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PM sent Edit : Just noticed that you wear a 41 on the Vass F. Last. i wear a 41.5,;i dont think this St c's will fit me
Looks fantastic!
Shaya, any plans to carry a wider range of Tie your Tie ties?im intrigued by the designs;am eyeing the brown one
Those loafers are gorgeous. Do they offer international shipping?
Jreigen,   Alt Wien in shell cordovan  in Bordeaux, 43.5 on the F last      
Are you a 43.5 on the F last JRD?I may have something for you.its the alt wien in cordovan on the F last
Tchoy, gorgeous lot 
Rydenfan, the 256 you got is in navy right?
 Barky, I think chiseled last suits this design best. For me, will look weird in the round last. This is Aubercy RTW actually made by EB
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