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Shaya, any plans to carry a wider range of Tie your Tie ties?im intrigued by the designs;am eyeing the brown one
Those loafers are gorgeous. Do they offer international shipping?
Jreigen,   Alt Wien in shell cordovan  in Bordeaux, 43.5 on the F last      
Are you a 43.5 on the F last JRD?I may have something for you.its the alt wien in cordovan on the F last
Tchoy, gorgeous lot 
Rydenfan, the 256 you got is in navy right?
 Barky, I think chiseled last suits this design best. For me, will look weird in the round last. This is Aubercy RTW actually made by EB
Museum calf requires minimum 25 pairs
Leaves, can Bonafe do something similar to this? I wanna do a MTO for this if possible  
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