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          I in a way agree with the fact that its a bit too square; maybe will work on it to be a bit more refined in the toebox are.   Below are some pictures of a sample shoe lasted on this last; again will appreciate feedback and suggestions on this last  The shoe below reminds me of the C&J Lowndess in the 348 last and the slight bump reminds me of the Carmina Simpson last and a bit of the Vass U-last          
Ok guys, here is the last for the hatchgrain MTO. According to Pepe, its an E width. Just wanted some feedback on this last. Pepe will be making a sample of the hatchgrain shoe next week and I'll post some pics of it
  Gyasih, I totally agree with you on this; I am lucky that my pair turned out ok;so did most of the others. But for those whose shoes have had issues, I can understand the concern and also them being upset about it. I honestly would be upset and disappointed too.   I actually emailed Pepe earlier to raise this issue; I may also speak to him on the phone regarding this. What I have asked from him is that for future group MTO's, stricter QC is applied to all the shoes sent...
Hi Guys,   I will provide an update too    Plum Museum Calf MTO   Firstly, the leather for the museum calf has been ordered; this will expedite the order this time. Great response for this order as mentioned in my previous post; really appreciate those who are participating in this order.    Secondly, a few special details will be added to this MTO which will be revealed in the next few days; Pepe has agreed to this request and will make samples for...
Maybe the Ama last?Thanks to those who have emailed me for the Plum Museum Calf Group Buy. We have surpassed the minimum of 25 pairs and in the region of 30 pairs for this group buy. I will send you all and email this weekend in which I will wrap up the orders for this group buy.
David, you are correct 
  It will be on hold until Pepe has made sample shoes out of it (he informed me he wants to try working on the leather as this is their first time handling hatchgrain); once he gives the green light we will proceed with it.It will start a bit later then the museum calf MTO but certainly not after these MTO's are finished. That would be too long of a wait 
Yup, it will. It will follow the exact design of the picture I posted    For those who have sent me your information, thank you very much. Do expect a mass email on the total specs of the shoe by this weekend; will be calling Pepe on Friday to discuss the specs but will email him the details so he can go through it again.
  Yes, there are 2 going on. I am handling the plum museum calf MTO while PapaRuberry (Alex) is handling the re-run of the dark brown museum calf MTO.
Sorry!I was so worried that there will be a screw up on the orders as it was a big one.Thank god everyone got their sizes
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