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30 degrees C (86 F) is what they dry clean at with PERC.
There should be two more I think. The jackets are fantastic, and I'm also trying some pants this time around.
Why stop there, just go bespoke during a Formosa visit.
I'm more than happy to enable.
I don't know, I think you might be able to sell that to Murl for a pretty penny.
Jessica, wow, that's next level.
The real prizes are the ones from Edouard. Frame worthy.
I'm more concerned about your stock of "Yay!" stickers for your notes. If you move away from those, I'm not sure I'll ever recover.
Speake-Marin aesthetics are just not for me in general (outside of the hands). Interesting, just not my cup of tea at all. I'm not a fan of how it sits on the OP's wrist either, but I assume that just falls under the general aesthetic more than anything else.
I really loved the Zenith, would have been my favorite except for the size.
New Posts  All Forums: