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I bought those gloves for my dad, they are fantastic. Don't sleep on them too long.
I haven't sent yet, but when I get what Greg needs from me (assuming it's different), I'll make it happen ASAP.
What do you need from me @gdl203? Let me know and I'll send it. I'm on travel for work, but as soon as you let me know I'll email you.
I do think that is the way to go on a Speedy for a strap, very dark/rich brown.
Yeah I really don't like the brown on the GS. And I'm not a PAM fan so I don't care what gets put on them.
I agree with Sander. Though there are darker brown straps I do like with speedys, such as Haywards. I think it's tough to get right though.
Sorry if I confused the issue, I just landed back in Philly and didn't want people getting something that wasn't what they expected. Thanks for clarifying everything, Greg.
I just don't think the idea of structure or solid should be the rationale because it won't help with that. It'll help the fabric lay better and not bunch on your shirt in the back, but I haven't run in to that problem either in my quarter lined stuff.
What do you need from me beside my moneyz?
Quarter lined looks much cleaner. Half looks...not good IMO. Doesn't do much for structure. This obviously doesn't impact me, but I'd go quarter or full, half doesn't really offer anything IMO.
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