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He didn't wear it, it was on the rack haha. It was surprisingly awesome. I'm sure @gdl203 can provide the details.
Picked up a Post Imperial pocket square while I was at the Formosa fitting today. Don't sleep on these, they are fantastic.
Greg, what are the odds the sale lasts until the 5th?
The problem with the "one watch" decision is that for most people it involves several compromises. It ends up being the least offensive compromise int he majority of situations you find yourself in, that's not really a ringing endorsement for a watch you'll love. So the chances of you ending up at a watch that isn't really on your list to own makes sense.
I'll wear one or both to the Formosa visit. You can just be surprised, or not surprised at all if you check my order history. Your call.   Speaking of, do you have the W. Bill Linen book? I want to start figuring out the next order and I have a feeling I'm going to be back and forth for a while.
Look at what's next to the cloth from the portofino book; pretty common color which seems to pair just fine. I'd probably go for a shade or two lighter, but that works just fine and is a staple color.
Yep. In at 1pm on the 5th.
If you are on the fence on this one, you should go for it. I really think this will turn out great. And I say this with nothing invested.
Pretty much.
Original MUT Moon. The black dial on that watch does nothing for me personally.
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