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 Which model is this Master Claster?
Vass has been sold; Meermins are still available.
Pocket circle, do you have belts for 32-33 inch waists?
Yup,it should fit a UK8.I wear EG888 in UK8 and should be the same.
Have sold those;am left with the 10oz only anyone interested in a trade?
I have some old Lessers for sale
 Also, when I apply the discount code, why is there only a 20% reduction to the price compared to 30% as stated in the code?Anyone experience the same problem?
Guys, when you apply the discount code, apart from the discount, will it also deduct VAT?I have reached the stage where I am required payment ie key in my credit card details and VAT has not been deducted yet.
Ben, how much does it usually cost to ship from your UK site to South East Asia 1 pocket square?I need the cream Zegna pocket square but if shipping is too pricey, may turn elsewhere (though tempted to combine it with other items)
Leaves, can Bonafe make something like the G&G Antibes? The baby Lllama would look great in this design.  
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