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gentleman, any suggestions on the design and last for gold and navy museum calf?Was thinking of the old english in F last and wholecut in K last but would be interested in getting the forums feedback on this
Ive got some BNIB Vass on the U last that I want to offload in size 42.5 and 40.5 that I wanna clear off for around USD420-600(USD600 is for cordovan) if anybody is interested;will post on the classifieds soon
Unipair guy, what last is the Dover on?Am eyeing a pair on the 606 last
  G, can I proxy John Lobbs if they are selling for crazy prices ie USD600 area? 
  Actually, the same thought crossed my mind when I saw it. But I looked back at the JL Vale and some similar G&G's and the buckles all seem to be placed similarly with the one in the picture. Regardless, I'll raise this issue with Pepe when I contact him.
Some updates on the plum museum calf MTO. Below are the pictures of the samples shoes; I think I am changing my order to the single monk as to me personally they look fantastic on the Olfe last    Delivery is expected in November (due to a delay in the leather) so hopefully everyone will get their shoes then.   With regards to the hatchgrain MTO, the new last has been sent to a lasting factory for several sizes; bear in mind that the new last is similar to the...
Someone asked about is so this is the H.Lesser special edition which will be milled. It will be based on the 8/9oz Lesser Tropical and the scale of the overcheck and POW will be bigger to make it similar to the picture of the suit worn by Mark below.   This was inspired by Mark Cho's suit (pictured below) and hence will be called 'The Mark'. Mark is also getting a length hence those who are interested, just drop me a PM on the price. Prices are reasonable' no crazy...
Me too!!!
Double post
Both are on the F last;the austerity brogue is a 40.5 actually I keep it as stock
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