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  Hence my decision to go with the M3 over a C63... Residuals on the MB lineup are laughable. Factor in normal expenses and they're just not worth it... JMHO.    
If you can get an E63 for 50k after one year, that should tell you something about the car... 90k when new, 40k less after a year?    Though that does fit with traditional MB poor value retention...
Anyone else used I usually prefer to do my shopping in person, but it's an interesting service... I kept some John Varvatos boat shoes and Tailor Vintage shorts they sent in my first trunk, both of which I may not have considered if I were looking at them on the shelf.
Must be a lot of people either not using the bag properly or just bad luck.    Like 15dollarman, I'm in and out of airports frequently and I haven't been bothered about my bag in months. If the laptop has nothing underneath or on top, and is laying flat on the conveyor, then it's within the guidelines. That being said, I have seen people with similar bags who place the bag on the conveyor improperly, and the 'bag' part ends up getting pushed over on to the laptop by...
I run into this argument occasionally from overzealous TSA agents. I tell them to get their supervisor or take the laptop out and run it through themselves if they don't like it. I've never had one push back...   edit: I have a Timbuk2 Commute 2.0 in Potrero (all panels). It's not the bag I'd prefer, but it fits my 17" laptop and plenty of necessary accessories/books/notepads that I have to lug around to client sites. As soon as I find one that's equally...
Perhaps some people decide that 500hp is enough, or maybe they don't feel the need to have whatever the most expensive model is irrespective of their wants/needs... Driving a $150k MB around hardly says that you can't afford the best.    
  I drive a 2011 M3 sedan, Alpine White, all the packages.  
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