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The LBM coats from last year can do both.
^Yes, the subdials are all smushed in the middle. It looks unbalanced and kind of ugly to be honest. I'm all for an affordable perpetual, but I still want it to be visually appealing.
That lamb suede valstarino...
Not an easy check when you are surrounded by all that stuff. I wish I had some extra time before the scotch thing today, I forgot I wanted to figure out Heschung sizing before people start shopping for the holidays. Next time I'm up, make sure I do this before I drink too much.
Somehow I doubt that means you haven't already claimed 1, or 4.
^They really are fantastic, and a crazy value compared to some of the others on the site (not to say they are bad value, but the Begg's are just fantastic). My Begg from last year is probably my favorite scarf.
Feel free to buy me a pair.
Not typically mine either TBH, but I got it to fill a summertime hole I had in my ties. I really like it with my blazer as well for a more casual vibe to that look.
 Thanks guys. It wasn't something that struck me on the site, but I saw it when I was digging through the ties during a visit to NMWA and I really liked it. No brainer to pick up during the sale. I wanted to get on that tobacco fresco rerun. Still kicking myself for being indecisive on that one.
New Posts  All Forums: