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Gentleman,   Any idea which retailer stocks the wholecut on the Rain last in b;lack calf?Ive emailed Skoak but note that they are sold out at the moment. Was wondering if their are any other options out there.
Owh man, I want this....
Leaves, how much would the Dover be in USD plus shipping to Asia?considering the Dover or another Bonafe If I'm a UK8 on the EG 888 last (slight heel slip), would I take the same size for the 606?
Where did you buy it that cost you USD950?
 I lust over this one. I have one 7-fold TYT tie and it is indeed a remarkable thing.
 They dont?
Anyone have any idea how Quoddy fits if I wear a Uk8 for. Carmina Simpson last?
Gorgeous shoes...in my size too!
I believe they are on their annual summer break
I have it.Which no do you want a picture of?
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