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Imagine all the hot money flowing into U.S. receding back to China and Europe... Flight to safety is second to margin call liquidity.
Toe box is tougher to stretch than vamp width, especially if it's cap toe...... And you cannot stretch any OSHA steel toe caps.
You get red soles easy with leather dye or red topy. The Oxford and the brogue are fugly. The studded slipper is best out of the bunch.
Pretty much. But depends on how big your shoe wardrobe is and how heavy you are on the creams and polishes.You will know when it's time to wax off.
How's the transition to the new management team?
No you don't need to strip your shoes for shoe care.You could try leather deglazers or preparers for stripping wax and finishes off. But they are as toxic.
Does faux hair piece count?
 Yes.  It doesn't have a French name and is owned by Americans. All shoe waxes create scuff resistant surface.  Shoe creams don't.
Full size down. Same as JL or C&J.
 Such a generous offer  In your experience, which type of toe plates do you prefer?  Those Triumph ones? Or those lulu metal toe plates?
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