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This happened to my Speedy as well. On plus side side, she love the watches, the negative, she loves (to play with) the watches.
Obviously, he and I said as much, I was more so commenting on the following discussion. A couple people said it's good marketing/word of mouth, I don't really agree. It's certainly a nice bonus as a customer to have the tailor take pictures for you if you request them. Bet asked why he wanted that pic, the answer was to see the cloth, it made sense. I was just bored and disagreed with some of the follow ups.
Eh, it's a bit of a useless picture to anyone but you, and even for you it just gives you a sense of how the cloth looks made up. I'd still prefer that on a tailor's dummy than some person who is not your height/build as well. I mean it's nice they are willing to send pictures and what not, but I don't think it's all that necessary or some amazing selling point. Now something to double check things are written down correctly on your order, that I can get behind. I'm sure...
I have them mark both, but I usually ask/say up front since my legs are noticeably different lengths.
I picked this up for S/S from NMWA while I was there for Formosa:
Ah that makes sense, I think the other Inglese I bought was final sale. These fit great by the way. I'll need to order more, probably when I'm up for the next Formosa visit.
I'm sure it's nice, I'm just allergic to a lot of fragrances. No big deal, just caught me off guard.
So that was your jacket I saw, I should have guessed. Shoulders look great. As a side note, anyone who has done Inglese MTO, have the shirts come heavily fragranced? My senses were just bombarded.
Be sure to PM Ben so he can track it down for you.
I'm actually a fan of the color despite it being different than I expected. Only bad news is UPS bag was ripped and a small part of the fabric was damaged. Here's to hoping it won't screw up cutting the patterns for the pieces I'd like to have made.
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