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My bad buddy, haha. And yeah, clearly the Lange is a step above in many measurable ways, but that is obvious by their price points. I definitely prefer the asymmetry, and I also really like the dark dial version. But yeah, I would not kick either to the curb.
I genuinely prefer the dial layout of the GO to the ALS for the moon phase model. But that's just me and that's just dial layout. I suspect at some point a PML will be in my future and no part of me will yearn for the Lange. Different strokes, etc. Great posts Mimi and Dino.
The first person to provide a bathing suit pic gets a free Gray Jack to cover up with, correct?
At 40mm I figured it would fit just fine, it doesn't wear particularly large, but I suppose that's up to the OP. The MO is 41 FWIW. I like the Partitio a lot though, cool watch, but I'd likely make the jump to the NOMOS Club (though it's probably less versatile).
For Stowa, I would suggest their flieger. Simple, durable, has some history and cheap. I have a Stowa MO and have dropped it off of several counter tops and it's been fine.  
Save me a slot on the 12th with my translator @unbelragazzo
 Thank you so much for the response, and all the context as well. Just beyond helpful. I have the current Speedy Pro, which I love, so overlap vs iconic chronos is part of the equation for me. I don't like the SubC all that much any more. It's just too much of several things that I don't find particularly attractive (lugs, squarish/chunky, and too many shiny surfaces). The SeaDweller checks a lot of boxes I liked with the older Subs while bringing it inline with Rolex's...
 First. Good look. Second, I wear different sizes of Inis. Some are cut roomier than others. Some mediums are a touch tight in the chest and short in the sleeves for me, others are a bit roomy. Check out the measurements and how they compare to your current sweater, and then go from there, don't just go medium as a default.
It's a crime the chambray ones are still left. Buy and then laugh at those who did not get them. Best ones of the summer offerings at NMWA.
Solid choice on the Butteros, Murl.
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