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I'm not a Panerai guy at all, never really dug their history or aesthetic, and yet the 562 (and 560) have been tugging at me ever since I saw someone out with one. Congrats on the watch, it's lovely.
Ugh, Inis sizing. That struggle is real.
And with new information I'm starting to come to the opinion that you thought it fit fine for the most part, but after the SF microscope hit it, you were less thrilled. So I don't think the initial try on would have helped you much, and in that case, I'd recommend not spending as much on clothing until you have a better sense of how YOU (not the internet) want things to fit your body if you don't have money to burn.
Ugh. I'll word this differently, the difference in those measurements, if accurate, should be enough for a try on to let you know something is up. Lesson, try stuff on before voiding the return policy, it's just smart and doesn't take much effort.
I'm not ignoring anything personally. The suit is basically a 48R by the measurements; 107cm on the chest (a 48 is 106cm, a 50 is 110cm) and 46cm in the shoulders (48 is 46cm, 50 is 48cm). A simple try on will allow the difference to scream at you. At which point you can take advantage of the excellent return policy. Also, I don't have the information to know if the alterations you had done to the suit would have changed either of those measurements.
Eh it's a tough call because I don't really care for the way the shoulders fit me on either. I think the 48 would work a bit better (or maybe a Noodles 50R special). The Eidos 50 does fit me well too, I'm just not in love with the cut or button height on my body.
  I'm between a size 48 and 50 in Formosa, I happen to be a bespoke customer, but when I simply tried on the 48 vs the 50 (which I had done to see if I'd be happy with their RTW) the difference in fit was very obvious. The difference in measurements you listed are pretty close to a 48R, so the difference between this suit and your other Formosa's which fit is a whole size. It's something, if the measurements are accurate (and weren't affected during any alterations you had...
It depends. From Formosa's operation (hand cut suit in small runs done in the same shop as their bespoke operation) I would expect more issues with variance. I certainly would try on every piece I received from them, and if it varied that much, it should be fairly noticeable as that's about a size difference. If I'm ordering from Formosa, I'm ordering for house cut and construction, the downside of that would be tolerances that are not as tight, though this seems like more...
Hot dang.
B will be contacting everyone about their preferred method of payment. Things are moving along.   @Concordia should I have B contact you about the 2m or are you out?
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