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Shoe closets must be full for the devout fans of G&G with the number of GMTOs. Time for a shoe closet MTO or self-storage MTO.
Didn't know Italians have orange skins.
My RM Williams yearling craftsman vamp cracked after 5 years before even a resole. It seems nothing other than renovateur and saphir wax and creams. Doesn't bother me tho. They are due for a resole job and has been sitting for a year or so in storage. On the other hand, my C&J of the same age did not crack at all.
Nuts? How well does nuts oil work for shoe care compare to jojoba oil? Or coconut oil?
Saturation level? Not quite yet. There's still orange, yellow, violet, and purple shoes for the trend setters to complete rainbow colors. Red, green, and blues are so 2013.
BTW I still like to make my dress shoes toe cap shiny as fuck. But rest of the shoes I settle with just cream.
Let's just agree that cream polish is better for shoes in the long haul as it allows moisture to vaporize. As for sole options, it's still up to debate. Even for hand welted shoes the outsole is glued onto the mid/insole before sewing the outside seam. And those glue are likely to be neoprene or petroleum based, thus prevents water to pass through, no?
Go Giants!!!
It's all the rage nowadays. More impressive than chisel toe.
Need to add Bluetooth to the shoes so you can count steps and directions like a fucking retard from San Franciscl
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