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Arahat,can you PM me the price of the kangaroo leather
Lightest is SW2940.i have it and its a gorgeous colour:slayer:
Vanda ties
The silhouette is gorgeous. But there seems to be issues with the sleevesĀ 
Spoo, deets on the Purple Label knit ties?Are they available to be purchased now?I need them.....
Do they send it out to international customers? Have been wanting to get at least 2 but have x idea how much shipping will cost since the online store does not have what I want
Bloody gorgeous ties.The prices are too pricy for me but they are just gorgeous
How much do they cost JP?
Any upcoming sales from EG retailers?Planning to get a Westminster on the 888 last
Minnis Fresco?GBP35/meter if Im not mistaken
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