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G, i do. i will post it tomorrow, its past midnight here.for those who Pm'ed me, will also reply tomorrow
Owh, just to add a bit more on museum calf. For dark brown and plum, it will be a stock item so MTO's will not be a problem. For other colors other then the above, u need a minimum 25 pairs.This is very much confirmed. I have 2o people already for my MTO ie black/grey museum calf so we need a few more
The problem with museum calf special orders is that it requires minimum 25 orders to go on.I think i will do so in the future but gradually as I want to see how the quality of the new batch of museum calf is. when i talked to Pepe, he was of the opinion the quality from this tannery is better then that of ilcea's.With regards to the chiseled last, i will be receiving a pair in it soon;will wear it and give my comments on it.Am happy that so many people adore the museum...
I think i will liken it to a chiseled version of the olfe last.a bit sleeker then the Hiro
For those on the fence about the museum calf, i say go for it. i have 2 pairs of it and they are aging beautifully. Am planning to do a Balmoral in black/grey museum calf ala Maftei's version in the new chiseled last. Will update for orders once I give Pepe a call on this. Anyone interested?
 I think that would depend on your feet and preference. For me its the same. In other unrelated news, Meermin will be sourcing its museum calf from now on with Tannery Haas.
 Do you mean scotch grain? 
Any updates?
Any idea how much the ties cost?
I have the Ama in a wholecut and i hate it.The last is very blobby, accentuated by the fact its a wholecut. i have a friend who has an oxford in the ama last and it looks much much better
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