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Are all the Finamores silk?
Chukka SOLD
Heading to Kobe on Wednesday;crossing my fingers that Koji accepts walk in visitors and they are even open!
Anyone have any idea how to contact Spigola/Koji Suzuki?Sent them 5 email in the past month but no reply from them
Thanks nutcracker! Anyone have any idea wht are the current prices for Spigola MTO's if I were to visit their atelier in Kobe? Thanks!
Nutcracker, any RTW or semi-bespoke shoes I can purchase in Osaka?I will be there next month for Christmas.
@stmason yes I do
I have 2 classics for sale from Vass: 1. Black Old English II in F-last in size EU41.5.Asking USD400 plus shipping 2. Dark brown suede chukka in F-last in size EU41.5.Asking USD425 plus shipping. Ive sold loads;never has duties or taxes been charged to my buyers though may have been lucky so far. Please PM me if you have questions
Which ones are the equivalent of a UK7.5?
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