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Any type of donut during set up will be better than the no donuts of last year's set up.
As we discussed, it was too tight on me (the Medium) in the chest (and armholes). It looked great open, but with a sweater on underneath it wasn't wearable. I would be a 39 in Formosa if it existed. I have a large on the way.
Any chance you guys will have the navy hopsack bumfreezer in a L for a Preorder exchange? Or anyone with an L who needs an M? Great jacket, just a touch too small.
To follow up Belli here, I really don't see much out and about in my area (Philly and NYC areas) outside of Rolex (excluding tailor visits). I think the most I've noticed while just walking around a city or hanging out in a bar was in Copenhagen. I was just kind of wondering neighborhoods and visiting bars, nothing fancy, but the number was inflated by a group of tourists from Italy all wearing 15300's and one Smurf I believe if I'm remembering correctly. The RO wearers...
Is there an ETA on the bumfreezers?
It doesn't open up until tomorrow I believe, or at least so it says. Either that is the issue, or it wasn't updated from last year.
I'm in.
I'm in complete agreement. Congrats man!
Sold. And I'm actually in for the long haul this year since I'm staying in the city that night.
If me helping out means getting some more of that lobster mac and cheese or that gin you brought last year, I have no problem lending a hand.
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