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Trini,whats the weight of the cotton Ariston?I have Cacciopolli swatch book which also has cotton solaro in it and looking at getting a suiting length
Drapers has it I think
Leaves, does the doeskin have a matching belt?
 What was the VAT issue? Curious as I did a GMTO which also involved a EU resident and there were no issues.
 Hmmm...I would personally say it is dependent on the type of leather. I would say that Carmina may have a bit of an edge as a whole package here I remembered that I purchased 2 pairs of DM in tan scotch grain from Meermin. The first one was from their first production so was not sure of the name of the tannery. For the 2nd one, Pepe informed me they sourced the leather from De Puy tannery. After 2 years of wearing the 2nd pair, they have held up remarkably well even after...
 I personally think Carmina's are better as a whole package for their suede shoes.
 Well, from my experience of being involved in the purchase of almost 100 pairs from both the Classic and LM line,I would have to say that the Classic line calf offerings are value for money compared to AE. For the suede Classic line, I would advice people to go for Carmina's as the quality is much better (albeit at a higher price naturally).
Its more of a red brownn
 Can I recommend that this be done via email? Its making the thread a bit cluttered 
 Leaves, any idea how much this would cost?Depending on the price, interested to pre-book this model 
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