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 Loro Piana?The designs look exactly the same as Solbiati's; makes me wonder if Solbiati produces it for Loro Piana (If it is Loro Piana)
  Is it just me or are those creases on the leather (not on the shoe)? 
  I think its the U-last; maybe its just the angle of the picture. I'll check with my friend on this.   Will post more pictures tomorrow 
2 out of 6 colours of the Radica Museum Calf leather from Ilcea has arrived at Vass; Ordering double monks in the lighter shade of brown in the 4th picture (I believe its called gold museum calf)           
  This is so tempting...
I think it looks nicer as a suit. Here is an example (though I think the windowpane is bigger)  
Phillo, lovely shoes.Were there many sizes left; in particular a Uk8?Looking for someone to proxy some Lobbs.I envy you guys in NY:)
sstomcat, are these bespoke?Looks fantastic
Navy Corneliani is very tempting...
I would be interested in Brioni and Tom Ford ties around the USD60-100 range
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