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Is this a UK9 or  a US9?
Is the Marinella grenadine and knit still available?Really want to get both of those.
Maybe Solbiati for linen?They do make some nice ones.
Ian, do you still have Saint Crispins available?
Sorry, what I meant was 125. both of mine are on the U last;to me the overall design of the 125 makes it sleeker
I have both the 125 and 64.The 124 is much more sleek then the 64 in my personal opinion.
So sorry man, just noticed this. Can I send you a PM later; would need to type a long reply  But for a short answer, I personally think you may need to size up for Hiro/Olfe.
  Sure, it looks interesting  lets discuss the details via email (meerminmto@yahoo.com). I think a navy/blue suede would fit nicely next to my navy French Oxford Vass.
I believe excluding VAT, they were in the region of 60 euros.Fits the shoe great
Some new unfunded liabilities for me. The seersucker is the Zegna I got from Edmorel while the rest are Lessers. My favourite is the blue Golden Bale Next up will be the 1st special edition H.Lesser Tropical; just got the samples and they are great.  
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