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 Maybe RM Williams call that boot model "Balmoral". 
That is a very unique pair of shoes...   Very similar effect to the blings filled full brogue by Church/Prada several  years ago.
 IMO his jeans looks fine.  He's a big guy, slimmer jeans will throw off the balance and making him look top heavy. Higher armhole polo shirts or OCBD he could definitely use.
I like the leather on your side zip but the style of your chelsea.
Yup.  Personal preferences.   You can tattoo over your scars or wear them proud.  I like the latter.  :)
Dont need renomat really.  Just clean with damp cloth, cream polish over, then wax polish.   Black/burnished look is just too Cliche, #menswear, gaudy, trendy.
That's why I am curious; the blake stitching seems likely go through some part of inseaming while pegged waist, at least by SC, have wooden pegs barely touching the insole. How is Bestetti handling all the volume?  He got several people working for him at his workshop?
 Science isn't necessarily about more measurements but the establishment of a process that is repeatable and capable to produce the same results independent of the maker. There are many ways to skin a cat.  Some methods are more repeatable and can be institutionalized while some methods are only applicable to a selected few with deep experiences.
 I met him once, smoked a couple cigarettes, had very pleasant chats.  Very nice guy indeed. But said nothing about his ability for on-time deliveries. I personally would only order from him via one of the trunk show hosts, specifically the Asian #menswear rich boy mafias.  Anyone else just have not enough leverage to make him deliver on time, unless they are a notable menswear blogger based in Europe. Hell, even all the crying and bitching by Foo on SF isn't enough to...
 It's better to check with your "local" John Lobb stores for the information.
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