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Park,Olfe and Hiro last
Some pictures of my MTO Bonafe's and comparisons to the Vass U last,EG 888 and Carmina Simpson
 Vass has been sold.
 I totally agree with this. My personal preference is the Lesser 8/9oz 
Am not sure on this;will give him a call or text him to ask
Ive received all the samples for the new Park last; wholecut and oxford. Personally, the last looks nicer as an oxford. Size wise, its somewhere in between Olfe and Hiro but gravitating more towards the Olfe.   I'll post some pictures soon.
Super 150's solaro from Cacciopolli
Something from zegna that reminds me of Alan's Liverano
I am sure the tan scotch grain will be available; Pepe just informed me that that a pair for me will be ready soon
The ties they produce are gorgeous
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