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Pedestrian out of focus hesalite speedy. Figured the backdrop was more impressive. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.
I figured I'd post any random shots of NMWA products during my current trip to South America. Gratuitous butt shot towards the end of a long tour in Cusco today. Big Johns and Butteros. [[SPOILER]]
I've been out of country, so I may have missed it, but did you post pics of your collection yet? I'd love to see it. Consider it my birthday wish.
Noted, but it's quoted now so there is no point going back to reword it. I stand behind the point I was making. FWIW I enjoying seeing all the watches posted whether I like them or not.
Probably sounds harsher than intended to make a point. But I wear watches posters here would never wear, and same for the reverse. It certainly doesn't mean I don't appreciate certain details of the piece, just means it wouldn't go on my wrist.
This seems silly to me. It's an aesthetic they chose. It wasn't chosen from a value proposition stand point. It's not a missed opportunity, it's a design choice that carries through all their lines. Not everyone is going to like everything and that's fine, in fact it's a plus. There are plenty of watches posted here that are wonderfully made and finished which I find hideous. That's not a missed opportunity for that watch, one mans monstrosity is another mans Mona Lisa. As...
@gdl203 are any of these open for cloth order only for future Formosa bespoke?
For me it's not AP hate it's that I prefer a similar Lange, Vacheron, FPJ, etc. At that price level there are a lot of great pieces and it's so dependent on personal tastes.
If I liked the Royal Oak, AP would be on my list. And when I say that, I just mean for me. The RO is a watch that is too precious for me to wear daily or in anything sport related, and it's not understated enough to wear as a dress watch (again, for me). If I had unlimited funds, I'd own a 15202, but considering all of that, and that I don't really like any of their other designs when compared to what one of their competitors offers, they kind of fall off. They are a brand...
Nomos: Clean designs and great value. I also love that they moved more parts in-house and kept prices the same. I find a majority of their range extremely attractive. Very few I would turn away, but outside of the Weltzeit, nothing blows me away either. They are just really nice watches that I like.   Lange: Outside of the Datograph, I like all of their lines. Their movement design and finishing are my personal favorites among any manufacture. The 1815 lineup is where my...
New Posts  All Forums: