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 I think that would depend on your feet and preference. For me its the same. In other unrelated news, Meermin will be sourcing its museum calf from now on with Tannery Haas.
 Do you mean scotch grain? 
Any updates?
Any idea how much the ties cost?
I have the Ama in a wholecut and i hate it.The last is very blobby, accentuated by the fact its a wholecut. i have a friend who has an oxford in the ama last and it looks much much better
The plum museums are great especially if you burnish the toe cap with black polish
Olfe is nicer then Hiro in my opinion. I have both and have handled countless pairs in different designs.Olfe is so much sleeker while Hiro for me looks like the traditional last Enlish shoemakers make.Churchs come to mind when i look at the Hiro last The tan monks are awesome;i have a pair and they are great.They have also held up very2 well and its been 1 year since i purchased them
 Vass gets it from Haas?If Im not mistaken they get it from a different tannery.
Are the G Cleverleys RTW made by C&J?Was wondering what will my size be if I wear a UK8 for EG in the 888 last.
 I live in South East Asia so my vote will go to Minnis, then Finmeresco for durability. But for an all around cloth, I prefer Lesser
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