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Unipair,can you PM me the price of the grey briefcase?Looks gorgeous.
 That is gorgeous. How much would it cost Leaves?
I cant remember if Leaves has answered this but when will he receive the next shipment of DOAK Dovers?I just tried my size and plan to get a pair.
 @laufer, its similar to yours. Mine was the 3200 model on the 946 last. I was made to understand that its and E width, hence why I may go for the F width
Othertravel, the Garrick is a lazyman right?Was there any UK8 available?If yes I may be interested.
 They have a wider toe but length wise, at least for me, they seem a bit shorter. Of course =)
 Ozzie, they are more snug compared to the Olfe. Once I broke in my Olfe's, I realized they were at least a half size too large for me. Ive had no problems with the Hiro though; I can say it fits like a normal UK7.5 although its a UK8. But thats based on my experience with doublemonks; with this pair, I've only tried it on once
Spoo, PM'ed you on some ties and the G&G's.
Leaves, can we ask for a different width for this MTO?I may need an F width for the chiseled last; the previous one was a too snug for me.
  Finally have an opportunity to go through with this single monk. Thinking black calf and pewter museum calf for the upper.
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