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Anybody out there have a Slim Shirt Multicolour in a size Medium they'd likek to get rid of? Shirt from couple seasons ago but always wanted to get my hands on one but couldn't find one in my size.
They're fine indoors, not crazy warm.
Emailed Brandon a few days ago myself asking the same question. I wear a M in oxford shirt,cardigan, terry hoodies so he told me to stick to the M for the denim jackets as well    
I worn mine for a week, then did a soak and after another week of wear they were very comfy
Ladies N&F denims on PLNDR right now at 50% off...
I've got a pair of Elephant 2's in WGs,my TTS is 32 but i only sized down -1 on the elephant 2's instead of the normal -2 for WGs because of how thick the denim is. Depends on how you want to wear them, I would suggest trying some on at a local shop if there are any near you. I couldn't button my bottom buttons on my E2s for a few days, I ended up doing a 20minute soak with them so I could button them (first pair i've ever let touch water unnn). Have a little over two...
WG only yes, but Barney's only nooo. There are a few shops that have the glow in the darks other then B's, just depends where you're located.   I've worn a pair of the blanket lined denims for about a week straight now & love them. Found them on sale for $144 + 20% off of that, so a steal of a deal if you're thinking of snagging a pair I highly suggest them!
The thighs & crotch will stretch some, not nearly as much as the waist will. IMO I wouldn't hem the blanket WGs, I personally roll/cuff mine to show the blanket lining. Check measurements before ordering (blue owl) or try on  at a shop if possible, I have 3 different WGs,raised flannel (29),blanket lined (30) and Elephant 2 (31). my TTS is 32
Wondering if anybody has the Denim jacket yet? Holt Calgary didn't have any in stock yet to try on so I'm curious about sizing. I wear a Medium in their Hoodies, Cardigans and SlimShirt.   just snagged a new selvedge flannel slimshirt, it's more of a relaxed fit then the other shirts
They're 144 on karma right now in the WG fit. I tried these on before ordering them & I did the normal size down 2, fit great. They will still stretch out too it's not exactly a lining, it's two wefts together (doubled faced denim).. They also have a blanket lined Jacket this season as well.
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