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Would it make my pants shorter?
Gawd. Is this the Buzzfeed threak?
There will be no good bespoke product with bad services. But then bad services sometimes are an reflection of bad customers. See Mafoofans Ambrosi pants story.
Do the flood pants look shorter in person?
Do not commingle fit and style.
Taking Canadian tuxedo too literally.
I don't know what you are all smoking but bespoke takes more than original block patterns...
Just because some of us don't have much hair does not mean this thread is at all about fit. This is a casual style thread, not a casual fit critique thread.
Did they all book the wrong flight?
Are you trading London market at HK or something?Get a hair cut every month at least. Once middle age hits and your hair starts thinning, you will look pathetic with your current hairdo.The outfit looks okay. Way too heavy to walk outside for Hong Kong in my opinion.Maybe consult with the Armoury guys, who all regularly survived wearing tweed in HK. Bikram yoga iGents.
New Posts  All Forums: