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This will be closer to a racing green. B is having them ship me a swatch (though I doubt I'll get it before this moves forward) and I asked him to take more pics of the swatch in different lights because the one I posted can look a bit muddied (at least on my work monitor). Not sure how close those pictures really are in shade.   Either way, no big deal.
Okay, we are back up and running and at 38m right now. I think another 7m should get us to where we need to be to move forward. @sebastian mcfox @Murlsquirl any decisions yet?
Remember when you used to visit the Northeast.
Shouldn't be a problem. I'm getting B in touch with Fok so we can get everything squared away in terms of SF guidelines, then I'll get back to updating everything.
If you go through the thread you'll see plenty of both.
I'm going to try high waisted pants from Formosa for the green linen I think. Formosa (x2), Post Imperial, Farnese.
I prefer DLJrFree.
I think so as well. I actually think we'll go over by a decent margin if I spam a couple more threads with this. It's unique but versatile, and, like you said, it's hard to find anything like it. B had showed me this a while ago, and I wasn't really interested. Then I spent 6 months searching for a linen suit I could get a lot of use out of that was not Navy and I somehow found myself right back to B's linen. Just wanted to thank everyone again for their interest.
@~ B ~ is reconfirming the parties on his previous list to double check the length we need to reach to get this moving forward. Thus far it has changed from 30m to 45m, unfortunately, but things seem to be moving well with interest here. Also there is a chance we may move ahead at 30m with B taking on the additional length to sell at a later date. Anyway, things seem to be going well, thanks for the responses everyone.
Take your time. Even if we fill this fast, I'm going to keep it open for an extra week and maybe spam a couple other threads so people don't miss out. I'll definitely let you know before we send in orders so you don't miss out.
New Posts  All Forums: