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Its more of a red brownn
 Can I recommend that this be done via email? Its making the thread a bit cluttered 
 Leaves, any idea how much this would cost?Depending on the price, interested to pre-book this model 
I would second the above recomendation
Hardy riviera range used to have it.Zegna also has something similar
Leaves, any update on the bonafe GMTO that was put together a few months back? The adelaide with the black fiddleback waist. i cant stop thinking about it
Gorgeous shoes. Sent you a PM.
  I have the whole swatch book. Let me know if you want pictures of of any designs in particular. Have a look at Cacciopolli; their wool/silk/linen combo's are made by Loro Piana. Some lovely designs too. Again, let me know if you want to see it. They also have Solaro Cotton. Im getting some Airo cotton for pants:   The new Harrisons Mystique book has come out. What do you guys think of this:   Barbera also has a nice jacketing book. 
Some new hauls. The light brown will be turned into a DB         Also will be ordering some camo linen shirtings    
 What last is that shoe on?
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