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 Point being, newer (lol) technologies isn't necessarily going to replace or diminish the value or existing luxury goods.  Neither electric cars nor ride sharing is hampering luxury car ownership. Casio did not kill the luxury watch market.  And neither will cell phones or those Casio 2.0s. In fact, putting more watches, electric or not, on people's wrists make the mass understand the value of their more expensive brethren.  
 You are conflating time piece and jewelry.  The former tells time, the latter is a jewelry that is evaluated based on exclusivity, luxury, fashion, etc.  For example, Tesla is a fast and practical (shitty) car that might run faster than a Ferrari, but its not a god damn Ferrari.  Nor is Uber going to decrease the demand for Ferrari.  And guess what did Elon Musk bought when he sold his first startup?  A damn McLauren. Also, nothing declines faster in value for the newer...
 I've heard the process of darkening w/ wax and strip to create layered effects.  Or dye then stripe.  But not dye and wax, then bleach...
 No. Young people, unless well born, don't always have the environment or funds to understand luxury or jewelry to understand watches as a practical tool and a status symbol.  They will acquire the taste as they grow up. Popular culture and all those raps about rolex watches and other blings will continue to persist. Watch is more than just a time piece.
That isn't too hard to do.  Don't know why he only smeared paints on the toe caps when you've requested to lighten up the toes.
Trolling or not all these discussions provides great informations regarding the brand. Free customer sentiment research.
 its the color, not the shoes.
In 2012, swatch group had sales of $7.5b, Rolex $4.5, lvmh watch $3.6, richemont $3.9, Patek slightly below $1. All in billions.all sales combined for smart watch in 2013 was only $700m and wearable smart devices market size was $2.5b in the same year.Literally it only takes way less than $1 million for these makers to come up with a smart watch design to sell into their existing channel. But with the precedence of handset market on how android fucked everything up, no...
 Dear newly created accounts/joined members, if you want to discuss these issues, visit this thread here http://www.styleforum.net/t/412909/shoemaking-techniques-and-traditions-these-foolish-things.
 As I said before, there are nuances in languages that might not lost in translation. Even you have previously agreed that you cannot draw a clear line between the blurred distinction between MTM and bespoke.
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