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If the dark green fresco gets going I'd be in for that, those pants unbel posted looked fantastic.
Ha, I was thinking reverso while I was reading that comment, and then you already had it.
The Alpha is based on the Peseux 7001 with different bridges and plates, but manufactured "in-house" (not purchased and modified, but built from the ground up). The rest are truly "in-house" I believe.
That awesome you walked on. And thanks, though it makes for an interesting situation anytime we play anything against each other; two overly competitive people arguing over a board game is a bit ridiculous.
Haha nah, she played the 1. Tons of vision and great handle, not so tall, at least by male standards.
She was a McD's All American and was recruited by Syracuse and I forget who else (this was well before I met her). She chose not to play and study mech engineering instead. Now she's stuck married to me in some crappy suburb as opposed to playing in Europe. Horrible mistake for her. She still plays some, I love watching her cross up people, no one ever sees it coming.
My wife can ball and embarrass all of you. I can puck if we take it to the ice.
It's not uncommon to get a BNIB Speedy Pro at 30 to 35% off MSRP at an AD. So that's $2925 to $3150 for a 3570.50. I would just save a bit more and grab one from an AD rather than buy used to flip it in the future for a new one. I realize at those used prices that's another 33%, but in the long run, it just seems to make more sense. You may be able to find an even better deal with AD's looking to clear out the 3570.50 for the newer models.
What prices are you seeing for it used?
New Posts  All Forums: