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An example of Bonafe double monks made for Ring Jacket. A really nice colour too      
Those are mine and they are on the Olfe last
Just saw the announcement that Harrisons has just acquired Smith Woolens and W.bill
Wow, never expected my picture to make it to this thread
Nutcracker, Spigola MTO's are cheaper right?Any reason why the Japanese will go for St C's when you have the equivalent of Spigola's at a cheaper price?I believe quality wise, they are on par (or maybe Spigola's are better).
For those interested, the next Meermin project will be as follows:   Colour: Black calf + grey museum calf Last   : new chiseled last (similar to Olfe but more chiseled) Insole : Red with special wordings ie Styleforum Special Edition Sole   : Beveled waist with black painted soles with silver/brass nails for your initials Design : As below with the upper half in grey museum calf (or something like Foo's Cleverley's)    
 Will post the pictures of it later. Essentially, the special features im looking at will be the specialized insole and also black painted soles. I think it will go well with the whole asthetics 
 You are correct on this. With regards to the plum museum and dark brown, they now have small quantities but will be getting more of it. But the plan is to make it a permanent fixture =)
G, i do. i will post it tomorrow, its past midnight here.for those who Pm'ed me, will also reply tomorrow
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