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Single monk looks nice but DM in brown museum calf would look awesome.Or antique, which IMO would look just as nice.If we can get 6 people lets do it via Skoaktiebolaget?
I'm up for this especially if it's antique brown or museum calf
Anyone knows any retailer carrying Rain last doublemonks?
Leaves,is it possible for Carmina to make something like the JL Chapel on the Rain last for GMTO? Received my Carmina wholecuts.They are awesome!
Are the sample shoes still available in the Saville Row store?
Spoo, deets on the Cucinelli sportscoats?Its a US38 right?
 I would like to know the same thing 
Journeyman, yup that's the one.I need a UK7.5 though
Done that. Looking forward to her reply =) Thanks!
May I know her email?Searched the website but could not find it =)
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