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Critical, your wallet looks sweet!!   Which model is it? I am trying to look for it on Ashland's site and it looks like its the fat herbie.   In the description it says it has 4 card slot like yours but all the pictures I see has 2. Can you please let me know what model/color you have?   Edit: nm, looks like Tony the Ant. I think im in love!
How much was the strand cordovans going for? I contained myself and only bought a pair of walnut strands.
Dave, What kind of sweaters do they have? At 25, I wouldnt mind trying a couple Do they have any cardigans?
  You guys can be pretty persuasive. But I guess i will hold out for the strands! I'll get a pair of black park avenues to replace my eccos in the future.   That chili hale looks stunning! I'll add it to my list!
mikeharo: The 2 for $300 sale occurred around a month ago.
I want to add another shoe to my rotation but not sure which one to get. I currently have a shell burgundy macneil, black ecco shoes(meh).   I am itching to get another pair of shell cordovans. The shoe bank has a pair of burgundy and brown shell park avenues. I can't find any live pictures of the brown ones and the burgundy pictures vary widely. The pictures on AE site does not look like true representation of the shoes.   Which color should I purchase? My...
I was thinking of throwing it in the wash before getting it tailored. I am thinking washing shouldnt shrink it too much.  
Anyone have issues with Suddenlee recently? I placed an order last Wednesdays for the shorts special on Friday and have not heard back since. I sent a follow up email on Wednesday knowing they must have been swamped over the weekend but its the end of the week now...
Cornbread, we are the same size and ashby in small will fit good.   I also  got an international and the 34 fits me perfectly.
Thanks for your help Dave! Is it a drastic change to their label.
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