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Love that duffle coat.
It's either Greg or Greg's goodies. You can't have both.
I didn't get to handle it, but I was unpacking seltzer next to their booth all morning and all their stuff looked really well done. Their croc sneakers were pretty bad ass.
Basically the list we had talked about haha. Some others as well, but that was pretty much it.
Pretty bummed I couldn't make it up this round. I got a gun club collecting dust I want to get made up.
I regret not getting those unfinished high tops.
It's a trivial thing, but I got a kick out of it. I'm all about the et ceteras.
New thread name. I don't own a watch from any of those brands currently. Ha.
Just negotiate (assuming you go the AD avenue). Different brands/watches will dictate how much room there is to negotiate. You could also do a bit of googling and check out grey market prices to give you an idea of the types of discounts to expect on different watches.
Several 15202, 15300, and 15400 owners post here.
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