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    i carry an xd subcompact 9mm... good size generally, but it is still slightly tricky to conceal in tailored clothing.   my father in law bought a .380 with a pocket holster, looks like a wallet, as was mentioned before.
anyone have good recommendations for brands that make solid 'tall' sizes?   i get my dress shirts MTM, but if i'm not wearing a button down to the office (casual friday and whatnot), i have to wear at least a long sleeve polo or sweater due to tattoos, and sleeves are always an issue. for reference, my sleeve length on my MTM shirts is 37.5 (im 6'3", 225).
6'3" 245lbs.
i see no problem with either evening or morning showers...   however, i don't feel like i have a choice. if i take a shower in the evening, my hair is literally standing in every direction when i wake up. i have to take showers in the morning strictly because of that... 
this is exactly what i'm going for with my hair... anyone have an idea on product/technique for this? my hair is exactly the same consistency, i'm just working out the length right now.
descendant of thieves 11AW3182
got this in the mail today:  
i'm 6'3" and currently 253lbs. i've been using vibram five fingers and nike+ airs since i was around 265-270 and it's been fine. takes a bit of getting used to, but if you're decently athletic it should become normal quickly.
Absolutely. No reason doing it just to be a dick. At lease let them know why and what can be done better, even if that's getting a new career...
I tip 20% as a general rule, but I don't hesitate to tip a big, fat ass 0% if I receive truly abhorrent service. A tip is earned, and shouldn't be taken for granted.   Employers are required to make up the difference if tips + wage don't add up to minimum wage, so it's really on the server to earn anything extra.
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