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People should get what they want. And My advice.response had nothing to do with my thoughts (or anyone's) on the Speedy, and it had everything to do with some things BH said about the JLC. It just seems like BH wasn't truly in love with this piece and it would be more so a flavor of the month or his youth only. I would venture a guess that it's more likely that he'd fall back in love with the Speedy again rather than having a long relationship with the master compressor....
It would be a big mistake in this specific case.
I think that's a pretty standard price for the compressor version in good condition. I think there is one up on rolexforums now for a bit below 50% MSRP.
I assumed it was pre-loved, but I could be wrong. I was offered a better deal vs MSRP on the JLC than I was the Nomos when I made my purchase.
Yeah that's my fault. I think when you add it all up, the Weltzeit and Master Geo are pretty close (which was my poorly relayed point), and personal preferences can swing you one way or the other. I don't think the price difference is a good representation of the (lack of) difference (in the total package) between those two models. Certainly worth a look. I own other Nomos and the Weltzeit is a step above from their other models, and I think the Zurich line is in general...
That's a very personal blown away though, and it's built on what I was looking for from a travel time watch. If it was purely a luxury purchase I think the JLC would take it because of the differing criteria. And, as I mentioned, JLC case finishing is clearly on a different level. Movement finishing I give to the Nomos. I'm also still not sure I care for the blue dial (I definitely don't like the home time indicator), I need to see it in person.   EDIT: I see I was not...
Though I will say, if you aren't using it when you have traveled somewhere but only to manage/work with people who are somewhere else, having the travel time in a subdial as opposed to the main dial is the preferred layout.
As far as in general, for the brands, definitely. And for those models specifically, certainly on the case. I don't think anyone would argue those points. But, even though the complication in the Nomos is simpler on those two models, I find it superior. Switching timezones doesn't cause the hour hand to jump/wobble/wiggle/whatever on the Nomos as it does on the JLC. Switching timezones is also much more tactile and enjoyable for me on the Nomos vs the JLC. I find the...
Have you put on the Weltzeit?
Does new vs preowned matter? Would you rather something that can be dressed down, or do you want to wear something sporty with a suit? Do you care about movement, brand, value retention, history, etc? Watches at a $5K budget that can be worn casually or with a suit is a very broad category. This is more dress watches, but it's worth a look: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394228/contest-best-5-dress-watches-under-5000
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