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 What last is that shoe on?
 Pepe has informed me that there will be no issues in getting dark grey museum calf; he told me that the colour is beautifull. Once the Park last arrives, it will be able to advise in sizing and compare it to the Hiro/Olfe/Ama last that I have.
Cacciopolli has a few Solaro's in their Super 150's range. They even have one similar to the one Despos posted above  
 I will debut the new last in another 2 weeks. The new last is called 'PARK' 
What will the price be leaves.and it will require a 50 percent deposit correct?
An example of Bonafe double monks made for Ring Jacket. A really nice colour too      
Those are mine and they are on the Olfe last
Just saw the announcement that Harrisons has just acquired Smith Woolens and W.bill
Wow, never expected my picture to make it to this thread
Nutcracker, Spigola MTO's are cheaper right?Any reason why the Japanese will go for St C's when you have the equivalent of Spigola's at a cheaper price?I believe quality wise, they are on par (or maybe Spigola's are better).
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