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SO. MANY. CAPS.   Anyone want to buy a slightly used liver, I need some funds for koppage.
Hmm, I wish I had some spending money right now.
What's going on right now?
Me too, stitch, me too.
I think I'll likely end up with two straps. I like the matte square grain but I don't think it'll dress down as much as I'd want. I don't think there is a onestrap option for this watch, or at least I haven't found one yet that I like.
Those fit 18mm lug width, so they wouldn't work here, at least not the ones from Nomos. I wasn't really considering gator until Foo brought it up as I always thought I'd wear this watch more casually. I did some internet searching and I'm really like the pics I've seen of the matte gator in navy. When in doubt buy both options, that's the rule of TWAT, right?
What was the time frame on your last strap to be delivered? It's not really a deciding factor, just more so timing for when I place the order.
Large I think, but I was all about the plaids way late.
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