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Trolling or not all these discussions provides great informations regarding the brand. Free customer sentiment research.
 its the color, not the shoes.
In 2012, swatch group had sales of $7.5b, Rolex $4.5, lvmh watch $3.6, richemont $3.9, Patek slightly below $1. All in billions.all sales combined for smart watch in 2013 was only $700m and wearable smart devices market size was $2.5b in the same year.Literally it only takes way less than $1 million for these makers to come up with a smart watch design to sell into their existing channel. But with the precedence of handset market on how android fucked everything up, no...
 Dear newly created accounts/joined members, if you want to discuss these issues, visit this thread here http://www.styleforum.net/t/412909/shoemaking-techniques-and-traditions-these-foolish-things.
 As I said before, there are nuances in languages that might not lost in translation. Even you have previously agreed that you cannot draw a clear line between the blurred distinction between MTM and bespoke.
That lady's shoes has some very meticulous patterning work, in particular the proportions of vamp and broguing.   The last two pairs linked are both very classic British.
 Very nice!  I wish you great success.
 Time to take back Europe as there's at least some demand in France.
Quote:   If the picture has origins from Hinduism, LabelKing is the Buddism equivalent of Vox since he didn't write a book about it.
Looks like a mistake to have rubber lift slanted on the lateral side.   That's some nice RTW shoes with aggressive waists.. Maker?
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