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 Thank you so much for the response, and all the context as well. Just beyond helpful. I have the current Speedy Pro, which I love, so overlap vs iconic chronos is part of the equation for me. I don't like the SubC all that much any more. It's just too much of several things that I don't find particularly attractive (lugs, squarish/chunky, and too many shiny surfaces). The SeaDweller checks a lot of boxes I liked with the older Subs while bringing it inline with Rolex's...
 First. Good look. Second, I wear different sizes of Inis. Some are cut roomier than others. Some mediums are a touch tight in the chest and short in the sleeves for me, others are a bit roomy. Check out the measurements and how they compare to your current sweater, and then go from there, don't just go medium as a default.
It's a crime the chambray ones are still left. Buy and then laugh at those who did not get them. Best ones of the summer offerings at NMWA.
Solid choice on the Butteros, Murl.
I'm pretty sure the sea dweller might be it. We'll see what happens at Basel next year, but yeah, I kind of keep going back to it despite wanting to desire the Overseas more.
To beat the dead horse of suits with Subs a bit more, I personally don't like the look at all (I actually feel far more strongly than that, but who really cares). That said, I'm likely in the minority here who feel that way, and if I'm in the minority on SF, that means a huge majority of people wouldn't notice or care if you wore a Sub (or Sub like watch) with a suit in the real world. So to stay grounded in reality, I wouldn't let versatility keep you from getting what...
So, I was out buying my wife a birthday present and put an SD4000 on my wrist again. Shit.
Well played, mimo.
I went up a size, but I'm going to go down a size on another order. The size up is fine for the most part, a couple panicked moments happened when in the waves, but they stayed on. The size up fits my rear and thighs very well, it's just a little big in the waist. EDIT: To be clear, I was between sizes and went to the larger one.
As do I, I just meant of the small seconds (the old 36mm, the 40mm, and the new 38.5mm), since they would be much closer in price to the FPJ.
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