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Phillo, lovely shoes.Were there many sizes left; in particular a Uk8?Looking for someone to proxy some Lobbs.I envy you guys in NY:)
sstomcat, are these bespoke?Looks fantastic
Navy Corneliani is very tempting...
I would be interested in Brioni and Tom Ford ties around the USD60-100 range
Also, I hope for those contacting Pepe on the issues for their shoes, do make sure they are real issues ie weird creases/creasing, bad finishing etc. Believe it or not, I had someone complain to me that the finishing of his Meermin museum calf pair was not to the standard of his John Lobb shoes that he had 
    Very sorry to hear of those who are disappointed/unhappy/unsatisfied with there museum calf shoes;I understand the feeling if you get something that does not meet you satisfaction especially if you've paid good money for it    I would say that with regards to the creases, as some of you have pointed out, it may have to do with the leather used ie using all parts of the leather for the multiple shoes. Reason being, from the feedback I received some of you have reported...
Does this include international shipping?
Nutcracker, how much are the keychains?
G, it will be a chukka and a wholecut.The G&G Arran was my inspiration for this whole hatchgrain project actually.Thanks for all the feedback guys;really appreciate it.Keep them coming, the more feedback and suggestions the better
New Posts  All Forums: