugolini or other Italian makers. A wider width means the ball width will be wider.  Due to the shape of the last, the width increase at the toe box will only be a small fraction of the width increase at the ball.
 It would be an easy problem to solve if its just improper fit. I have a problem where I have a lump bone chip at my right heel thats not outright visible and hard to measure/trace; it clearly there on x-rays.  I have a pair of boots that sometimes aggravate the lump after a few hours of walking and I sometimes get blisters. I am suspecting a poor patterning/skiving job, but will play around with knocking the heel stiffener softer.  It's most probably celastic. 
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