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Aren't there garments designed for men that would fit your needs?
Sadly, I think for many(most?) people 'semi formal' has gone from meaning black tie to meaning please wear a jacket with your jeans and as it is only semi formal a tie is optional. I have no idea what terms like 'smart casual' mean. And slightly off topic, I sure don't know what 'dressy jeans' are. I think we need some descriptive terms for dress that everyone, just not folks here, agree on so we know what level of attire is expected.
I wonder if I asked about a diet here if folks would tell me how my suit fit?
If you go to Carroll & Co on Canon Dr. in BH, I suggest that you ask for J.B. to assist you - great guy. It is about two blocks east of BB and there is limited parking in the alley in the back of the store. Back in the old days, they were a great Trad store, but I don't think they have had a sack suit there in 20 years. I buy my MTM Samualsohn suits there and my Alden shoes. I guess you don't need a store for the latter.
A 'Tux ' is evening wear. A black suit is fine for funerals and chauffeurs. If you are going to get two suits, I suggest one in blue and one in gray. Have a good wedding a long a happy marriage.
I agree with the suggestion for Park Avenues and charcoal would be a much better choice than black if that is allowed.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Yes Yes No +1
Quote: Originally Posted by ob187 My shirt measurements are 15 1/2 x 34/35. I went to Marshall's today and they actually had a good selection, but none in my size were the slim fit. What's the difference between a slim fit and fitted fit? I guess I like the Express Modern Fit because they have the 3% spandex. I noticed some of the shirts as Marshall's (Van Husen, Calvin Klien) were more polyester than cotton. Any other ideas? 34/35 is...
Listen to your wife - at least about this tie.
As Jan mentioned, Clark's DBs have been around for a long time. I purchased my first pair in 1956. I assume since then they have been in and out of fashion a few times. I don't really know and never gave it a thought.
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