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My wrists are smaller, somewhere between 6.75 and 7. I tried it on about 5 times before purchasing and each time I thought it looked better. First time I thought it was too big with the lug shape. Each time after, I thought it looked more at home. While I agree with Mimo that the size and design can lend it to be more casual, I put it on a navy croc and wear it with suits quite often. Here is an old picture with it on my wrist.
I really feel like you can't go wrong with Nomos if you are a fan of their aesthetic. I'm still loving the heck out of this one.
The JLC version is much better IMO. The FC is like a "poor man's" version, nothing wrong with it, but if you have the means I have a hard time believing it beats out the JLC side by side on the wrist (the FC, at its size can be a bit large). I believe one way FC keeps their prices down is by having modular movements; nothing really wrong with that though but just something to note. I honestly wish more JLC would have solid case backs as I find a lot of what you are seeing...
 My wife has the rose dial and I tend to steal it quite often. I really like the dial color. I think it's my favorite of the choices but probably not the color I would have picked out if purchasing it myself. Funny how that works sometimes.
It's a wool/linen blend at about 10oz that @edmorel was selling. Softer hand than I anticipated, and a weight I think I'll get a lot of use out of during the year.
Thanks, went a bit longer than my past couple jackets and was very pleased with the result. But my biggest surprise is how much I love the Post Imperial hat. I haven't taken it off since I left.
After dropping about 20lbs of sweat walking around NYC, I picked up a couple goodies from NMWA.
If the only thing giving you pause about Nomos is being uncertain about quality, hit play and go for it. Excellent quality.I have 2 Nomos (Orion and Weltzeit) and I also own the Stowa MO. I like the Stowa a lot, particularly because it was a gift from my wife, but Nomos is better quality. One of the best watches for the money out there, and one of the best companies out there right now IMO. It's not a watch for everyone though, I know a lot of people are left cold or...
That's on my list, been there since you showed me the swatch. Congrats to those that ordered it.
I'm extremely happy for you, man. Wear it in good health.
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