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Received my Enzo Bonafe adelaides and they are awesome:slayer: What i noticed is that they are much lighter then my Vass and EG's; the leather also feels a bit thinner. But their chiseled last is really something.I initially i thought it was too aggressive but IRL its not. Looking to order another one (most likely a doublemonk or balmoral or single monk) in a black/grey combo
Is anyone interested in doing a GMTO in cloud for the Westminster or Oundle?
 Yup, this is what i was told
If im not mistaken,Zegna had one in their s/s 2012 range that looks exactly like the armoury cloth.Will take pics at my tailor
 Just paid the invoice, cant wait to receive these! Also, planning to get a pair in black calf/deerskin combo 
Ok Guys,   Some more pictures of the new Park last and a comparison with the Hiro last            
I'll post some of the comparison pics of the Park last next to hiro last
Park Last is ready;will post pictures of my black wholecuts in the new last soon
 Try looking at the Ehaberdasher website; they have a cream silk Zegna pocket square at USD25 
I have these 2 shoes for sale. Asking USD275 for the C&J's. Prices does not include shipping and Paypal fees            
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