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 Smiths Finmeresco
Awesome price.too funky a colour but nice
Damn it, my Paypal has issues 
Whats spoo's Paypal?
Thats enough shoes for everyone!
How much will shipping cost to singapore?
Is that on their classic round last Leaves?looks gorgeous
Pliny, is that a knit tie?May i know where did you get?
 I have both the Hiro in DM and Oxfords; the DM is snug and the Oxfords are even worse.  With regards to the Park last, if you have a high instep, I will advise you to forget about it. Choose the same size as your Olfe if your going for the Park last though if you have slightly wide feet, your small toe may feel uncomfortable.
Cacciopolli cotton solaro [ IMG ALT=""]http://www.styleforum.net/content/type/61/id/1272419/width/500/height/1000[/IMG]
New Posts  All Forums: