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Fitted by Philip personally, took all his recommendations, thus unfortunate. The problem was not so much a tight fit but shoes slightly too short.Couldn't see him for almost 2 years at trunk shows in California due to my travel schedules. But meh. My feet will painfully win eventually.
It's always been there; some Italian "bespoke" makers outsource the shoemaking to SC decades ago.If you sticks with SC for the next couple pairs of shoes, go for trial shoes.
I am JL 9EE, G&G 9.5F/G (sold all my RTW), EG 9.5F, Vass 43 Wide.I asked for 9G wide for SC at a trunk show, but was recommended 8.5G with PRET adjustments.And it's a really tight and unfortunate fit.
Even at one pair only its highly worth it.
If you dress formal on a daily basis or 4 days a week, black. Goes with almost everything.
Haven't seen any fakes. You do see stocks from all periods, from made by EG handwriting to the recent ones.
Goth biker chick went HAM and REKT the brand.All of the new shoe designs are disgusting. Nothing modern.
the only upside from that chick's crazy goth batshit is the inventory liquidation. Too bad BE sales ended and didn't have a lot of stock for my size. Wish they have more sales cos their regular price is not that discounted.
Happy turkey day to all
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