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Still waiting to hear from Pepe;I sent him an email already.I guess there is a long que as Springline makes not only shoe trees but also lasts for a lot of brands.I think Vass has the same problem with their 3 piece shoe trees at the moment.Actually, I think the hatchgrain looks like that due to the photographs I took;IRL it looks exactly like the G&G hatchgrains.Sorry!
Definitely getting the Westminsters this time
Ok guys, some pictures of the samples shoes (forgive me, this was taken using the S4 and had no time to edit them)     Comparison between the sample and a Vass U last       Comparison between 2 Olfe lasts (the burgundy one has been worn close to 40 times; was the 1st MTO I organized with Meermin)      Some other pictures           I frankly feel there is still a LOT of work that needs to be done with this last; I think most...
Received the hatch grain MTO sample shoes from Meermin.Will try to post pictures today
Double monk in dark brown museum calf    
  I've submitted the list to Pepe and he has confirmed with me that he has received it. Paypal invoices will be sent on Monday as he is currently travelling;sample shoes for all of the designs will be made immediately and I will update all of you in this thread. The leather has already been ordered several weeks ago and this hopefully will speed up the process.   With regards to the hatchgrain MTO, I will be receiving the sample shoes on Monday; will inspect and see what...
 Loro Piana?The designs look exactly the same as Solbiati's; makes me wonder if Solbiati produces it for Loro Piana (If it is Loro Piana)
  Is it just me or are those creases on the leather (not on the shoe)? 
  I think its the U-last; maybe its just the angle of the picture. I'll check with my friend on this.   Will post more pictures tomorrow 
2 out of 6 colours of the Radica Museum Calf leather from Ilcea has arrived at Vass; Ordering double monks in the lighter shade of brown in the 4th picture (I believe its called gold museum calf)           
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