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Someone asked about is so this is the H.Lesser special edition which will be milled. It will be based on the 8/9oz Lesser Tropical and the scale of the overcheck and POW will be bigger to make it similar to the picture of the suit worn by Mark below.   This was inspired by Mark Cho's suit (pictured below) and hence will be called 'The Mark'. Mark is also getting a length hence those who are interested, just drop me a PM on the price. Prices are reasonable' no crazy...
Me too!!!
Double post
Both are on the F last;the austerity brogue is a 40.5 actually I keep it as stock
Some new additions to the family; OEII in black and Austerity Brogue in oxblood    
Got this from the recent EG sale;EG Asquith on 888 last  
Different sizes, both on U last. The left one is a UK5.5, the other one is a UK8.5. Just received another 2 pairs today, cant wait to use them.
Some Old English in U last  and in black that just arrived for my friends   
  Huh?   Your best bet would be to go with the Old English on the F-last or U-last depending on your preference; the F-last is a more conservative choice. Very conservative (as the picture above shows) and like mentioned above, they come with shoe trees. I just received 2 pairs yesterday in the U  
  I was informed that the non-lasted shoe trees have been shipped out. Let me check them for you 
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