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Frank likes to cut his jackets on the short side, be mindful of that.
I'm a big FPJ fan in general. I think Stitchy asked your current top 3 watch makers a little while back, and FPJ was on my list.
If the FPJ doesn't meet your dress watch needs, then I totally get that POV.
It's also designed to be a relatively simple dress watch. Most simple dress watches don't scream spectacular on the surface. The dial is it's show off aspect rather than the case, which I suppose can be a bit boring compared to gold, but is still quite well finished. If you look at other similar watches in the price range, to steal from Hodinkee, do the ALS Saxonia or Vacheron Patrimony Traditionelle Small Seconds scream spectacular to you personally from the dial and case...
Like it or not, you can't form an opinion about the dial unless you see it in person. It changes at every angle and I haven't found another blue dial that touches what that one does for me in the metal (and there are a lot of blue dials I like). If it doesn't speak to you it doesn't speak to you, but that dial definitely fits the price tag.
The FP Journe Chronometre Bleu is fantastic IMO. After handling it in person it's become one of my favorite watches. The dial is just ridiculous, to say to look elsewhere if you are looking for a "nice dial" is borderline absurd IMO but everyone is different I guess. They have a fairly high failure rate to get the color just right. The case is also very well finished, but I can understand wanting gold at that price point. For me, I like the case because it helps make the...
Just referencing some of the stuff said on here about Nomos. Everyone has different opinions, but I like to poke the bear when possible. I honestly couldn't be happier with this watch. I thought I was an obvious Nomos fanboy at this point so I didn't think I needed to make my sarcasm as obvious.
It's mine and I love it, I was just being sarcastic.
A very cold, is that all, let down of a watch:
Congrats Cyc, excellent choice.
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