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Spoo, PM'ed you on some ties and the G&G's.
Leaves, can we ask for a different width for this MTO?I may need an F width for the chiseled last; the previous one was a too snug for me.
  Finally have an opportunity to go through with this single monk. Thinking black calf and pewter museum calf for the upper.
 Which model is this Master Claster?
Vass has been sold; Meermins are still available.
Pocket circle, do you have belts for 32-33 inch waists?
Yup,it should fit a UK8.I wear EG888 in UK8 and should be the same.
Have sold those;am left with the 10oz only anyone interested in a trade?
I have some old Lessers for sale
 Also, when I apply the discount code, why is there only a 20% reduction to the price compared to 30% as stated in the code?Anyone experience the same problem?
New Posts  All Forums: