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 Have a look at the 8/9oz book for Lesser and the Finmeresco book for Smith Woolens. Both have very nice lights greys; if you want their code number, I can let you know once I get back to the office
Some terrible pictures (the colours are darker then in the picture)      
Both are 3.5 meters
Will do so today.Its a bit cloudy now so the colour wont really show nicely.And i need to take it out from their wrappings;its been wrapped up for ages.Really2 dry cloth
Same concern though I will report back when I receive mine.My Vanda's make the best knot followed by my Capelli's.
Thanks tchoy On a separate note, I have 2 lengths of the old 10oz Lesser (dark navy and grey with pinstripes).Anyone interested to buy or trade with me?
Yup, kinda suprised.The prices of the Drakes and Tie your Tie ties are great especially after VAT is deducted. just bought 7 ties and 2 pocket squares
I take a 42
Tonik is better in my honest opinion
2905 is a gorgeous colour. if your after stripes, 2954 and 2955 are my absolute favourites
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