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I have the Asquith on the 888 last in Uk8E.Its tight on the instep but a bit loose at the ball of the foot and there is slippage when I wear it.Was wondering if a UK7.5F on the 888 last would be the solution.Eyeing the Walcot Edwardian antique on sale above:)
 They have Dovers in stock??
Ian, I wear a UK7.5F/G.Anything available in this size?
It seems Epaulet opened up a thread for Vass group buys.Interesting but I was scared off by the USD865 price they quoted. Even notch quotes USD600 plus to proxy a pair so Im x sure what makes Epaulets offer more attarctive
I say go for the Olfe;I wear the same size for Olfe as I wear for CJ348
I had a few of those but sold it for USD450 if Im not mistaken.I'll check my stock and see if I have any left in those sizes
Hi Guys,   I have for sale the following Vass shoes that are BNIB and comes with shoe trees, shoe bags and also the boxes.   1)  Vass Doublemonk in Size EU42 on the U-last. Colour is Burgundy/Bordeaux (which is gorgeous in real      life).   Asking Price : USD420 plus shipping (SOLD!!!!!)     2) Vass U-cap in size 40.5 on the U-last. Colour is Bordeaux and is from shell cordovan.   Asking Price: USD525 plus shipping    Payment is via Paypal with the fees...
Some doublemonk pics     
Ok guys, here is a picture of the new chiseled last. According to Pepe:   1) similar to the New Rey last but has a different toe box; 2) a more marked edge along the side; 3) a higher instep; 4) a modified heel cup; and  5) more volume on the area below to enhance the fitting of the sleek last   This last will be lasted soon and I will provide more pictures. I personally like it and am imagining it as a as sleek chukka in hatchgrain ala G&G   
Some comparison pics of a EU39.5 and EU40.5 on the U-last (the U-cap shell cordovan is for sale =))      
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