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Maybe you should look in to Panerai. Nomos will largely fall short for you given your size preferences. The metro will likely be a miss for you as well.
Must be a great feeling to reach your grail. Wishing you many years of enjoyment!
Congrats! We went a little crazy getting stuff "ready" for the baby. We redid 4 rooms not including the nursery, and I started building furniture; we basically went overboard. It definitely put a dent and changed my funny money budget.The lack of sleep started hard and fast haha. Im thankful I have a place like this and you all to help pass the time in the hospital.Thanks again, everyone!
Appreciate all the well wishes guys.
I think that will be mommy's Rolex; hand it down for her 18th or some other big occasion. Unless she wants to get her a separate watch, I think that's the plan.
Thanks, and there definitely are some ideas. It is a girl (our first child) so I'm definitely getting a watch for the wife. She wears a Nomos Orion and then one of Ben's watches (same dial as what Ben last posted). I had been encouraging the Rolex blue dial 114200, but I think she really wants something smaller. I had her try on the silver dial 177200 even though I didn't think she'd like the color of the markers, but she loved it. So that is likely hers whenever she is...
Thanks man. It's been crazy already.
What time would you need people there for set up help?
Legit. If things keep up we are heading to the hospital in about 40min to get checked out.Speedy Pro got a work out today.
Another great use for chronographs, timing contractions.
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