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I had to lower the top line of my SCs because they are digging into my ankles. Yes they do have a high heel cup.
Bestetti or Mecarriello.
 Or they just skipped skiving or splitting leathers to reduce the thickness for comfort.
 And thats the original question: Vass or Bestetti Blake.
Now that's just brand whoring. Sure Bestetti doe great work for bespoke and novecento line, but his diffusion lines are probably not as good. Same thing with G&G with its superb bespoke shoes but way overpriced and overvalued RTW.I would either save for Bestetti semi bespoke or go Vash. I know I would be left with a big regret for buying a much lessor version of what I want.
To regain the feeling of self worth an self confidence via selling his own ideas to SCP without betraying his own comrades and with the hope of going back into the office one day. He's under some decent self control now as witnessed by that unopened bottle of liquor and going out for wind chill to kill the urge to drink.
He did say he's not going to act after GotH at an Oxford forum/interview and maybe some other occasions.
la pieta
The details of the wedding scenes are very well done, from the pickpocket to the head of pigeons falling out of the cake. Jeffory might be poisoned way before the cup bearer incident as well; he chocked and spat out liquids during dwarves act.
One of the jewel on the necklace is gone. That was a very smooth pickpocket.
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