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Barky, any updates on the Enzo Bonafe MTO?
 Namor, thank you very much for the advise; really appreciate it. I actually wear the 888 Asquith in the same size but on the E width; it fits just nicely.I was hoping that although this is a D width, because its made for RLPL, it may be the same as E width. I really love this shoe; been looking for it for ages
Is this on the narrow width?I have been looking for them for quite some time though I need an E width 
I think that looks great.What is the exact name of the 2nd swatch from the left Leaves in your picture of leather swatches?i think it will look fantastic
Lovely watch Farhad.do you mind sharing how much it was? im looking for some vintage Omegas and im very new to the watch scene.
Any idea on the price range there. Gianni?
 I think its one of the bespoke shoes from Foster & Sons; such a beautiful shoe indeed. I have an EG Asquith but I would love to have a MTO shoe like the above especially with that kind of antiquing. Foster& Son, would appreciate if you can share here or via PM on what would the process be (time frame/ordering process) and also the cost for a MTO shoe (minimum no of people required to participate).
 Foster and Son, is it possible to replicate this design/colour for a group MTO?
 I would have no problem organizing this group MTO; hopefully if we can get good numbers we can achieve something interesting =)
  i would prefer the second swatch shown by Patrick; this colour above is just not something I would want in my shoe rotation. Black soles, chiseled last with burnishing = winner 
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