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 Heel stacks for factory manufactured shoes are most likely than not pre-built or built on a separate production line.  Anything coming out of a factory should have a spec, and the spec is most likely an easy to understand one inch straight uniformly across the top and the bottom. On the other hand, if shoe factories cannot produce shoes with precision control of heel spring (say, less than 1mm variations forward/backward or lateral), what's the point in recreating those...
Thus I am simply trying to understand the framework of different viewpoints.   While I do think agree that having access to the original last will be the best case scenario, but for practical purposes most would have to conduct repair jobs with whats available to them and improvise for hopefully the best solution. 
 The Truth that can be conceived and described is not the universal Truth.
I am neither an expert shoemaker nor a cobbler.  While you have disclosed your reasoning, which I respect, you have not yet disclose your methodology in attempting to restore shoes to original.   As I've stated before, trial and error.  My guesswork uninformed methodology wont be that much different from what you've described.  Start with the heel height as they came into the door and guesstimate the original thickness of the top lift; replace top lift and adjust up/down...
 I understand your point.  In the perfect world, yes, its optimal to use the original last to obtain the precise heel height to rebuild the heel stack.  At the same time most if not all shoe owners do not have access to the original last.  Cobblers do have to find a solution to bridge the gap between the perfect world and the reality, and that is done by trial and error.  Yes, it is guessing.  Yes, it will not be perfectly precise.  But for all intent and purposes, it...
I am neither a cobbler or a shoemaker, but from my layman's understanding it should not take much skill to determine the proper heel height of a pair of shoes. Simple trial and error with visual verification should do. Might not be perfect but couldnt be too far off, unless someone resole a pair of stiletto into a pair of wedges.
PT01 makes great pants with great details and wide fabric choices.  But they are extremely slim.
 Its cut very full and short at the same time with proper drape on a very slim man. Unlike some full build Wantalians with short and tight flood capri.
 Everyone is entitled to have his own opinion, but shoe fit can be determined objectively. Maybe as a former shoemaker who made a dozen shoes, you could objectively offer your expertise as in why the toes are curling up.
   The actual turnaround time for my order was about 8 weeks,
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