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Im in for black austerity on Rain last.But only if Skoak does it
Warwick Mh71 im in
Dude, any sole pictures of it?Im interested.
Sent you a PM on the LV
Pretty nice loafer made by Carmina. @Leaves,any idea what grain leather this is?
Do they do CMT?I have some vintage cloths that I want to get made up and will be dropping by Seoul next month.
 I'm in for 3.4 meters
The title refers.Selling for a friend but may keep it myself since it's my side.Want to do a quick sale so it's USD400 plus shipping and PayPal fees. I believe this is a good price so no offers please. Comes with EU42 trees,shoe bags and box. For sizing please go to the Vass Thread.
Vass OE2 in Antique Cognac, F-last
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