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If you like EG's last, then G&G would be equally as good ya?
They look rather raw and unfinished.
Ambrosi is normal height. But Mafoofan very short even with Asian standards.
One of the big risk for manufacturers to take outside repaired shoes is the inconsistency of service quality from different local cobblers. They could never tell how bad the shoes could be fucked up to be sent into their standard factory flow.
Add carpe diem to the list then.
100% in house? Even for those metals???There's a good reason to outsource to low cost producing countries like Italy and China.
Yolo Cordovan Balmoral boots Pinterest #menswear Patina Blue shoes Flood pants Reddit MFA Limited run cloths and sunken leather are both fine. #menswear wannabes admires those but arnt willing to pay for them.
Gotta break your cherry one way or the other.
Return them. Its an defect and they shouldn't let that pair leave factory in the firs place
Cordovan is overrated.
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