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 @laufer, its similar to yours. Mine was the 3200 model on the 946 last. I was made to understand that its and E width, hence why I may go for the F width
Othertravel, the Garrick is a lazyman right?Was there any UK8 available?If yes I may be interested.
 They have a wider toe but length wise, at least for me, they seem a bit shorter. Of course =)
 Ozzie, they are more snug compared to the Olfe. Once I broke in my Olfe's, I realized they were at least a half size too large for me. Ive had no problems with the Hiro though; I can say it fits like a normal UK7.5 although its a UK8. But thats based on my experience with doublemonks; with this pair, I've only tried it on once
Spoo, PM'ed you on some ties and the G&G's.
Leaves, can we ask for a different width for this MTO?I may need an F width for the chiseled last; the previous one was a too snug for me.
  Finally have an opportunity to go through with this single monk. Thinking black calf and pewter museum calf for the upper.
 Which model is this Master Claster?
Vass has been sold; Meermins are still available.
Pocket circle, do you have belts for 32-33 inch waists?
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