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Don't know how or why would cerci piss of kevan. I mean, she has absolutely no army under her command at all...
Queefing works better.
It should have been a clusterfuck pit. Instead we got single elimination duals.
Sand snake fighting scene and last episodes fighting put scene is atrocious. Even Kung Pow fighting scene is better. They need to hire a HK stunt effect director. Not sure if the Faith fanatics plot is the same in the books, but it does make Cersi look retarded compare to earlier seasons. She did have eyes and guards everywhere. And since when did she go anywhere without her kings guards... Danny is just retarded with her plot apexed when her dragons were born.
Saw a pic on Instagram with metal toe taps and topy; do you do that in house nowadays?
Are you tracking the monthly revenue numbers for HIMX?
 @terrorsquad, @Notch both proxy Vass.  Ascot shoes sells Vass on eBay and Sammy - Ascot posts on SF. BTW, its better to use local guys that accept returns before you are certain of your size.
Technically its down to three if tongue is included.  But then a lot of seamless wholecuts don't count that additional cuts of leather for tongues or side gusset pieces...
 Saint Crispins uses machine to sew its outsole.  This hand cranked machine sews up right instead of up-side-down like those mechanized machines used at mass manufacturers. And according to some bloggers, they hand sewn outsole for resole.  
C&J handgrade, like other Northampton makers, cuts a horizontal flap, makes a channel, sew outsole, then glued back.   See: John Lobb https://youtu.be/q9SK7UiGlkE?t=1m40s   Vass, cuts vertically into the sole, making a channel without removing leather with tool, sew outsole, then press down.  Similar method is used for SC.   See Saint Crispins. https://youtu.be/1bFt_kKwT04?t=7m45s   West End bespoke makers slice sole open from the edge, spread open a flap, make a...
New Posts  All Forums: