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Any good black friday sales going on that included N&F?
wool was WG cut only & 150 pairs were made, that's it! hard to find denim, I spent the summer searching & missed the glit sale (womp womp!)
weirdguy fit size down 2 most often, skinny guy most people go true to size. You can find some 27 WG on cosmicbobo's website.
Dutil will have the entire N&F collection at their custom jean event in Toronto & VanCity soon...   As well does anybody have one of the Melton jackets yet? Just curious about the fit, photos online I've seen on models make it seem like it has reallly long arms...
The WG red weft denims have been out for quite some time now, anybody have any fade pics? Just curious to see how much of the red is coming through.
http://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/blog/reversible-meltoncanvas-jackets/   Finally being dropped!
I would double check the measurements. I wear 32 skinnyguy in almost every pair I have, tried the 32duck on and looks like I have to size down to a 31. Might even go WG instead of SG for more crotch/sattle room
http://issuu.com/thedenimvault/docs/nakedandfamousfw2011   all of the new products out or soon to be out
If anybody has a multicolour slimshirt in a medium or a charcoal or grey terry knit hoody in S/M  they want to trade for a SS11 Wings + Horns organic Terry Crewneck in Navy PM me!   http://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/collection/men/slimshirt/multicolor-flannel.html   http://blueowl.us/scripts/psp/VB_Bridge3.dll?VBPROG=\bin\shop.prodt.detail&SKU=7981000   http://www.freemanbrand.com/journal/wings-horns-organic-terry-crewneck.html   for the N&F sweaters I...
check out a company called The Hill-Side... NYC based too! They make really nice ties,pocket squares and scarves.
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