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I have for sale a pair of BNIB Vass Budapester Oxfords in U-last in Cognac which has been polished. Its a size EU42 and comes with shoe trees and the box.   Have sold several BNIB Vass here in the forum well below what others sell. Asking for USD430 plus shipping. Add 5% to the total fees if payment is made via Paypal.   Before polish       After polished      
Just wanted to share some of my friends polishing work on a pair of Vass Im selling from my stock   Before     After      
Spoo, we need some teasers of the pocket squares from your closet that your gonna be selling tomorrow... 
Looking forward to it Spoo!
Any idea how much discounts for the sale?
 Well, what size are you?I sometimes clear my stock and have odd sizes left which i sell for around USD400 for calf. Have a size EU42 and 40.5 right now in stock
What does irregular mean?Fantastic selection, will get a few from you.
What size are the Arca's Spoo?
How much are the US retailers selling it for? You can always go via the Notch route. he is charging quite a reasonable price for Vass RTW and MTO.
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