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I'm extremely happy for you, man. Wear it in good health.
My bad, I didn't realize the other sale was still going and thought it was referencing the other thing. Hence my quote of the Shh. Happy to have my FC revoked though as rules are rules.
Breguet Marine Automatic? I don't care for it, but you have quite a list of requirements.Omega Hour Vision?We are starting to move away from dress watches in my mind, but I got nothing.
GO Senator Panorama Date with or without moon phase?
Those lists would be a lot more interesting without the New and MSRP limitations. But as everyone has said, try them on and see what you like. If you are open without the bias of brand right now, trying on and seeing what you like can be really eye opening. You may find you like some $5K watches far more than $10K watches. It's amazing what happens when you try things on side by side without a preexisting bias.
The tough part of the question is those sizes. If we went to 39mm I'd put the Chronometre Bleu, Ferrier Micro Rotor 39, and Moser Venturer Small Seconds on there to name a few. Putting a hard stop on 38mm is tougher for watches in that group that I really enjoy. If you said 37-39 as opposed to 36-38 it would be easier.
FWIW, I don't mind movements which aren't "appropriately sized" assuming it isn't obvious on the dial and they use a solid case back. For me, it's more an issue of being able to see it and that visual irking me. Just find it visually unappealing.
The one in Dino's picture is the 15202 and is 39mm. The 15400 is 41mm.
Eh, I'd rather just save up more and get something where there isn't anything that bugs me when I look at the watch. I'm a small timer, so at 15K I certainly don't expect to be compromising on anything.
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