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I have the grey SKoak adelaide and its awesome
MTO in Simpson last in black suede anyone?
Was wondering if anyone is interested in a MTO for this model in the simpson last in black suede.Saw this on IG and thought they look awesome
I see. i just received the Smith book together with. Finmeresco.I guess I'll skip Smith's solaro and get the cotton one too.But getting 2 lengths of Finmeresco
 If you want pictures I can take some over the weekend. I have the whole book
 Which one did you get Trini?Im torn of getting the Cacciopolli cotton or the Smith Woolen ones. Any thoughts on this?
   I'll give my thoughts on it this weekend. Bear in mind that the Bonafe's are a UK7.5 while the Vass is EU42 and the EG and Carmina are in an UK8. The Bonafe chiseled last is really awesome; I would rate it either on par or better then the EG 888 last. Planning to do a black/grey single monk in the chiseled last ala Aubercy's. Anyone interested?
  Its Park, Park, Olfe and Hiro. The Park shoes are just samples; for the wholecut, it needs to be further adjusted and only then it will look proper. If anyone is interested to see of the shoes being word and a top down picture of it side by side, let me know. But based on the current samples, I think an oxford or a doublemonk will look awesome. Im planning to go ahead with the grey museum calf balmoral. It would be freaking awesome  I'm not sure but should be soon enough.
Far left is Park last in UK7.5 and next to it is same last in UK8.Others are UK8 too
Park,Olfe and Hiro last
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