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Oxford. JL City II. The facing/quarter extends to the sole. Balmoral. JLP Bespoke. The facing piece extend horizontally across.
Bigger. Nothing is worse than shoes too small.If slip on, smaller so they stays on your feet. And pray that they stretch.
I didn't know I have short arms until I receive mine. Literally chopped 3-4 inches off both sleeves and had to rebuild space for sleeve buttons.All my BB and RL didn't have this problem.
Either or, Intel is still the pinnacle of American manufacturing and survived till today with its manufacturing power. Their chip design? Meh. Manufacturing? Top notch, leads even Samsung by a generation and/or half.
Got top down and side profile picture comparisons for 890 and 888 side by side?
Noyce and Moore were focused in making memories, not CPUs.Intel didn't focus on CPU until they got their ass kicked by the Japanese in memories.Googles search also still works like shit for non Latin languages. Irrelevant in most countries outside of US and UK as shown on their revenue.
Didn't it get restructured to a PE fund after losing couple billions as a hedgy?
1. Who are most makers? Balmoral has facing that doesn't touch the welt/sole. Oxford has facing/quarter piece that touches the welt/sole.2. I don't, it's your choice. I am just suggesting a decrease in formality of pattern will make the decrease in formality of color more reasonable and appropriate.
 How did you determine that? @mw313 what could be the potential cause? In my experience, red eye flights cause my feet to swell quite a bit, so does traveling to a warmer/more humid climates such as East Coast summer or SE Asia.  And of course, gaining weight...
 Wearing a bit thicker socks, or some shoe stretching liquid right before you putting them on should help easing the pain.
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