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Thats a really nice suit.   An alternative for a similarly priced cloth as the Frontier is the Harrisons Conquest; I have one one light brown and makes a pretty nice suit =)
Also, will like to propose future MTO of shrunken leather =)
 Same reason Plum Museum Calf MTO will only be delivered end of November
 I have the suede ones on Ama last. The only one pair from Meermin that I regret buying
Petepan, very2 nice. How is the ruby shell?Is the red colour really noticeable out in the wild?   Also, would appreciate some assistance in sizing from the forum with regards to the Uetam last string loafers which I am planning to purchase from the Carmina online store. I wear a UK8 for the EG888 (snug with a bit of heel slippage) and also Vass 41.5 on the F last and U last (this one is in a G width).   Would a UK8 fit me nicely or should I go with a UK7.5 since it is...
Gentleman, the plum museum MTO is scheduled to be sent out at the end of this month. Will send some pics of it soon.    Also, here are some pics of the prototype last compared to the Ben last; the toebox will be widened a bit more. I will have a look at the final last soon and update all of you.        
I wear the same size for both lasts.Olfe is slightly longer
Interesting idea.I have 80 percent of all Harrisons and H lesser swatch books,most of The Drapers books and also all the Bateman Ogden books.Let me know what you guys want;will also be getting some new stuff from another brand too.
Another option will be the Harrisons Conquest book,will get the number for you
To those who have emailed me on the plum museum MTO, I will provide an update soon. Apologies, have been super busy lately. I have sent an email to Pepe. Based on his last email, delivery is expected next month.
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