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Gentleman, Im considering Dover in DOAK in 606 and Hove in hatch grain in MH71. If given the choice, which would you choose?
 Gorgeous shoes!
Gorgeous suit!
Dark brown museum calf.They are awesome :slayer: unfortunately half a size too small
Such a shame for me but putting up these Vass Dark Brown Museum Calf pair for sale as its half a size too small for me.Size is 41EU,comes with UK8 shoe trees and bags and box.They are on the F last, Price is USD380 plus shipping plus PayPal fees..Will not entertain offers as these are a steal for this price.
Wanted to share some pics
Does it fit the same as a UK7.5 for the Rain last?
In terms of fit,is it similar to the 888 or say maybe the 606?
Fantastic looking shoes.If this was around USD500 I would have sent a Paypal payment now
Gorgeous shoes...
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