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Guys, I am on the verge of getting some Saint Crispins. I wear a 41.5 for Vass F last; will a UK7.5D fit me for Saint Crispins?Been hearing that we should size down. I wear a UK8E on the EG888 but its slighly long. Will appreciate some advise =)
The selection is quite interesting; anyone purchased from them before?The Chelsea in chesnut is calling to me =)
Damn it, how did i miss out on the copper Tom Ford, been hunting for it for ages 
Bump. Both shoes available as buyers pulled out 
 The process was great since Ive made some suits with him before. It takes approximately 3 months for a fully canvassed suit including fittings.There are only 2 tailors worth trying in Malaysia to me who will not rip you off and I have had the pleasure of making suits with both.  They ,upon request, will shape canvass according to your shoulder line, and not use ready made shoulder pads. If interested, I can show you a picture of the shoulder line minus shoulder pads  Next...
 Its bespoked and fabric is from Drapers Golden Selection. Bespoked here is quite cheap, USD500 for a fully canvassed suit (excluding fabric). Thanks guys for the comments; I actually have a similar one in light grey which I think is nicer =) @DerekS, you are right.The PS is Tom Ford while shoes (if anyone wants to know) is EG Asquith. Bag is from Wood & Faulk
My first try.Lost quite a lot of weight recently  
I have the Asquith on the 888 last in Uk8E.Its tight on the instep but a bit loose at the ball of the foot and there is slippage when I wear it.Was wondering if a UK7.5F on the 888 last would be the solution.Eyeing the Walcot Edwardian antique on sale above:)
 They have Dovers in stock??
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