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Nothing wrong with boney ankles and mismatched shoes.
The downside those two boots you've posted are not dressy enough and have those unrefined cropped toe/square toe shape that is not suitable or coherent to the rest of your clothings.   Generally speaking, all articles of clothing should be in the proximate range of formality.  Chelsea boots might go better together with your sports jacket and sports shirts.  They are easy on-off and rugged at the same time.   If you love Western boots, we have a bespoke bootmaker...
Its much more flattering after tucking in that shirt (and take pictures at the right angle).  You might consider long sleeve oxford cloth button down shirts to supplement your polos; they work great both with and without jackets.  Roll up your sleeves over short sleeves, the former signifies read-to-work and the latter appears to be more sloppy.   Are you specifically looking for western boots (cowboy boots?) due to your region? Or are you looking for boots in...
 I think this picture says very well about contrast.  Overall you are wearing high contrast northern half.  The tan suede shoes provided a low contrast southern half.  Thus the visually we are attracted to your face despite that the tie and shoes are not of similar lightness/darkness. Or maybe the shoes compliment your hair color.   
 I dislike bright shoes with charcoal/black suits as well. But my general understanding is, we all dress in such a way to compliment/attract attention to our face. High contrast southern half draws the attention away from our face, except in the rare cases of even higher contrast northern half. Thus, we usually wear shoes shades darker in the southern half to lower bottom contrast.  Tan shoes and CBD doesn't match well.  Works perfect with Khakis or light color pants. You...
Are they welted chest to chest or waist to waist? SC are welted waist to waist despite they ended up pegging at the waist without using those waist welt at all.How's their arch support vs SC?
Barefoot running is great.Cushioned soles are not, as it changes your gait significantly.Arch support is great, as long as it doesn't over compensate. You don't necessarily want to walk with a huge bump under your arch; it will be very uncomfortable.Oh and having lower arch is not as bad as it sounds.
Looking very nice. Low instep? I like his hand welted way more than the pegged ones. Blind waist? Very compelling price......
 Shirts tails left hanging outside will appear very sloppy for us larger folks, especially with a sports jacket on.   Sports jacket as in suit jacket/blazer/sports jacket sense, not actual jersey jackets worn for sports.
Advancement in silicon model creations is amazing in Japan... http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/danceshoesshow/3713.html
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