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Yup and plenty of fake Scabal too.
  Did you join the 1st MTO museum calf organized by me?If yes and you did not receive your shoes yet, drop me a PM and I'll sort it out for you.
Leaves, no chance of a spare UK8 Asquiths in Dark Oak lying around in the shop?
Super dissapointed there is no UK8 available for the Westminster or Asquiths.Great prices for them, would definitely have bought them
Actually, the sizing is a bit inconsistent in my experience.
  Thanks Ozzy! They have held up well eventhough I have been very rough with them. I think this colour works well with a lighter shade of navy 
  If I'm not mistaken, they are in the Linea Maestro range.   As for the email, I guess other members can chip in. I dont have his official meermin email, only his personal one.
  Only Meermin? 
  It was the 1st group MTO I did with Meermin. I agree with Swede 66, send an email to Pepe and ask him whether he can make them in burgundy. When I organized the MTO, there was no austerity brogues in their collection. Now they do have it so I dont think there is any problem in them making one in burgundy for you 
  Meermin Austerity Brogues MTO in burgundy & Olfe last after 30 wears. One of my favourite Meermin shoes
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