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Here are some linens available in the Drapers 'Estate in Seta E Lino'. Its 8.5oz and has a nice texture and feel to it.                 This is from the Drapers 'Arcobaleno' range; its a silk/linen mix (with a very high silk content of around 80%) and is made in Scotland.    
[[SPOILER]]   Here are some more of the designs available in the Harrisons Mirage range (as requested by some members)
  This was what I thought.They call it bespoke but to me, if its really bespoke, a new last will be made according to the shape of your foot.   There was a discussion on SF quite some time ago whether Vass bespoke is really 'bespoke'.
  I'll try to take some pictures of the browns for you tomorrow;its 1am here so kinda hard to get pictures under natural light 
  There are a few solids but mostly in windowpanes/glenplaids/fine herringbones. The colours are lovely though.   Actually, it reminds me of the Moonbeam range but for summer jacketings.
  Just edited my pots; thanks Unbel for the tips!    Bertie, its called the 'Mirage' (I believe it has not yet made the website) and is around 8/9oz. There are plenty of lovely designs in it, I really do not know where to start as I want all of them! 
  Its 600 euros. You get your feet measured and the last will be altered accordingly; at least this was what Mr Vass told me. Below are some pictures I took when I was there.        
[[SPOILER]]   Here are some of the designs available in the new summer jacketing range for Harrisons; its called the 'Mirage'. Its a wool/silk/linen combo and is made in Scotland and is proving quite popular with my clients.Its around 8/9oz and it has a lovely texture. The designs reminds me of some Italian brands that I carry.
  How much of a premium are we talking about here? 
Roger, try having a look at Harrisons new range, the 'Mirage' you like silk/linen/wool combo's.Some of the designs in it are lovely
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