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Those are gorgeous.anyone want to do a GMTO for Warwick in vintage pearl grey
What happened man?too small?
Cacciopolli has some nice navy Solaro.
Lance, how do they fit?I need a UK8 or UK7.5 (If they fit like Carmina Rain)
So excited to read about the Dovers then was so dissapointed when I read Gabriel's email
Im considering purchasing an Edward Green briefcase and I'm curious if anyone here owns one.Does it age well?its priced similar to a SAB.Im considering it in Dark Oak Antique or in Cloud Antique
Unipair,can you PM me the price of the grey briefcase?Looks gorgeous.
 That is gorgeous. How much would it cost Leaves?
I cant remember if Leaves has answered this but when will he receive the next shipment of DOAK Dovers?I just tried my size and plan to get a pair.
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