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Not an expert, but the way they shoot the scene makes it look like something from Renaissance Fair.    Compare to the Blackwater Bay fights, the siege of the Wall, or even Hound vs Brienne, its certainly is disappointing
 Examples of cost savings: Shoemakers invented rand/welted shoes to make their shoes more serviceable and thus lower total cost of ownership for their customers.You adjust ready-made plastic lasts for your bespoke works as you believe it can achieve the same best results as building a last from raw piece of wood.  Now you don't want to talk about others sloppy work, that's your choice.  Who else won't talk about sloppy work of different brands? Resellers and brand fanatics.
On one hand, you claiming best makers are looking for ways to make their work better. On the other hand, you claiming the shoes made 100 years ago have finer and better work, 64spi and the ilks.   These two claims of yours do not reconcile.   You can go on all day harping about best your shoemaking practices, but it benefits no customers without identifying, reviewing, or using other maker's work as examples.
More picture and info. Less shop photos. Thanks!! Reminds me of Marquess, shoemaker+wife combo, minus the PR partners.
They need some epic tits to make up the trauma done in the first episode. And they need to get some fighting coordinators and cameraman from Hong Kong. Sword fights this episode is borderline sad like the sand snake kiddie fights.
Revealing makers is detrimental to those with commercial interests but highly beneficial to potential customers.   There are not many who is in the trade and wiling to dis or critique other makers in a public forums tho there are certainly bad bloods between them.   Besides, short-cuts and cost saving techniques are embedded in every craft and tradition.   Caveat emptor.
 I have preference set to 100 posts per page in case you are wondering. And I've never mentioned EB in this thread before today. So stop spinning your damn lies. You put words in my mouth, lie about me bringing EB to the discussion, and now flat out deny and trying to spin and cover. Good job. I dont need you to like me and I don't mind your random name calling. But lying? Where's your integrity? I used to respect you as a shoemaker. Now you are a lying dishonest...
 Thanks for putting words in my mouth but no thanks.  I didn't bring EB into the discussion.  Zapasman brought it up, and you crit hit this thread with a wall of text rant talking about best practices while dodging the question shoemaking economics as if economics is never a concern with shoemakers!  Hell, if economics is not a concern, you should probably raise grass fed calves like a century ago, skin and tan them, stitch outsoles at 60spi, and stop complaining about how...
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