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  Any thoughts on the brown POW?Planning to get it
 May be interested in this one. Wanted the EG Dovers but this looks nicer 
This is so so nice.any pictures of a laptop in your used one?trying to gauge its size
Tchoy,did u get it direct from Solbiati?
 Try have a look at the Ariston/Caccioppoli  jacketing range. I saw some nice grey jacketings with interesting designs.
Carmina Grey Suede Adelaides  
          For sale is a BNIB Carmina Grey Suede Adelaide in UK8 which is a special make up from the superb Swedish store Skoaktiebolaget.   Price is USD320 + shipping and Paypal fees.   PM for any questions   Comes with the box and the shoe bags.   Pictures in natural light and under the shade as below:
PM sent Edit : Just noticed that you wear a 41 on the Vass F. Last. i wear a 41.5,;i dont think this St c's will fit me
Looks fantastic!
Shaya, any plans to carry a wider range of Tie your Tie ties?im intrigued by the designs;am eyeing the brown one
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