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Pedantic details. Maybe it's 4x from factory to retail if you factor a 2x for distributor margins.Either way, the recrafting price charged is relatively close to the unit marginal cost of running their plant.
Isshy there's English translation of the name of the construction if you blow up the picture. Bentivenga is Norwegian with welt if I remember correctly, the other name is goyser welted in Vash-speak. The reverse welted construction is not a good representation as most reverse welted or storm welted shoes do not have the inseam thread show up on the upper. But all flavors of Norwegian construction will have inseam thread show in the upper, with or without braiding.
White on white works. For the walking tampon look.
The best way to extend life of your shoes is to limiting their wear and tear. It could be achieved by 1) having a large collection of shoes, 2) having a sedate lifestyle, or 3) not wearing them. Anything else you could do is minor to the above three methods.
  The lasts looks the same, but it does seem like you had to size up quite a bit, maybe 1.5 sizes, just to fit into the narrow 001 last, resulting in prominent heel gap at the Arca derby.
 thx for the correction
 angled. horizontal Saint Crispins uses vertical.
 You can always hand sewn the welt to the gemming.  See this Guild of Crafts Tokyo video.  They charge JPY 38,880 for hidden channel beveled waist resole.  
Appears to be recorded at Kevin Seah's premise
Cobblers use their best judgement. Manufacturers don't give a damn and run the shoes through their assembly line.
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