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 Fit looks good if you like them skinny, you could probly size up 1 if you wanted for a looser fit. If you keep them the leg will barely stretch, only the waist will stretch. Looking at the pics, your thighs arent big enough to stretch the thigh area so you should keep that in mind. Also, an initial soak will shrink the whole jean a decent amount regardless of temperature so the thigh and calf will be even smaller.
 Thank you based god
 I think just the black power stretch but I am not sure if those are selvedge
 Guy in background checking out dem fades
 How do the E3s compare to the E2s? (if you have/seen E2s)
  Well they are shitty phone pics but I am wearing a U-neck in that top pic believe it or not. 
So i just got my tees from everlane, one pocket and one U-neck both in size small. The pocket tee fits pretty much perfect, however the U-neck seems like it has such a odd fit. The U-neck fits good in the shoulders, but the body feels like it was cut for size large creating a weird baggy fit. This felt pretty odd to me since the pocket tee I got fits so well and the U-neck doesn't, considering they are the same size. Is this a defect or is it just the way the shirt is...
  If you dont want to wash, just give them a cold soak with some woolite dark inside out.
  Posts from Jay are not "ad dumps" when it is giving us information on the new N&F being released. His posts have been more informative and better than anything you or Mister have posted.
Gutless to steal a shipment of jeans.
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