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Such a shame for me but putting up these Vass Dark Brown Museum Calf pair for sale as its half a size too small for me.Size is 41EU,comes with UK8 shoe trees and bags and box.They are on the F last, Price is USD380 plus shipping plus PayPal fees..Will not entertain offers as these are a steal for this price.
Wanted to share some pics
Does it fit the same as a UK7.5 for the Rain last?
In terms of fit,is it similar to the 888 or say maybe the 606?
Fantastic looking shoes.If this was around USD500 I would have sent a Paypal payment now
Gorgeous shoes...
Those are gorgeous.anyone want to do a GMTO for Warwick in vintage pearl grey
What happened man?too small?
Cacciopolli has some nice navy Solaro.
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