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Looking forward, I'm sure you're doing an excellent job.
Glad it has worked out.
So when's the new thread starting?
What about simply politely asking them to search the thread first, is that okay?Jeeze dude. Plus some "answers" are pages and pages worth of existing discussion, not everything is a quick answer. But anyway, no one said anything about being an asshat to someone asking a question that was a repeat.
For sure, just lamenting on the topic mostly because I'd like to see it as part of the FAQ. At the end of the day it's just a minor gripe.
If you were Dino or I discussing the GO Pano series for the umteenth time I think you may have a slightly different opinion. Certain heated topics just become exhausting after a while, but it's not like I am going to be rude when it gets brought up again.
I'd agree, it's hardly even decent, but it does work. Just depends if you want to put in some work and see about finding an answer while potentially inconveniencing yourself or possibly asking a question for the 3rd time in the same thread and inconveniencing others. Shrug.
Obviously in the minority. It'd be silly to think otherwise. However, I can't emphasize how much I wish people would use the search function before jumping in to an established thread with a question so they can see if it has been discussed.
I've read through a few mega threads and really enjoyed it. Not only that, I was better off for it. That said, most people like instant gratification and asking all new people to read through all this isn't realistic. I still think it'd be beneficial, but that's a different argument. I'd hope new posters would use the search tool more though.
Nothing here either.
New Posts  All Forums: