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How? Do you wear your shoes inside out?
Oh? I thought Ambrosi visits SF nowadays alongside SC.
Steaks and lobsters are great but so common place internationally. Mexican food on the other hand is a must try for first time visitors to California. Cal Mex is the best Mex.
State side, probably. California/West Coast, probably not. I think out of the forum favorites, only Ambrosi travels to California regularly for the past several years (with Saint Crispins). But even him did not visit SF always. Now with Wingtip carrying SC, Ambrosi's visit seems certain at least within the next year.
Leather choices aside, I personally prefer a more rugged and wider toe box for country shoes in addition to the balmoral shaft line/piece not being pulled that low into the sole area. Preferably the pull tab should be sewn to the heel spine so it doesn't catch pants cuff.
I strip leathers naked once every several years when stars align in a certain pattern, blood moon, full moon, drought, or El Niño. Renomat shoudnt be used in new shows or as part of regular, presidential, in presidential, or governor maintenance. Ever.
Did you test the saddle soaps for pH or is your crusade against the word soap.
Experiment is your friend. No one knows a definitive answer unless they work on the same batch of shoes before.Best case, dark brown and dark green creams will cover and dilute most of the red hue. For pigmented substances, green + red = brown.Worst case, strip the finish clean and add dark colored cream yourself.
RM Williams does whole cut Chelsea long before G&G, the founders not the brand, were born.
 Perfect for SF Bay Area then, with 10-20 degrees differentials within 15 mins of driving.
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