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You sure? There's usually an up charge on difficult construction methods to factor in allowance for damages during lasting/making and new pattern making.
India will invade NMWA and start selling voodoo magic and love potions like they did on SF.
That upper leather looks very thin...
Off the top of my head, our own @DWFII, Paul Roman, Craig Corvin are based in OR, OR, WA. Shouldn't be hard to message the first and Google the rest.Bespoke is a process and proper communication is key. Also, the shape of your last will be limited by the shape of your feet.Talk to them and look at their sample shoes.Otherwise, if you want EG888, just go buy it. It's not your last. Bespoke is having your own last, which will never be EG888.My bespoke G&G's shape is nowhere...
Vass.Berluti isn't worth it unless you go bespoke.And JLP bespoke is sublime.
7 pairs is plenty to start out and should last a long time. And if you catch the bug, it could become 70 pairs in no time...
Just the typical. Use shoe trees, don't wear the same pair every day. Let them rest. As for molds or wet rots, keep them dry or use dehumidifier if you live in humid parts of the world such as SE Asia.
Which region? U.S. is a big country. There's one in Seattle, a couple in Oregan, a few in Oregan, plenty of boot makers in the Midwest and South. And some in East coast.
It looked like rotting caused by dirty sweat or water...Keep your shoes dry.
For $1mm you can sure buy a lot of bespoke shoes... Made by U.S. makers nevertheless...
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