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I have the momoXnf sg in my rotation of many pairs, i've worn the momo's everyday for the last 3 weeks and even in that time i've stretched them out in the waist because I don't wear a belt.
Either harden up, stop your crying and wear them a lot or do a soak so they soften up much quicker
shotty assistant job ;)
even my white oxford to my yellow oxford slimshirts are different sizes. Both M but the yellow feels more like a L. the rest I have bought have been fine though.
try the reg shirts if you don't dig the slimshirts....i personally love the slimshirt fit.   as for ducks..    they have SG & WG
Anybody have a pair of the WG Poms? Debating snagging a pair before I can no longer find them, just curious how people feel about them that already own them/ I don't want pink denims after they fade...
Being more of a winter jacket it should be a bit bigger so you can layer with hoodies and what not under and a lot of winter jackets are also cut longer body/arms. IMO I would see how it fits with your layers on, an XS might fit better in the arms but once you layer the chest/shoulders might be really tight. I asked Brandon about the fit of this jacket when it came out & he told me to stick to my normal NF top size.
I`m going to sound like a complete N&F whore but I own 3 of the 4 of the colours they make. They`re very soft and with wear become even softer. I`m 5`8`145lbs & I wear a size Medium because I like a more relaxed fit, I could get by with a size small if i wanted a more slim fit even. Highly suggest snagging one of these (if not more) especially with all of the XMAS discounts going on right now. If you`re looking to find a shop in the NY area that has them in stock if you...
newb fail... E2's = 22oz. Shit I love my N&F but does anybody else feel that this thread has turned into a " ommmgggg how does these look on me" thread... womp womp!   On another note, if anybody lives in cold ass weather like I do in Alberta check out the blanket double denims. They're my go to on the cold & windy days in the Rockies.
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