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@Belligero, something for you to look forward to next summer: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, that's the plan hopefully.
I can probably unbox seltzer for a couple hours again.
That chrono will come in handy for a lot of stuff the next few months. Feedings were a big one for me. Congrats and enjoy it. I'm currently having fun trying to slow mine down from learning to walk and pulling everything off of any table or seat.
But the Philly people are so much better.
From an aesthetic stand point I like the deep blue the best, followed by the recraft (though the daydate bugs me a bit, kind of throws everything off, but I can live with it at that price.
I haven't seen the watch, but the 40mm is not a dress watch thing has been hilarious. If it's a time only pure dress watch (no seconds), then yeah, 40mm is just too big. I wear a Nomos Weltzeit with a suit often. I wouldn't call it a dress watch, but it certainly dresses up just fine despite its size and small bezel (certainly better than a Sub which you find worn with suits all over SF for some reason, lots of PAMs too which is worse). There is no hard and fast rule, and...
I like the kicks, the strap, not so much.
Not surprising, we have very similar tastes Nuke. The 5146 is just a very unattractive, poorly designed (aesthetically) watch IMO. 5396 and and 5327 (Belli ruined this one for me) are both lacking in dial aesthetics as well. That 5170 though, yum. That said, I'm a big watch dumb dumb with nothing to really add to the conversation. I'm a watch purchaser, not a collector or trader. My biggest criteria will always be the smile it puts on my face (not that I won't research...
Love those Journes @SteveH35. The Bleu is a realistic get for me and definitely on my wish list.
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