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For Sale: Gustin #1 Light Khaki American Chinos, Size 33 Regular Fit I waited 111 days for this item -- you can have it much sooner. Color is a true Khaki. As always, Gustin does a button fly.  Has Corozo buttons. Fabric is a nice, robust twill with the blue waist lining shown in the photo. Per Gustin -- Woven in North Carolina, made in USA. Ships from Michigan (near Ann Arbor). Pants have never been worn outside, only tried on.  They are as new. Paid $85, asking...
Concur on all fronts.  I was very happy with my Ratio oxford shirt & tremendously happy with the customer service.  (They remade a shirt for me, even though it was my fault that I specified the shoulders too small...) Will definitely order from them again.
Have seen quite a few references to a new mailorder underwear / undershirt / socks company "Mack Weldon".  Their site looks interesting -- products designed in the Northeast and made offshore.    Can't find any threads here on Styleforum -- not a single one -- wondering if anyone has any experiences with this company (good, bad or otherwise).   Recommended?   Or is there a source you like better for  undershirts & socks, ordered...
  Yes, I can't find a ref on their Website but it has been discussed in interviews, e.g.   http://brooklynbased.net/blog/2011/06/bespoke-in-brooklyn/    
  Did you make any special or unusual requests?   If not, yes, this seems like a bad experience.  If you did--- what?   Buying online can be a smart move but (as with brick and mortar stores) reputation/feedback is important.     You'll seldom have any trouble just buying an item online --- just make sure you see plenty of pictures of the item, know what you're getting, and buy from a vendor with good feedback (i.e., hundreds or thousands).  If you have special requests,...
For sale -- Corter Bifold wallet, Genuine Shell Cordovan Leather Brand New, includes original packaging   SOLD
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