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G, it will be a chukka and a wholecut.The G&G Arran was my inspiration for this whole hatchgrain project actually.Thanks for all the feedback guys;really appreciate it.Keep them coming, the more feedback and suggestions the better
  To me it still looks a bit to square-ish but we will iron this out with certain modifications to the last. Currently it reminds me of a duck bill     Yup, it will be slightly darker and richer once it is finished     Yup, those are the issues I am discussing with Pepe on. Any suggestions on how to improve the last?
Ok guys, as requested here is an update for the hatchgrain MTO on the new last. Below are some of the  pictures of the hatchgrain; as you can see its not a wholecut as the sample Pepe received was too samll to be made into a wholecut. Pepe has informed me that hatchgrain is thick leather hence the lines on the last are not as apparent as normal calf leather. Based on the pictures below, I am discussing with Pepe on a few aspects of the new last that needs to be worked...
  Timo, will email and also PM you the details 
Guys, for those participating in the Plum Museum Calf MTO, please let me know if you did not yet receive an email from me. For those who have, looking forward to receiving your information by tomorrow 
Nutcracker, what are your thoughts on Masaru Okayama shoes?Does he offer RTW shoes?
Also, the reason I have chosen dark brown as  color of the lining inside the shoe is because I wanted to resemble the shoe below:     Also, for this MTO, the words 'SPECIAL EDITION' will be stamped in the insole of the shoe  
  I don't think they will use this last for the RTW range but I will ask Pepe about it. This last was designed only for special orders I think so the number of last made is limited; maybe 1 for each size   Nope, this will be only applicable for the hatchgrain; the last still needs to be refined but it will be ready by the time the hatchgrain MTO is initiated.   Any further thoughts/comments/feedback on the new last? It will be much appreciated  
  So sorry but what I meant was the obtaining the measurements for the instep of the last! Once I do, will let others know and how to measure their instep.      Thanks!     Gyasih, I will check with Pepe on this.     EDIT; Email sent to all participants of the plum museum calf MTO!
      Thanks guys. Pete, I was actually going for the TG73 look (similar to the picture below) but the Simpson last/Vass U-last is a close second. But certain adjustments will still be made to the last so that it has a nice chiseled look to it rather then looking too square toed        With regards to the pictures, I will try to ask Pepe to provide the requested pictures once he has finished the shoe. Also, I will ask him to give an indication of the height of the arch...
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